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The Dragons of the Brotherhood - This group is no longer active within the Brotherhood


The History of the Long family is not short - a History intertwined with the one of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood itself. Our influence let Kings rise and fall. At times dwindling, at times stronger than ever before. No matter what - the Long family will still exist even if the Dark Jedi Brotherhood were to be put to ashes.

History of the Family

Founded by the eleventh Grand Master of the Brotherhood, Faethor Dejarc, the Longs are a loose fraternity of powerful Elders and promising Equites of the Brotherhood who follow after the legacy of their lord and Patriarch, who was also known as Chi Long, the "Fire Dragon." During the time of his tutelage, Faethor drew to him the most gifted members of the Brotherhood, or those blessed with raw power and innate ability. Some were said to be supreme sorcerers, while others were warriors or bladesmen without peer. Whatever their gifts, the Fire Dragon sought them out, and began training them on a deeper, more ethereal level to harness and expand their gifts.

Among the first of Chi Long's apprentices were Mark of Tarentum, the "Lightning Dragon" Shen Long; Trevarus Caerick of the Sadow, the "Thunder Dragon" Shan Long; Sith Bloodfyre of the Tarentae, the "Ghost Dragon" Gwei Long; and Shaithis Var'rek of Taldryan, the "Stone Dragon" Qiao Long. Others would follow and be drawn in by the Fire Dragon: Cymbre Kall, the "Little Dragon" Xiao Long; Cyrus Oscura, the "Black Dragon" Hei Long; Syn Kaek, the "Hidden Dragon" Xu Long; and Sarin, the "Elder Dragon" Zhang Long. Two others were also drawn to Faethor's powerful Family of Dragons, but turned from the Grand Master's tutelage and were denounced by his Family: Mike Halcyon, the "Energy Dragon" Jin Long; and Pyralis, the "Forest Dragon" Yu Long. Blood Hunts were issued against the two denounced and disavowed, and while Mike Halcyon’s death has been verified, entire Family hunts Pyralis to the present day.

After the disappearance of Chi Long to his wandering and private studies (as such powerful beings often do), the Family was left under the attention of the Eldest Brother at the time, Shan Long. At that juncture, the tenured Dragons were the Thunder Dragon and the Ghost Dragon, and though the personal attention of the Fire Dragon was lost, Trevarus and Sith had learned much from their Grand Master and teacher, and continued to impart their knowledge unto others in the Family. The Dragons soon became a sort of cult following of Shan Long within Naga Sadow, with the Family's Elder Brother Gwei Long drawing away to attend matters in Tarentum, or elsewhere within the Brotherhood as needed within different positions.

While Chi Long was lost, other Family members also drifted away, or perhaps were culled in other conflicts. Hei Long lost contact with his Dragon Family, as did the Little Dragon -- though Xiao Long would make her return again as Cymbre Kall. Qiao Long was said to have drifted away to seek after his wandering teacher, or was perhaps searching for other challengers to his warrior's skills with the lightsaber. Xu Long joined his lord in wandering, but was slain years later in his return to the Brotherhood and Taldryan. Zhang Long drifted away from his ties with the Family after becoming one of the Grand Masters of the Brotherhood, and was culled in battle years later, as well.

During Shan Long’s time as Patriarch of the Family, other Dragons were raised up from among Naga Sadow as children and students of the Thunder Dragon's power: Sildrin Lyonsbane-Hastur, the "Blind Dragon" Xia Long; and Syrus Korodin, the "Frost Dragon" Shuang Long. While the Family was not as prevalent during this time and as widely spread among the Clans of the Brotherhood, it remained a powerful force on some level due to the machinations of Shan Long and his prolific dealings with others among the organization and Clans. However, much as the Founder had drifted away to wander existence on his own, the Thunder Dragon would eventually follow. After Shan Long’s departure (the circumstances of the departure, and the Thunder Dragon's ultimate fate remains a closely guarded Family secret), Xia Long rose to become Matriarch of the Family, as the Ghost Dragon preferred to remain a teacher and warrior of the Family, without being its public voice.

During the tenure of the Blind Dragon as Matriarch, other members of skill and vision have been added. Atra Ventus was named as the "Snow Dragon" Xue Long; and the warrior Saiketsu Sadow was named the "Stone Dragon" Shi Long. Though the reach of the Family of Dragons contracted for a time, the power of the Longs has not, and the Family grows more active in Brotherhood matters to a greater degree. However, as time drew in, and the Brotherhood encountered the Horizons Plague, Chi Long apparently met his ultimate doom in the year 36 ABY, and the Family suffered a terrible loss. The death of the Fire Dragon seemed to weaken the Longs for some time, though their power would return to its previous levels. It eventually became obvious, though, that the death of The Eldest came with more consequences than a temporary dip in the Family essence.

Chi Long’s powers had been holding the enemies of the Family at bay. After Faethor's death, and the Dragons felt their powers renew and revive, other feelings, other nagging thoughts came upon the horizon. In visions that were not initially shared with the rest of the Dragons, Gwei Long witnessed new powers arise. Eldritch beings, of the same kind of power and rage that Chi Long had possessed, sought out contact with the Dragons. Their touch was like fire and ice of extreme temperatures together, as though one might be torn apart in agony, and held together in celestial ecstasy. The Fire Dragon had kept back other hostile entities while his Family was prepared, but in his death was brought forth what could spell doom for his apprentices and posterity.

  • [15 ABY] Shan Long’s personality appears the first time.
  • [16 ABY] Sith Bloodfyre is named the Ghost Dragon, Gwei Long (sometimes called Gui Long).
  • [17 ABY] Chi Long gives Cymbre Kall the name Xiao Long, meaning "Little Dragon."
  • [17 ABY] Cyris Oscura becomes Hei Long, the Black Dragon.
  • [18 ABY] Sildrin joins the Long Family as Xia Long.
  • [30 ABY] Chi Long dies. Xue Long, the Snow Dragon is named.
  • [31 ABY] The warrior Saiketsu Sadow is reborn Shi Long.
  • [34 ABY] The position of Elder Sibling is reorganized as the Council of the Eldest.
  • [34 ABY] Marcus Kiriyu joins as the Deceitful Dragon.

Family Traditions

What It Means To Be A Dragon

Naming Conventions

Under the direction of the Fire Dragon, the initial Dragons were to choose new names for themselves with a one-word calligraphy character, followed by the symbol for "dragon," i.e. 神龍 for Shen Long. There were to be no duplicate names, even if there were multiple calligraphy symbols for the same name. Also, it was decreed by the Fire Dragon that his apprentices would forego the use of any other names, and would simply be known by their Dragon name.

After Chi Long disappeared, though, his eldest and most-trusted apprentices, Shan Long and Gwei Long, decreed the Family might choose to go by other names as they preferred, recognizing the power that one's true name has over them, and as a defense to others potentially gaining a hold over them. The rest of the conventions created by their lord and teacher remained. The language of the Dragons is the preferred form of communication within the Family, though it can take many years of practice to build familiarity with it.

As such, any new members to the Family of Dragons are to pick a name and submit it to their master and Patriarch/Matriarch for approval. Names may be related to them in any way the new Dragon chooses, provided it does not have the same meaning as any present or past Dragons. The only exception, however, is the "meaning" may mimic a past or disavowed Long (i.e. we may have another "Forest Dragon," but not another "Yu Long.")

Family Roles or Status

  • Patriarch/Matriarch (present: Sildrin): The head of the family is chosen by right of succession. Each head is allowed to choose their successor. In cases where no succession is clear, the eldest sibling is expected to assume that position, or to recognize an appropriate successor. While the family generally maintains no real assets, only the head is allowed to call for a blood hunt, or to denounce the bonds of another Dragon. Heads are also traditionally given the right to recognize and name new members of the family.
  • Elder Brother/Sister (present: Sith, Cymbre, Cyris, Sai, Atra): Elder siblings are generally “above” regular orders from the family head, but are expected to enforce official decisions and decrees of the family head. Additionally, elder siblings have the right to bring new Dragons to the family, though the official naming is to be pronounced by the head. There was previously a recognition of only one elder sibling in the past, but the family has expanded the tradition to honor the core family in such a manner.
  • Bearer of Long Shan Zhi (present: Sai): The “bearer of Long Shan Zhi” is considered alternatively a “master warrior” within the family, or the highest-level practitioner of the family fighting arts. It is whispered that, after the death of Faethor, the lightsaber of Chi Long is held by this family member, and used to claim heads in battle in honor of their fallen Lord. It is never spoken of publicly, but “the family fighting art” is simply a method of claiming heads and souls to grow one’s powers, and is steeped heavily in ritual. The teaching of the art is a means of passing on these rituals, though younger Dragons only recognize the combat aspect, initially.

Codes and Practices

  • No Dragon will speak ill of another. Though conflicts may press one to face another, it is always in respect.
  • No Dragon will permit non-family to assist in combat, or set up an ambush, in times of conflict (i.e. Cyris and Atra would ensure a fair, honorable fight between themselves if their Clans met in war).
  • Debate and discussion is encouraged, but the decision of the head means any matter is closed, and such decisions are honored.
  • Except in the case of a blood hunt, no Dragon will intentionally kill another. Dragons take each other as honored guests (prisoners) instead. Unsanctioned killing of family warrants an immediate blood hunt on the offender.
  • News of a family member to be retrieved is immediately passed along, and all possible attempts to rescue will be made. Family bonds are respected and honored. Lost Dragons must be returned to the coven.
  • The “Dragon Thunder Fist” (the Founder's blade) is only held or used by the Bearer of Long Shan Zhi; no other will touch it. If the Bearer should ever fall in combat, their apprentice must take up the blade and honor that traditional role.

Current Members

Gwei Long, the Ghost Dragon, Dark Jedi Master Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae 鬼龍
Xia Long, the Blind Dragon, Dark Side Adept Sildrin Sadow 瞎龍
Hei Long, the Black Dragon, Dark Side Adept Cyris Oscura 黑龍
Shi Long, the Stone Dragon, Warlord Saiketsu Sadow 石龍
Xue Long, the Snow Dragon, Seer Atra Ventus 雪龍
Jue Long, the Deceitful Dragon, Savant Marcus Kiriyu 谲龍
Xiao Long, the Little Dragon, Savant Cymbre Aquillarum Kall 小龍

Lost Dragons

Fallen Brothers

Chi Long, the Fire Dragon, Grand Master Faethor Dejarc 氣龍 (Qi/ Chi meaning spiritual energy, life energy, life force - pretty equal to "The Force"; Inner Fire)
Zhang Long, the Elder Dragon, Grand Master Sarin 長龍

Missing In Action

Shan Long, the Thunder Dragon, Dark Jedi Master Trevarus Caerick 闪电龍
Xu Long, the Hidden Dragon, Dark Side Adept Syn Kaek 虚龍
Qiao Long, the Stone Dragon, Obelisk Exarch Shaithis Var'rek 磽龍 (Roughly translates into "Barren Land", "Stony soil")
Shen Long, the Lightning Dragon, Dark Jedi Knight Mark 神龍
Shuang Long, the Frost Dragon, Dark Jedi Knight Syrus Korodin 霜龍

Disavowed members

Dead To Us

Jin Long, the Energy Dragon, (denounced) Jedi Master Mike Halcyon 勁龍
Yu Long, the Forest Dragon, (denounced) Dark Jedi Master Acxodim Pyralis 宇龍