Amulet of Orian

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The Amulet of Orian


The intrigues of the Sith Empire were almost completely unparalleled. Dozens of powerful Humans and Sith vied for control of the Empire and its resources. Those with the proper knowledge and understanding were able to harness the Force in ways to give them an edge over their rivals.

Urias Orian, Eighth Dark Lord of the Sith and immediate predecessor to Lord Marka Ragnos was obsessed with the search for eternal life. He sought to transcend his mere mortal flesh, by unifying his spirit with the forces of metal, technology, and science. Working for almost a year, the Dark Lord created the Gauntlet. Composed of nearly sixteen thousand interlocking metal plates, the Gauntlet fit his hand perfectly, moving like water across his hand and forearm. Using this as a platform, he carved a series of inscriptions into the silver metal, invoking the spirits of the Earth to grant his design everlasting life.

In his travels he had acquired a large violet stone, roughly a meter across. It glowed with its own inner light, pulsing according to the moods of whoever touched it. The people of Ombus worshiped the stone as a spirit of their god, a life-giving spirit. Orian shattered the Star of Ombus, instantly destroying the people who had worshiped before it. He placed a fragment of the Star into the back of his amulet.

Orian orchestrated a ritual to give his body the same properties as the Amulet he had created. At its height, Orian thrust his hand into the metal glove, defying the spirits of Light and Darkness to grant him the power to see beyond all time. His body immediately turned to stone. In time his temple on Sepros was forgotten and abandoned by most in the Galaxy.

Record of Bearers

The temple was uncovered by Imperial Dark Adept Kiln Tobasa. After his fall from grace, he spent a decade looking for any means to achieve complete Transcendence of the Dark Side. A vision he believed shown to him by the Wanderer, whose Mark he possessed, led him to the Temple. His estranged student Trevarus Caerick, of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, tracked him to the temple. After a drawn out battle Trevarus took the Amulet for himself. He used its power in an effort to destroy Tobasa who escaped anyway. Caerick has carried the Amulet for nearly a decade now, and despite all efforts, he has been unable to have it removed.

Forms of the Amulet

Phase One: (DJK-KPN) In the first form of the Amulet, it exists as an intricate array of interlocking silver plates. It is meticulously articulated, such that movement is only slightly impeded. Each plate is covered with minuscule carvings and etchings that no-one seems to understand or capability to translate. No part of the underlying flesh is revealed from elbow to fingertips.

Phase Two: (Elder Class) Following his Ascendancy to Dark Adept, the Amulet melted across Trevarus’ hand into a vitreous glove of flowing silver metal. It constantly moves and flows, never extended far past his forearm. The Fragment of Ombus floats around on the back of his hand.

Phase Three: (High-level Elder) In most recent years, the Amulet reduced itself to the Fragment of Ombus surrounded by a small eddy of the silver metal. Trevarus may command it to cover any portion, or all of his body. During the crisis of the Consciousness, Trevarus relied upon the power of the Amulet to protect his body from death, covering all of his flesh with its silver living metal. Observers have also noticed that the Amulet will appear through gloves that Trevarus wears while in its dormant state.

Trevarus doesn’t know what form the Amulet will take as he grows in power.

Specific Powers:

  • 1) The Amulet cannot be removed from his forearm, or damaged in any way unless he is dead. This curious invincibility extends up his arm, unless his arm would be severed in such a way that it kills him. If he is killed the Amulet would theoretically revert to its natural form.
  • 2) The liquid state of the Amulet of Orian serves as an extension, or perhaps merely a manifestation of his telekinetic abilities. Whatever telekinetic gift he uses, the Amulet performs the visible representation of that power.
  • 3) The Amulet seems to have a consciousness of its own. Perhaps this is the legacy of Lord Orian. Trevarus is able to control it to some extent, yet it always nips at the back of his mind. Some speculate that this is the true cause of his clairvoyant powers as well as the emergence of Shan Long.


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