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Night Hawks
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Trevarus Caerick


Muz Ashen Keibatsu


Kar Alabrek

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21 ABY


31 ABY


33 ABY


39 ABY

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"Death flies on shadowed wings."
Night Hawks slogan

The Night Hawks is a battleteam with a long history within House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow. Originally formed as a Special Forces group under Trevarus Caerick, the team went through numerous reorganizations before becoming a cabal of Krath Sorcerers. It was outmoded in 33 ABY in order to consolidate Ragnosian forces. It was recommissioned by Grand Master Muz Ashen in 39 ABY as an elite team, intent on destroying enemies of the Clan and House.


Born within Darkness

Twenty one years after the famed Battle of Yavin the Krath Sorcerer Trevarus Caerick noticed that Clan Naga Sadow required more military power. During one of his meditations the Krath received a vision through the Force, a vision of a Hawk bearing down upon its prey slaying it without remorse, without hesitation, and without a single thread of fear. That vision inspired him to create a Battleteam containing only Clan Naga Sadow's finest. And as his members were brought before him, their names never to be forgotten, the Night Hawks were born. Conceived through the visions of Darkness the Hawks of Justice rained down upon their prey. It did not take long for the leaders of the Clan to notice their great potential and prowess. Before they knew it, they were already underway towards their first true mission.

Through fire we roam

Their first true mission for the Clan Summit was the retrieval of a special Holocron. Located on Antar IV in one of the heavy guarded Jedi Libraries, the Night Hawks were up to the task. Using both the power of their number as well as the additional teamwork the Battleteam was successful in retrieving the valuable object. Now that they had proven their loyalty towards their Clan and House, the members of the Night Hawks were ready for any threat. They had, however, little time to celebrate as a new task rose upon the horizon.

In search for more relics used by the Jedi and later even the Krath of old, the Night Hawks were set en route to an ancient Warbase underneath the ice of Loki's northern pole. During this recon mission the Hawks carefully threaded upon ancient and sacred grounds. Suddenly the mission was sailing towards peril as the base started to collapse on top of them, caused by the Krath Spirits that called the ruins home. Not deeming the intruders worthy of their gifts the entire base collapsed. Barely escaping the Night Hawks returned to their Clan, deeming the relics lost. The Clan summit however did not see this loss as a failure, as not the Jedi who sought it's riches could not harbor it either, safeguarding the Relics as intended.

Afterwards the Night Hawks had a rich history of missions and never failed to do the Summit's wishes. Every day continuing to serve their brethren in combat and to be an example for new initiates.

Dark Ages

Unfortunately, like all great minds, one will find a period of hardship and crisis. During the command of Mejas Doto the Battleteam fell in a pitch of low morale. It's members either were promoted to the Grand Masters Royal Guard, bringing them in service of the Dark Council itself, or promoted into the summit ranks. New recruits were at an all time low which made the Battleteam unfit for some missions. After a change of leaderhip this did not change and the Battleteam fell into a stage of decay, and the vision of the Krath Sorcerer came to a halt.

Then a new leader emerged from the shadows, Muz Keibatsu, who would during the 7th Great Jedi War revive the Night Hawks into their former glory and played a vital part in the War. Stronger than ever, the Night Hawks flourished, despite all the hardships it suffered. It continued on, recruiting more like-minded individuals and training them to their cause.

Decades Pass

Ten years after its creation by the Krath Sorcerer Trevarus Caerick the vision of the Hawks of Justice still lived under the rule of its Tetrarch. The Night Hawks wre among the Legends of the Brotherhood. Some of the highest-ranked members within the Clan and Brotherhood were part of this legacy, yet history alone does not sustain any unit. As war took its toll on Naga Sadow and Marka Ragnos alike, the Night Hawks were absorbed into the rest of the House, the need for their strength to support the greater whole more important than the battleteam. Shuttered, the Night Hawks faded into history, relegated to a footnote in the Clan's story.

Reorganization saw tides of change sweep the Clan, and new growth came, the strength of the ancient clan building. The return of the Lion of Tarthos from his hunts in Deep Space came with the Grand Master requesting that the Consul re-awaken the Night Hawks.


Level 9

Level 9 control room

Hidden deep beneath the surface of Kar Alabrek on Tarthos, hidden in a maze of tunnels and abandoned works, lays the central command base of the Night Hawks. Small, and easily concealable, the base is not much more than a few rooms, a central hub for members that are often in field, performing duties alone or in small groups. The Hub uses state of the art technology, including a holographic coordination display and a overpowered connection to the holonet, allowing members in the field or at the Hub to communicate in realtime.

The base is not a pristine and perfect show room, it is a workplace, a factory designed to manufacture the deaths of their prey. Cleaning crews are a luxury and a threat to operational security, so they are not used. As a result of that and the fact that the facility is housed deep in the ground below Kar Alabrek, the rooms of Level 9 often show wear and tear, dust and rust. The rooms do not progress to actual disarray, as each member of the Hawks takes pride in their work and will clean up after themselves, but the cleaning of the facility is an afterthought to the mission of the team.

A small, three bed barracks provides some comfort to those Hawks needing to stay off the grid and rest, while a three stall medbay and medical droid is kept powered for obvious reasons. While many of the Hawks prefer their own personal and often specialized weapons, there is a secure vault used for an armory providing hawks with the materials and weapons necessary to accomplish their goals. The remaining room of the facility is left open, although recent discussions have been brought up to use the area as a training room.

Level 9 layout

Initially a secure critical file storage facility, the walls of the facility are three feet thick, and rated as a fallout shelter. The entryway has been redesigned and set to be able to repel any interlopers, with a 'funnel of fire' allowing multiple defenders to attack invaders from behind thick barricades. Attackers are forced through a narrow and long passageway, diminishing any numerical superiority advantages. The door is a three foot thick vault door that is electromagnetically sealed when in place. While not ideal, the team could hold out in the facility for about a month, due to the rations stored in the facility being finite.

Roll of leaders

Leaders of the Night Hawks
Name Service Dates
Trevarus Caerick ?? - ??
Mejas Doto ?? - ??
Korras ?? - ??
Muz Ashen ?? - ??
Arion Aquillarum Sunrider ?? - ??
Tissaya Argat Sadow ?? - ??
Kat Pridemore ?? - ??
Lech ?? - ??
Callus Bo'Amar ?? - ??
Shuang Long ?? - ??
Raven ?? - ??
Tyren Atema ?? - ??
Faeril Munlear ?? - ??
Nero Pennant ?? - ??
Ylith Atema ?? - ??
Tyren Atema ?? - ??
Jade Atema ?? - ??
Zaxen Dauketrenal Isradia ?? - ??
Kalei Basai ?? - ??
Raven ?? - ??
Ekeia Iclo ?? - ??
Sarconn ?? - 31 ABY
Muz Ashen 34 ABY - 34 ABY
DarkHawk 34 ABY- 35 ABY
Tasha'Vel Versea 35 ABY - Incumbent

Trivia and Achievements

  • The original logo forgotten for some time, several iterations of new logos and crests were cycled through before Muz revamped the original logo in 2016.
  • During the K'hamar'an Crisis the Night Hawks were successful in defeating the rival Battleteam 'Mystics of the Dark Arts' who were part of House Gladius of Clan Tarentum.
  • One of the Longest running Battleteams in Naga Sadow, was dissolved to form the Regulators due to massive inactivity amongst the Battleteams.
  • Reformed under Former Nigh Hawk Muz Ashen after his return to the clan from serving as Grand Master.

  • The first formation of the Battleteam:
    • Trevarus Caerick
    • Enerum Shka
    • Tavf Ran-Kai Alithial
    • Fova Wasi
    • Stacia Jasbeec.
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