Kyo Akumu

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Kyo Akumu
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22 ABY (age 20)

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Long Dark



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Lexiconus Qor



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Kyo Akumu is a dark jedi apprentice and member of House Imperium within Clan Scholae Palatinae. Born into the noble family Akumu on Naboo, he is the youngest son of Marquess Ryosuke Akumu and Lady Keiko Akumu and bears the hereditary title Viscount Kyo Akumu, second heir to the Akumu household next to his brother Count Sho Akumu. He has all the qualities of a young aristocrat warrior impetious, arrogant and eager to prove his worth if not to others to himself. Currently Kyo is learning under Aedile and Chief of Operations Lexiconus Qor.


Born With A Silver Spoon In His Mouth

Marquess Ryosuke Akumu was a prominent figure within the nobility of Naboo. The Akumu family tree stretched back for generations each attaining the title Marquees upon their ascension to head of the family. In 19 ABY Ryosuke's wife Keiko gave birth to Count Sho Akumu heir to the Akumu lineage, the birth of their second son Viscount Kyo Akumu came in 22 ABY. From the moment they were born they experienced the finest money could buy from clothing and toys to education. A master swordsman of Hapan, Ryosuke gave his sons lessons in fencing believeing that you could measure a man by the way they could handle themselves. In 26 ABY a Jedi master found the brothers to be force sensitive, Ryosuke and Keiko were delighted however the Jedi did not say why, he would only take Sho with him to be trained leaving Kyo behind.

Harsh Reality

Since his brother left, family life became very harsh for the young noble. Ever pushed to do well in school, Kyo's father relentlessly punished him verbally and sometimes physically to become the best in all fields at school with no regards for his sons feelings. No matter how high Kyo's grades and merits in his educational life his father constantly told him that Sho his older brother was faster, smarter and stronger than he would ever be and all that Kyo was capable of was to bring shame upon their family name.

There was no love, no play-dates, no vocational courses made available to Kyo except the training in martial arts everything else was discipline, timetables and extra work. Always trying to impress his harsh father and his silently judgemental mother Kyo became jealous of his estranged brother and resentful of his fathers disappointment which led him to rebel as a young teenager. Kyo had enough of it all and the next time his father came to give him family correction he fought back hitting his father cursing the day he first laid a hand on him. With that done kissed his mothers forehead bidding her farewell and left to carve out a new life for himself.

Down The Rabbit Hole

In 39 ABY at the age of 17 Kyo was brought to Judecca by Lexiconus where he was to become his apprentice in the dark arts of the force. Lexiconus offered Kyo the choice of changing his name to match his new life to which Kyo turned down, if he was to truly bring shame upon his fathers family name as he was told then all should know. Putting his years of academic training into the Shadow Academy Kyo set to work studying again finding the ancient texts of the Sith alluring and researching all that the acdemy had to offer. He Joined Clan Scholae Palatinae and inducted into House Imperium where he impressed some of his higher peers and was invited to join the Shadow Guard.

Who Is Your Daddy And What Does He Do?

Viscount Kyo Akumu is of average height for a human with dark eyes and long dark hair, he has pale skin and is of slender build. Some would describe him as frail but what he seems to lack in outward strength he more than makes up for in speed and dexterity. Kyo is extremely confident in himself, perhaps too confident border lining arrogant. He has a lot of pride in himself and anything he sets to do, from the moment he wakes every task set is done to the best of his ability often resulting in him re-doing work several times over occasionally resulting in lateness.

As a learned student of etiquette Kyo knows his way around the social class and how to conduct himself on formal occasion. Something he must learn is that a life long practice of honour and good form may be his downfall seeing as enemies may well not be as accommodating as he when the time comes to strike.

Due to his childhood events Kyo developed many vices to help him cope with home life often jumping from one addiction to another but found solace working with his hands from needlework to sculptures. He sees himself as a budding artisan often customising all manner of things to please his needs or just aesthetic.