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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY (age 32)

Physical Description









Dirty blond, long


Goldish Blue

Personal Information

Mariana (deceased)


Thorton (deceased)

Known Children:



Vanish Day (MIA)


Scarlet, Sanguinius Tsucyra

Lightsaber Color(s):

WolfsFang, Light Blue Crystal

Lightsaber Form(s):



Lightsaber, 2 DC-17s Sidearms, Vibroclaws

Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Grey Jedi Order, Jedi Order, House Shar Dakhan Clan Naga Sadow CSF Special Weapons Team

Known masters:

Sanguinius Tsucyra



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Mactire was born in the year 10 ABY. The circumstances surrounding his birth have always been a mystery. He has never known his parents, nor the planet on which he was born on. Despite this he try's to do the best he can to find out where he come's from when he has free time.

Physical Description

Mactire Chemel is of short stature but built like an athletic martial artist. He has trained long and hard in honing his body and has a muscular frame with little body fat. His dirty blond hair is kept at a decent length that covers the back of his neck. His eyes are a blueish-gold.

There is a slight scar just above his left eye, and the tattoo of a Tribal Wolf running down both sides of his arms, with their jaws opening up just above his wrists. He is known to wear Peacekeeper leathers that are reddish-tan, with a reddish-tan trench coat that has the Sapphire Squadron symbol on both his shoulders in dark blue. He is known to always carry a lightsaber under his trench coat against his back, and two DC-17s sidearm blaster pistols, one on each side in a holster.

Character History

Early Life


Mactire had never known his parents. He was raised by a Zabrak named Sara, on Corellia. She was tough on him in his early years teaching him how to survive in the world the only way she knew how. It was a debt she had to pay raising Mactire. Then one day she died. A freighter went down, they went to rescue the people but she ended up being killed by a Mandalorian. After that he made his way to the core planets and joined up and served time in the CSF where he was trained to survive and infiltrate many places. The force was always with him, but for years after Sara’s death he never used it. Then a few months after his time in service he felt pulled to an area of space where he found out there was more to in him like Sara had once said. This was when he joined the Dark Brotherhood. To find the rest of his path and finish a vow he made in silence years ago.

Military Service

SWAT raid.jpg

Upon Sara's death, Mactire found a recruiting station for the CSF on Corellia. Though he thought at the time it was for the Corellian Security Force he later found out that it took him to the Academy on Coruscant where he exceled close quarters combat, infiltration, and blaster usage. This drew many eyes on him as he only expected to be a simple grunt. During his training the Instructors put him through harder courses to see what he was made of. No matter the challenge Mactire didn't give up. Upon graduation they sent him to the Team Academy for evaluation and training. It was there that he learned about infiltration tactics and rescue operations.

Mactire raised in the ranks at a decent pace. In only 4 years he had made it to the rank of Lieutenant. Specializing in covert operations. This made him constantly on the classified list. His files and missions were never fully mentioned in the news nor was his team. This was how he liked it. Doing what was right while in the shadows. But this also brought trouble to his door when there was a mission that needed to be done. They always wanted the best, and his unit was just that. The best.

During his off time Mactire trained the new hopefuls at the Academy. He wanted the best to rise up and be better than the ones the year before. This brought conflict to from his students one day. Mactire had three Senior Cadets who wanted to prove to him that they were ready to graduate early. So when a mission came in to retrieve a group of civilians taken hostage they acted before Mactire and his team could.

Though Mactire knew he had the Force he never relied on it. He couldn't control its usage so he relied on his natural talents more. Though on this day Mactire couldn't explain his bad feeling but he knew his students were in trouble. Taking his team they scrambled to make it to where they were needed and to stop the students as fast as possible. The results were heartfelt as they arrived. The civilians were killed as were the students. Mactire felt the grief of their deaths stronger than anyone else.

This brought him before the Tribunal. They decided to sweep everything under the rug and classify the whole ordeal. Upon this motion they allowed Mactire to be an instructor, and keep his rank and his unit. Though they started to use other units in their place. Mactire decided it was time for a change. He decided to take a leave of absence for a while. They Tribunal caught wind of this and allowed it to happen. They changed his status completely to classified but said he would have to always do side missions for them if he was needed. Mactire agreed to this and made his way on various transport ships and luxury cruisers till he eventually ended up in Brotherhood Space.

A Fresh Start

When Mactire arrived in Brotherhood Space there was a transmission sent to the shuttle he was on. The Brotherhood was looking for more people to join their ranks, while looking for a place in the universe. Mactire took this opportunity and met on of the representatives on the closest space station. Marcus Kiriyu was there to meet him on the space station. Upon meeting their meeting Marcus Kiriyu could sense the Force in him and suggested he take the Test of Wisdom to see where he landed with his trade and what Clan what best suit him.

Upon completing the Test of Wisdom, it was discovered that Mactire was a Dark Jedi. This placed him in Clan Naga Sadow. While in the Clan Mactire made waves for his first few months, trying to show everyone what he was capable of. While for a while debating whether or not to have a Master, he finally requested on to help him further his training and guide him in the ways and mysteries of the Force. When he asked Marcus Kiriyu to help him. Marcus Kiriyu only smiled and sent him down the hall of the station to the training hall.

Enter the New Master

When Mactire entered the training hall he was greeted by Sanguinius Tsucyra. Then he proceeded to test Mactire in his abilities to see what came natural to him and what he needed to work on. This brought on a series of challenges before they had even started, for Sanguinius Tsucyra could already see anger in Mactire that laid buried and was slowly coming to the point of no return. But he also great potential in his new student and was willing to take the chance that this one could be the next light Jedi like him.

During their training Mactire found that he his abilities were best suited for the work of a Shadow. Someone who was in and out without so much notice. Someone made for infiltration. This brought eyes upon him once again. Though Master Sanguinius Tsucyra decided to wait and quell the anger in his apprentice before letting him know of the Inquisitorius and their operations.

While they both worked tirelessly to quell as much of the anger in Mactire, they both knew it would not be fully possible. Though this did bring him from the path of a Dark Jedi to the path and order of the Grey Jedi. Upon entering this path Mactire felt more at peace than he had in years. He finally felt at home. As if this was his home his entire life. Though he knew it wasn't, it still felt right to him to be here in this place.

Sapphire Squad

While in Naga Sadow, Mactire learned of position opening in Sapphire Squadron. Though its was a Battleteam Sergeant post, Mactire quickly volunteered for it. This gave him the chance to see how things were done within the leadership of the Clan. It always allowed him to learn more things about the inter workings of the Clan, the respective Houses and teams.

Scarlet was the Battleteam Leader when he arrived upon the Reaper's Call the flagship of Sapphire Squadron. She also saw great potential in him, though she was quick to show it and encourage him. She also taught him how things worked within the squad and helped him write reports. She was kind and patient with him while he was learning the ropes. Though he was only a Battleteam Sergeant for a few months, it proved to be useful for when a major shift occurred.

Scarlet was to retire her position to someone new, and gave Mactire the highest praise she could. She let the summit know that he was ready to receive command of Sapphire Squadron and lead it to the next stage of glory for Clan Naga Sadow. Though she stepped down from the leadership position she still helped Mactire when he asked for advice.

Sapphire Squadron ran smooth for several months. Mactire couldn't have been prouder. But eventually all things must end, even for a short time. Though the squad has been disbanded for now, due to numbers in the Clan after a major Feud in which we are recovering from. This was the much needed break that Mactire needed though he didn't realize it at the time. He is now free to focus on his training, and focus on some private matters that required his attention in another direction.