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New Order era.
Conflict: The Houses of Scholae Palatinae believe the other is betraying the Clan
Date: 34 ABY
Location: Cocytus System

  • Members of House Imperium
  • Members of House Excidium

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Subterfuge was a Scholae Palatinae House feud that took place in 34 ABY as an act of deception to test the loyalty and capability of both House Imperium and House Excidium members. Emperor Xen’Mordin Vismorsus having decided that the members of his clan had grown to confident and reliant on each other, wished to test their limits. In a set of rapid fire exchanges Imperium and Excidium members immediately went to destroy their enemies. In the end, House Imperium emerged as the winner.


"They are plotting destroy you."
―Xen’Mordin to both houses of the Clan

Following review of several reports he didn’t recall asking for, Xen’Mordin Vismorsus, made a radical decision. He would lie to his members, and turn them against each other.

To House Imperium, he informed that Excidium was plotting an anarchical overthrow the Empire, and install a corrupted and morally bankrupt society.

To House Excidium, he informed that Imperium was planning to dispel the Empire, and remove the darker and shadier elements of the system provided by Excidium members.

The call was simultaneous, and in its entirety a lie. But for the members of these two houses, the threat was real, and so was the rage.

The Skirmishes

Both Houses of Clan Scholae Palatinae operate under very different ideologies. Imperium was by the book military, Excidium was the shadow never seen coming. These opposite ends of strategy underwent a trial of devotion to their causes.


First news of the so call betrayal was sent out simultaneously to all members of the clan. While they knew they would have to band together as houses to overcome. With members of both houses spread out through the entire system, there was inevitable one on one interactions as members encountered each other. None more so than the new appointed Aedile of House Imperium, Blade Ta'var . She had just arrived from Excidium only weeks before. Knowing many of the watering holes her formers housemates frequented she was able to hunt down and face many of the ‘traitors’ that were House Excidium. Not all was lost for her old House though. Unknown to House Imperium, Blade Ta'var acquired and leaked key intelligence on Imperium and its resources to a member of Excidium. Excidium was hit hard, but they were provided the means to hit back even harder.

Rapture of Battle

Taking true form to their heritage, Imperium immediately began formulating a targeted attack against one of the known communication hubs utilized by Excidium’s Intelligence sources. As a House they coordinated a multi-stage system with each member taking different objectives to cripple Excidium’s ability to communicate.

Foul Cur

Zehsaa Hysh’s devious torture device

Known for their their less than orthodox methods, House Excidium was placed in an unique situation to practice their arts on their clanmates. One of the most creative, but simplistic methods was devised by Zehsaa Hysh, one of the Clan’s newer members. As seen in the image to the right, the subject would be bound and tied to levies and pulleys. Sharp, and in some cases toxic, cacti were placed in locations such that if the subject ever wished to rest from the uncomfortable posing, they would experience a great deal of pain.

Smack Talk

The form of psychological warfare both to demoralize the enemy and to energize the troops has been a long standing traditional in Scholae Palatinae. This was no better illustrated in the course of this feud, than by Alara Deathbane who composed the following:

Imperium dogs You thirst for affection You step in the spotlight You crave all attention

You think that Xen needs you? You think he really cares? You get nothing done. You’re a disgrace to our forbears.

You let rules limit true power You let fear take its place You fight to stay in limelight And to us, you hide your face.

But we don’t mind No, we discourage the light We prefer to be secret Hidden in plain sight

We get our jobs done We don’t require petty credit We don’t let rules limit the Force If it’s for passion, we embrace it.

So go on your way See how far you can get Petty support can only go so far Consider true hard work your best threat

We’ve won in the past, We will win yet again We don’t need any honor No, victory in goals complete remains our close friend.


"We are at war! Every day!"
―Xen’Mordin addressing the entire Clan

As the conflict reached its flashpoint of destruction, the order was sent out to immediately stand down and return to the Imperial Palace. Imperium who was surging in the front of the conflict was ordered to stop before absolute victory, and Excidium was spared final destruction.

Deep beneath its surface, in the great meeting hall of the Clan, both houses grouped on opposite ends of the hall. Xen’Mordin, flanked for the first time by the new Proconsul Cyris Oscura. He informed the houses that this had been a test of loyalty and skill. He decreed that they had become soft and compliant.

To emphasize his point he used the force to pull out Lucyeth the leader of the faltering Excidium, and then tortured him through the use of force lightning. While Lucyeth was still laying in agony on the floor in front of his clanmates, Xen made his way out of the meeting hall. Just before exiting he looked back and told the clan that this was a reminder they were at war every day against the forces from outside the clan.


Overall winners of Subterfuge:

Subterfuge - Traitor! - First Place – Blade Ta’var

Subterfuge - Rapture of Battle - First Place – Blade Ta’var

Subterfuge - Smack Talk - First Place – Alara Deathbane

Subterfuge - Foul Cur - First Place – Zehsaa Hysh

Subterfuge - The Tomorrow That Never Was - First Place – Blade Ta’Var

Subterfuge - The Brightside - First Place – Archangel Palpatine

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