Janus Stormwind

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Janus Stormwind
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

15 BBY (age 53)

Physical Description





1.7272 M (5' 8")


108.862 kg (240 lb)




Blue/Grey/Electric green

Personal Information

Lilith Stormwind

  • Lilith Stormwind
  • Tasha'Vel Versea
  • Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes
  • Motan Starblade
  • Takagari "DarkHawk" KogaRyu
Lightsaber Color(s):

1x purple-bladed Lightsaber

Lightsaber Form(s):


  • Vibrokinife (2)
  • Cudgel
  • lightsaber
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

Dark Brotherhood Era

Known masters:

Battlelord Bentre Stahoes



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" I know you are more than you seem, despite the wall you put up and the gruff exterior. I know you aren't as dark as you say you are, I have seen it in your eyes and in your soul. But what I know more than anything is that I know I will love you forever..."
Lilith Stormwind

Janus Stormwind is a fallen Jedi with a rather bleak and pessimistic look on life. He started his Jedi training at a hidden commune on Dantooine and became known as a trouble maker and one who questioned. His greatest achievement as a Padawan was in creating a Serenity Pool to use as an outdoor meditation temple. After the death of his Master, Janus spent a good number of years on the run with his wife. During that time he worked for various people as a bodyguard and lawman and sometimes hit man. More often he assisted his wife by acting as her bodyguard when she was hired on as a healer for various nobles or villages.

Often Janus is very melancholy and gets drunk while thinking about his past life. He is married to Lilith Stormwind who is the light to his darkness and keeps him anchored and sane...most of the time.

Early Life

Found abandoned with only a medallion wrapped in the blankets he was left in,
Stormwind Family Medallion
Janus was raised from infancy in a village on Dantooine. His upbringing was marred some what by the thick accents the locals all had and as a result Janus still speaks with a thick brogue.

Early Training

Around the age of five or six, it was discovered he was very Force sensitive and so he was taken to a hidden commune deep in the jungles of Dantooine. There he became a Padawan Learner under a Miralukan Jedi Master named C'Lacntha and a human Jedi Knight named Thuallan. Both whom had fled the Jedi Purge. During his training, it was discovered Janus had a strong but wild and unfocused connection to the Force. Because of his inability to control his emotions, he spent his youth in constant battle with his peers and Masters.

He was taught basic Jedi training along with a couple other students by Jedi Master C’Lacntha. Studies included enhancing and controlling his Force abilities, reading and writing, controlling his emotions and farming. Janus often found himself in trouble for not paying attention, questioning the Jedi code and for a general lazy attitude towards study.

Knight Thuallan taught Lightsaber skills, martial arts, the uses of tools as weapons. Janus’ build made it difficult for him to become graceful and fluid when fighting, but he learned early on to use his weight to power through attacks and fight dirty if need be.

Teen Years

Janus spent the first 18 or 19 years training and learning the ways of the Force and was considered an average Padawan learner by his masters when it came to being a pure Jedi. He did do well with his various weapons and martial arts skills though. Often, to the dismay of his masters, he would throw a punch or kick his opponent in the crotch. This often surprised his adversaries, as they did not expect a Jedi to "fight dirty". As a result of his unorthodox fighting, constant failures, ability to focus and anger that kept him from completing the many of the trials set out for him by his masters. He was often times punished and forced to practice the combat forms he was taught of Broken Gate until he collapsed from exhaustion. As a result his physical form strengthened and he soon was able to fight at a very high level. He also found that he excelled at tasks that allowed him to work alone. His greatest feat as a Padawan was to create a Force focusing Serenity Pool. Janus also found that he was quit good at piloting speeder bikes as well as working with both blunt and edged weapons.

Final Test

He created his lightsaber when he was 19 or 20 and it had a dark blue blade. After it's creation Janus was sent off planet to track down a female healer reputed to have strong Force abilities as a test of his new found status as a Senior Padawan. He eventually tracked down the female by the name of Lilith O'Mally.

Falling into the Dark

The arrival of Lilith to the commune where he lived caused his life to become more tumultuous. Although they initially did not get along, the two eventually learned to get on well enough not to fight with each other in public about any and everything.

Janus found Lilith to be a calming influence on his anger and emotions. Her calming abilities and caring nature affected Janus and soon he was able focus much more clearly.

As she became more adept with her lightsaber he became more adept controlling the Force. They found that their sword play was unmatched when the fought side by side. His strong offense and brutal style backed by her more graceful defense and healing abilities. However the drawback was their individual fighting styles suffered. Soon the two had become good friends and eventually lovers.

The conflicting issues with the Code of the Jedi and his growing love for Lilith began to cause issue with the other students and his masters. Janus and Lilith soon were in the throws of an illicit love affair. When Janus was 23 years old, he and Lilith finally caught together by one of Janus’ few "friends", a Twi'lek named Ch’Cadick who reported them to Master C’Lacntha. Master C’Lacntha confronted Janus and Lilith as they fled the commune.

A fierce battle ensued and during the duel, the crystal in Janus' lightsaber fractured causing it to become unstable. Janus flung the saber away as it went critical and the resulting explosion caused Master C’Lacntha to falter. The momentary loss of focus allowed Janus to attack with his vibroknife and he plunged it into the heart of his former master.

Janus then claimed Master C’Lacntha's lightsaber for his own and watched in horror as the bright blue-white blade shifted in color to a deep indigo purple from the power of the dark side of the Force coursing through Janus into the saber. Janus and Lilith fled into the jungles and eventually made their way off planet.

On the run

After Janus murdered C'Lacntha and stole his lightsaber, Janus and Lilith fled Dantooine for the core worlds hoping to lose themselves. They traveled to numerous worlds where they would find menial jobs. Janus usually doing some type of fighting or security and Lilith doing healing. Many times Janus acted as Lilith's bodyguard when she was working as a healer for a noble or an unsavory leader.

In 25 ABY they ended up on Taris, Lilith's home planet. There the two of them found an out of the way village and began assisting the native population and the humans. Healing and keeping the village safe from the animal life or raiders. Lilith taught Janus grounding and focusing techniques which allowed him to become much more capable in controlling the Force and his anger. As well as how to channel his emotions towards powering his Force based attacks.

Once word got out of Lilith's abilities, she was called to other villages to assist the healers there as well as off planet. Sometimes Janus accompanied her and sometimes he didn't. It was during her away times that Janus began drinking heavily and started falling into a dark place. He soon discovered he was unable to function without Lilith at his side.

Lilith soon picked up on her husbands weakness and started teaching him about positive self image as well as providing an herb that balanced out his mood. She had him learn to control his drinking, but didn't stop it completely. Her biggest issue with her husband's "darkness" was when he would take on "hits" for some unsavory people.

She despaired at his favorite tactic of cloaking himself using the Force and to attack his target from behind, stabbing them with his lightsaber or vibroknife in the spine or simply slitting the throat. This particular style of dishonorable fighting has been an issue between the two of them and often causes strife in their relationship.

Joining the Brotherhood

Janus when he joined the Brotherhood

After his arrival to the Brotherhood, Janus found himself somewhat adrift. However he began studying different courses at the Shadow Academy and was soon at home. He contacted his wife and asked her to join him thinking this would be good for both of them to finally finish what they started all those years ago. Janus has been somewhat unorganized in his approach trying different courses and different things. With the destruction of the original Shadow Academy on Lyspar, the Shadow Academy moved to the VSDII Paladin, a Victory II-class Star Destroyer, where the two of them had a suite together. So far he hasn't found any one thing he excels in. He recently promoted to the rank of Hunter and has been focusing more on his writing than school work. He has found that he enjoys many of the competitions as well. Under the tutelage of his master and other members of Clan Naga Sadow Janus has thrived and eventually was knighted in a beautiful ceremony. Soon after his knighting, and during the strife between the Grand Master and Clan Naga Sadow, Janus realized he was getting much to old to be throwing himself into battle. He chose to become someone who could be relied upon to fight alone and take care of difficult tasks with minimal supervision or assistance. He began training in the ways of stealth and subterfuge to become an assassin and saboteur. With the help of his master and his master's wife Tasha'Vel Versea, Janus has started to become quite adept in being a "shadow". Janus also opted to become a member of the elite Battleteam, Devil's Shroud for a short while but found the lack of leadership there to cause him issue, so he left the group.

Becoming Firith'rar J. Versea-Stormwind

the brand of those inducted into the family Versea
At some point during his training to become a Shadow, Master Bentre and his wife
Versea-Stormwind Crest
Tasha'Vel made the decision to bring both Janus and Lilith into the Versea family. In a very formalized ceremony both Janus and Lilith received the mark of the family in the form of a brand and a proper Twi'lek name. Lilith received her mark from Tasha'Vel and Janus received his from his master. Janus decided to make his new name his first name and hyphenated his last name. He also redesigned his family crest to reflect his becoming part of House Versea.

Elevation to Black Guard

Unbeknownst to Firith, as he was being trained to be a Shadow he was also being trained to become one of the elite Black Guard bodyguards for Tasha'Vel Versea, Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos. Firith'rar was promoted to the post of Black Guard after recovering a Sith codex that had been stolen from the Versea estates. However, as a result of the quest/test given to him to obtain the rank, Firith has been corrupted by the evil in the item he recovered. The corrupting, evil magic of the codex caused the slow and excruciatingly painful breakdown of tissue of Firith's hand and forearm as well as corrupting his soul. As a result he had the option of losing his hand and forearm and eventually his life to the Darkness that was slowly and completely consuming him or having it diffused with enough of the Light side to make him a Dark Jedi. After a discussion with his wife he opted to become a Dark Jedi, with the hopes that she would be able to bring him back to being a Gray Jedi eventually.

Clan Feud

Firith was part of one of the teams that made planet fall on Kasador and was part of the assault of Mygeeto. While he did not play a primary role in the assault he was able to assist his wife with the evacuation and healing of the wounded. For his participation with the different aspects of the feud Firith'rar was promoted to the rank of Mystic.

It was during this time that Firith was cured of the Sith magic from before, although he found there were some lingering affects.

Shifting Houses

Firith found that he spent more of his time working for House Marka Ragnos that he made the shift to that House permanently. He also went on to become a member of the elite Battle team Night Hawks. Working for his compatriot from the Mygeeto invasion, DarkHawk.

Unbeknownst to Firith agents of Grand Master Pravus, the Inquisitorius, had infiltrated the city of Kar Alabrek on the plant of Tarthos. Headquarters of the the Night Hawks.

Puppet on a String

It was during this time Firith was attacked in his sleep and had a mind probe attached to his skull by Inquisitorius agents. Under duress and being tortured, Firith was forced to kill aliens that Grand Master Pravus found "undesirable". Captured after the death of over forty men, women and children. Firith was imprisoned within the confines of the Ragnos Cathedral. After the device was removed and found to be the cause of Firith's actions he was tried and found not guilty. This sparked of rioting among the refugees of the city.

Firith became a pariah within House Marka Ragnos and Clan Naga Sadow until he proved to the other members he could be trusted again.

After Effects

Firith became an alcoholic, preferring to spend more time alone and in a bottle than being an active member of the House, although when called upon he will assist to the best of his abilities. He also became more paranoid. He no longer trusts any one except his wife Lilith.

Mission to Moraband, Sands of Time

Firith was tasked by the House Marka Ragnos leaders along with Lilith, Tasha'Vel Versea, and Mactire to go to Moraband to provide security to the scientists that were sent and assist in searching for any artifacts. The start of the mission was a disaster. The camp was swallowed up by the sand and the party found themselves in an underground chamber. After battling unknown creatures that appeared to be gray humanoids in ancient armor, the team split up and searched for a way out. Tasha headed off leaving the others to tend for the wounded when she ran into the insane Macron Goura Sadow, who had arrived on planet soon after the initial party had vanished (see below). Tasha and her former master, along with his HK droid returned to the party to find them under attack again. With the arrival of the Macron, the tides turned and the party survived. During the time below ground the party found a lost tomb and the source of all the problems, a tiny poppet that the ancient Sith magic had been channeled into. During the exploration of the tomb Tasha'Vel accidentally touched the poppet and became possessed by the magic. After a fight with more of the gray zombies and the subduing of the now crazed Tasha, the group managed to make their way back to the surface. Firith was able to map the bulk of the underground layout to all for further searching at a later date. Once the party met up with the rescue personnel and the poppet was placed in a sealed container that negated it powers, the gray beings collapsed into dust. Tasha, however was still dealing with the Sith magics coursing through out her body.

It was during the first hours of the disappearance of the landing team that a call went out to all of CNS for anyone who could come to Moraband to come and assist. The landing was met with thousands of unknown assailants. They appeared to be gray zombies in ancient armor. The landing party was attacked and was barely able to hold off the creatures. Numerous CNS personnel were lost. Because of different issues that arose, there is a marked paranoia among the clan members that were on planet.

Promotion and decision to go Dark

Soon after this, Firith was promoted to Savant. Firith also felt that his being an Assassin was causing him issue with how he viewed the Force. After much thought and consideration, he embraced the Dark side of the Force. While this cause some minor strife with Lilith, she knew that he was happier and functioned better.

Black Guard, again

Firith Fought in the trials for the Black Guard and won his post becoming the bodyguard for the Consul. Due to numerous issues within the Clan and the Brotherhood prior to the the Great Jedi War, further Black Guards were not promoted, breaking with the long standing tradition of only having them serve for three months. Firith became the hand of the Consul and Proconsul when dealing with issues they might have when it came to having someone or something eliminated.

Getting captured?

Feeling dissatisfied with the leadership of the Houses and some of the personnel running the Brotherhood, Firith set off on a mission to infiltrate the First Order. Wanting to see if the threat was as serious as everyone had been lead to believe. It was during this time he vanished.


Just before the twelfth Great Jedi War, Firith returned to Ryloth. He had no memory of what happened to him and only vague memories of his life prior to is return. He had been hideously scarred in both mind and body and his face now had cybernetic implants on and in it. He no longer killed for pleasure or at the bequest of his former controllers. In fact many of his darker leanings were no longer apparent, and his attitudes had shifted to a more Gray outlook. Flashes from his past keep popping into his memories and these cause him pain and debilitating depression at times. His wife Lilith has been counseling him in hopes he will become closer to her beliefs.

A New Beginning and an Old Name

Deciding that he no longer fit into the Naga Sadow clan Firith’rar went rogue and left the Brotherhood to heal his wounds. He abandoned his wife and his trainee during this time and went of to locations unknown to find himself and try and repair the damage done to his body and mind.

He traveled to Yavin 4 following a "voice" in his head. During his time there he was cured of his madness, but does not remember how or when it happened.

It was during this time he went back to using his birth name of Janus Stormwind. While he is still a member of the House Versea, he no longer uses his Twi’lek name.

Physical Description(s)

When he joined the Brotherhood he was stocky. Even when wearing clean robes and a fresh tunic Firith gives off a tired, worn out air. He is somewhat short for his weight with dull brown collar length hair that is shot through with grey. He usually is scowling and has a look of distrust in is blue grey eyes. He prefers wearing his Jedi robes that are now dull and faded grey with age he is often seen hunched over his walking stick as he wanders about.
He has rooms on Ryloth and when not on a mission spends his time there or in a nearby cantina where he sits back and smokes his pipe and remembers his past life.

When he became the Black Guard for the Clan Naga Sadow leader he had a black silk sash made with the Black Guard symbol woven into it. He also started to dress in a black tunic with a red over tunic and black boots and pants as his uniform.

After his return from his mission to infiltrate the First Order he had lost a good deal of weight, and what was seen of his skin was crisscrossed with scars and his face now bore cybernetic implants over and in one eye and across his cheek. He had dressed in red and black "uniform", colors that don’t seem to suit him any longer, although the sash of the Clan Naga Sadow Black Guard no longer hangs from his belt. Since his move to Odan Urr's homeworld of Kiast, he has taken to wearing the loose comfortable clothing of the nomads and covering it with his cloak when needed.

His overall appearance is best described as haggard and his eyes have a look of distrust and seem”fractured” when looked into. Scars still mar his face but the cybernetics have been removed for the most part.