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Date of Birth:

10 ABY

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6ft 7in




none, Horns



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Known masters:

Kalon Dane



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Character History

Life Before the Brotherhood

Anigrel grew up among the ruins of Montellian Serat on Devaron. His father had left to travel the galaxy and while he sent money home Anigrel's mother still had to work. Alone most of the day, Anigrel found himself exploring the city and eventually finding the darker side of city life. He started helping smugglers get weapons and spice into the city. Amazed at his ability to talk his way through even the most thorough checkpoint the smugglers convinced Anigrel to join their crew.

During his time with them he learned how to fight, how to fly, how to hide, and how to blend into society. Or at least as much as you can for a devaronian. Ten years had gone by learning about the underworld of the galaxy and Anigrel felt like nothing could stop him. That was until he tried to smuggle spice into the Dajorra System.

It was supposed to have been a normal run. Take the spice to Eldar, meet his contact, and leave with the credits. Even if the credits for the contract hadn't seemed ridiculous at the time Anigrel would have taken it. He hadn't thought anything was off with the price though. It wasn't as common, but not exactly rare, for a wealthy individual in the public eye to pay a little extra to remain anonymous.

As soon as the ship landed in the docking bay Anigrel knew something was wrong. A group of soldiers came on board to search the ship and were led by a Miraluka that called himself Balthier. The Miraluka had the men round up the entire crew for questioning and started with Anigrel. The spice was stashed in a hidden compartment and Anigrel thought he had nothing to worry about.

"We have no spice onboard, sir." Anigrel said with as much sincerity as he could, believing it would work like every time before it.

Balthier's eyebrow cocked and almost amusingly the man spoke as he began to force choke Anigrel. "Did you honestly believe that you could use a mind trick on me, Jedi spy?" He then spoke to the men under his control. "Kill the rest of them. Put this one in mandalorian shackles and bring him along." Then Anigrel passed out.

Some time later he awoke to screams, and realized they were his own. Then he felt the pain coursing through his body. His throat was sore, his muscles felt like they'd been over worked, and his entire body felt like it was on fire. To make things worse he strapped down, not that his body could have carried him at that point. He began to open his eyes as the lightning hit him again, producing another scream.

When the screaming stopped Anigrel's captor spoke."Well, my Jedi, you are finally awake. Tell me, what were you trying to learn, coming here?" The voice was familiar and it took a moment to recall what had happened in the docking bay. That was a moment too long for Balthier and Anigrel was shocked again. "Now tell me what were you doing in the Djorra System."

"I. I was delivering spice" Anigrel's voice came out ragged and low. His answer still not acceptable another shock ran through his body. Balthier took little notice as he called guards into the room.

"Keep two men on either side of the door. No one is to enter this room except for me." He then turned his attention back to the devaronian. "As for you, scum. Think long and hard about your answer. I will be back and I won't be as pleasent next time." Turning back towards the door, Balthier left.

This continued for several weeks. As long as he was awake Anigrel was tortured. His answers were always the same. He had no master, knew nothing of Jedi, and was only trying to deliver spice.

Finally Balthier made a decision. "It seems that you have been honest with me Devaronian. I am truely sorry it came to this, but you'll understand that we had to be sure. What you may not realize is that you are able to use the Force. With that in mind I offer you a choice. You only get this offer once. I can bring you to a place that will train you. Swear that you will obey us and that you will be loyal to us and I will bring you there. You're other options are... less pleasant."

Anigrel's mind spun as he processed what he'd been told. The miraluken believed him. He was going to be free. He could use the Force and the man was offering training. It seemed he had no choice but to go and be trained if he wanted to live. "In giving me this choice I owe you my life. I will go and I swear my loyalty and obedience." With that sentence, his fate was sealed.