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Dek Ironius
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7BBY (41)

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Anna Kola Ironius


Dek Ironius I


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Run Away

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Cocytus Empire



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Dek Ironius II is a Senator in the Imperial Senate of the Cocytus Empire. Born on Judecca in 7 BBY, Dek Ironius II rose to prominence after the dissolution of the nobility, in which his family had been a part of. Now he helps convey the will of the Emperor, the Empire, and influences politics and people.


Dek Ironius I, father of Dek Ironius II, was born on Judecca to a semi-wealthy merchant family. They obtained many of the rights to local farm lands and mountain regions, as well as had a large portion of animal breeding and keeping programs running in many of the factional capitals. Dek Ironius I eventually took the mantle as head of the family and made himself into a powerful businessman and merchant. However, he needed to protect his interest and decided to ally himself with one of the more powerful feudal factions on pre-Scholae Judecca; eventually becoming a merchant under the Orsk faction.

Working alongside Lord of Orsk, he made the faction more stable and aided in the creation of long needed social programs within the faction, all with the added bonus of having his lands and rights protected as a merchant (now under the eye of the faction Lord).

The Lord of Orsk needed allies, however. His rule was eroding and the people were becoming unhappy. He was also already married, and without non-married heirs. The Orsk faction Lord decided that he would take on another powerful faction (the Kola faction) as his ally, and forced Dek Ironius I into a marriage with the daughter of the Lord of the Kola faction. Dek Ironius I married Anna Kola Ironius, an intelligent and sophisticated woman with some athletic ability as well. This marriage solidified the warrior Kola faction with the vast Orsk faction.

Dek Ironius I and Anna Kola Ironius eventually had a son, Dek Ironius II.


Dek Ironius II was born to father Dek Ironius I and mother Anna Kola Ironius on Judecca in 7 BBY. Dek Ironius II grew up in luxury, learning from his mother the intricacies of politics, governance, and people, while his father taught him economics and brought him frequently on trade missions. Occasionally he met with his grandfather, Lord Kola and because of that connection Lord Orsk as well.

In 11 ABY, Dek Ironius II was sent to a War College for basic military tactics training, eventually going on to study the systems and histories of justice the Orsk, Kola, and other factions had enacted. Although many of the factions were still at war, knowledge about the more stable ones were available for study. But this would soon change.

In Comes the Clan

Halfway through his studies, Clan Scholae Palatinae would arrive with their ships and advancements to Judecca. These Dark Jedi would take a firm grasp of all the factions, and create a new nobility out of it. The Lords were executed, along with Lord Orsk and Lord Kola, with underlings taking on the roles of the First Nobility. Dek Ironius I was one of the many people who was given holdings to serve the new Dark Jedi Tyrants of the Royal Clan. His many holdings, economic power, and mass keeping and breeding of animals would aid the Cocytus System throughout their royal hold on the system.

Anna Kola Ironius did not welcome the new overlords and with others, to the alienation of her husband, rose up in rebellion against the Royal Clan. She, along with other rebels, were swiftly found and executed. In this, Dek Ironius II grew to dislike royalty and (in his mind) the petty adoption of the First Noble system. It fueled his determination, and constantly motivated him to work harder throughout his life.

In 15 ABY, Dek Ironius II continued to study at royal academies and universities of the Royal Clan and their vast experience about the galaxy, taking his mother's teachings to heart about governance, politics, and people. In 16 ABY, with his previous study taken into account, he graduated from the Royal Academy for Government and Jurisprudence, taking a position as an intern in the Royal Judiciary of the Cocytus Empire.

His time working in the Royal Judiciary would pay off, as he would gain many allies who would eventually become useful to him in later political ventures, many of whom were directly affected by the bringing about of the nobility. Dek Ironius II would find another job in the Royal News Network, gaining experience in writing about justice and as the occasional speaker on economic issues.


In 18 ABY, Dek Ironius I, a lonely nobleman with a son who became increasingly distant from him, decided to take a relaxing business trip to Coruscant. With his wealth, he was able to secure top spaces in entertainment as well as new contacts for the Royal Clan. He also met a noblewoman whose family had previous ties to the Empire in discreet ways. They spoke infrequently, and amongst the revelation of what his line of work was, and what wealth he owned, this woman would eventually convince Dek Ironius I to marry her. Kassandra Korvinus Ironius would become the new step-mother to Dek Ironius II.

Upon her arrival to Judecca, along with much of her own personal wealth, she invested heavily in the Royal Clan and worked alongside the father with much excitement. Dek Ironius II did not trust her though, still the memory of his dead mother fresh in his mind. Furthermore, replaced by a woman of Coruscanti nobility. For now, Dek Ironius II would continue to view this relationship out of the corner of his eye as he continued to make waves for himself and his reputation in the civilian population of the Royal Clan. The one positive thing that came from the relationship was a serious look by Dek Ironius II into the history of the Galactic Empire that ruled the galaxy for many years.

This interest in the Galactic Empire would fester, and slowly grow into Dek Ironius II over many years.

Imperial Cog

In 25 ABY, Dek Ironius II had joined the Royal Diplomatic Corps as one of their political and economic diplomats. Around the same time, his father, Dek Ironius I, had fallen into ill health and soon died from old age. Kassandra refused an autopsy for the corpse, which lead Dek Ironius II to believe that something had gone awry. Further, his step-mother had consolidated the noble house under herself instead of Dek Ironius II (the former heir to the noble house of Ironius). This displeased Dek Ironius II, hoping he would have been able to put his new wealth to better uses without anyone to stop him from doing so.

In the three years of serving as a diplomat he would gain many allies. One specific ally was a scientist who worked for Imperial Intelligence. Dek would have this scientist conduct research on the buried body of Dek Ironius I, now much decayed. The scientist soon discovered that poisons may have been involved in the death of Dek Ironius II. With this news, Dek set out to avenge his father, blaming Kassandra indirectly for his death. But when it came time to kill her from behind, he could not bring himself to do it.

Kassandra had expected this action and paid to have Dek Ironius II killed off in a freak speeder accident. It was too late though, a new Emperor had come into power. With this power, he chose to dissolve all of the nobility. This involved the execution of most of the nobles (such as Kassandra) along with much of the absorption of their wealth. Dek Ironius II helped in the influencing of the people to support this decision and also betrayed many Royalists in the Imperial Senate and his past work places in order to purge the Cocytus Empire of all nobility and royalty.

For his aid, Dek Ironius II was given some of his wealth back, his childhood home, and a place in the newly reformed Imperial Senate.


Dek Ironius II became an excellent politician in his time in the Imperial Senate. He got onto the Committee of War and Justice as well as Chief of the Committee of Education. His adversity to royalty and nobility earned him academic honors in the Imperial Academy. This helped Dek write essays about New Imperialism and Imperialism in the Cocytus System.

His main ideas evolved from diplomacy backed by strong economic, military, and scientific hands. All in all he believes in diplomacy first. When diplomacy is depleted, other options must be given. He also loves Emperor Xen and trusts in him entirely, believing him to be a Paragon of Imperialism (a node he uses to rally crowds during speeches).


Dek Ironius II did not know of the Brotherhood's entire existence until a few years ago (31 BBY). He knew of Clan Scholae Palatinae and knew of many outside influential factors of the Clan as well as wars with other Clans, but rarely anything was mentioned to him. He was only brought into the fold recently when it was found he could be a useful asset to the diplomatic relations of the Brotherhood and of the Clan.