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Jak Wagglehorn
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Slugthrower, pearl grips

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Battleteam Leader - Pellaeon



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Character History

Early Life

Jak Wagglehorn doesn't remember much of his early life. He remembers enough, however, to know that he has never responded to his first name to anyone. He's been Wagglehorn as long as he's been alive. His birth records show that he was born on Coruscant, but that his family fled with the precursors of the First Order shortly after their defeat at Jakku. However, Wagglehorn does not remember anything during his early years, including his adolescent years. Recent exploratory surgery has shown that his memories have been surgically removed through some unknown technology.

His earliest memories are when he enlisted in a local home defense starfighter squadron on Corellia. He knew he could fly, and was eager to put those skills to work. He spent the next 10 years of his career flying various starfighters before discovering and joining the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as an Intelligence operative.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Clan Scholae Palatinae

He's been loyal to Clan Scholae Palatinae since his very first day in the Brotherhood. He spent his early years as a rank/file intelligence operative serving in various capacities. He fought valiantly in many of the major battles that CSP fought. He was a part of Sparky's strike team when Sparky von Wagglehorn III was killed in action on Judecca. That action drew attention to his skillset, and he was invited to join the elite forces of House Imperium.

Wagglehorn in Combat Action

Deep Cover/Lasat

During this time, he was hand picked for a deep cover assignment. He went through grueling prosthetic surgeries and emerged as a lasat. He used his newfound appearance to penetrate various criminal and terrorist cells. Most of the work done during this time still remains classified. After nearly a year of deep cover work, he underwent a series of reversal surgeries and "returned" to humanity.

Battleteams Krennic and Pellaeon

During this time, he served without distinction (and without blemish) as the BTL of Battleteam Krennic. Fighting in numerous small skirmishes, Wagglehorn's flair for the covert caught his superior's attention yet again, and he was transferred to Battleteam Pellaeon, where he assumed BTL responsibilities.

His prior experience flying fighters was useful, as he worked dilligently with Clan and House leadership to develop a fleet strategy for Battleteam Pell. Only future conflict would determine if this was successful.

During the 36 ABY Rite of Supremacy, Wagglehorn fought with distinction in helping gain control of a Collective station, and was able to support the current proconsul, Belarius, and Rollmaster, Mune in the engagement.


He was originally assigned to partner with CSP Military member Sparky von Wagglehorn III. He mourns his loss deeply.

As an intelligence operative, he's recently begun to cultivate a relationship with a rogue Jedi, Garrakk. He's attempting to determin Garrakk's loyalties, and usefulness as a potential asset for House Imperium.

Personality and Traits

Wagglehorn has a dry, sarcastic wit. He also has a somewhat defiant flair and does not always enjoy following orders. For unexplained reasons, he has a mistrust of force users, and even harbors Collective sympathies. He does not approve of their methods, but certainly understands their mistrust of the Force.