Sparky von Wagglehorn III

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Sparky von Wagglehorn III
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

20 ABY

Physical Description







One Brown, One Red

Personal Information

Corm "Sparky" Wagglehorn


Slugthrower, pearl grips

Chronology & Political Information

Military (Lieutenant, at the moment)



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Character History


20 BBY - Born on Burnin Konn

10 BBY - Enlists in Chiss Defense Force. Participates in numerous minor engagements beyond the outer rim.

0 BBY - Joins Regular Imperial Service as Wing Commander of a small outpost on Tatooine.

4 ABY - Abandons Empire in wake of Endor

5 ABY - Works with Rebels/Republic Forces in Anoat Sector as he attempts to return to Chiss Space

8 ABY - Severs association with New Republic to return to Chiss territory, and re-enters military service in Chiss Defense Fleet.

20 ABY - Re-joins Imperial Remnant as pilot in the TIE Corps of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet.

28 ABY (?) - Experiments with force sensitivity. Ultimately abandons academy to return to military.

30 ABY - Transfers to CSP Military Arm as command officer. Assigned to Acclamator Vanquisher.

34 ABY - Resigns commission to return to Academy and study ways of the force as a Knight.

34 ABY - Returns to commission after forsaking ways of the force. Commissioned as Major and reassigned command of Acclamator.

34 ABY - Killed in action by Emperor Xen'Mordin's forces on Judecca.

Early Life

Sparky von Wagglehorn the 3rd (son of Sparky von Wagglehorn the 2nd, who is son of Sparky von Wagglehorn) was born in 20 BBY. Sparky's father was the famed Sparky von Wagglehorn II, Imperial Army General. Embarassingly, Sparky the First was an active Rebel, having joined the rebellion shortly after the Clone Wars. Both Sparky II and Sparky I fought in the Clone Wars. Shortly after the wars though, Sparky I disappeared and only resurfaced years later as an infamous Rebel pilot. Sparky II eventually rose to a command role in the glorious Hammer's Fist.

Sparky III, however, was destined for flying. As a young man in the Chiss Protectorate, Sparky III advanced quickly. Due to rapid Chiss maturation, at age 10, Sparky III enlisted in the Chiss Defense Force. He steadily advanced through the ranks over the next 10 years. In the year prior to the Death Star's destruction, Sparky entered regular Imperial service and was assigned as a wing commander on a small base on Tatooine. Though a pilot, Sparky frequently participated in ground engagements as well as a member of the "Fighting 53rd Attack Squadron".

He spent the next 4 years operating primarily out of Tatooine. Sparky also was present on engagements on numerous other planets as well, including Sullust, Bespin, Hoth, Dandoran, and ultimately Endor. During the chaos post-Endor, Sparky abandoned the Empire and attempted to return to Chiss space.

He spent the next year stuck in the Anoat sector under Imperial Blockade. Worried he'd get caught as a deserter, Sparky turned towards the Rebellion to assist him in escaping the sector to return home. During the years following Endor, Sparky attempted to live a life of peace. Uncertain of his loyalties, he eventually returned to active service to the Chiss and remained there until discovered by the TIE Corps/Emperor's Hammer in the early 20's ABY.

Emperor's Hammer

TIE Corps

In the 20's ABY, Sparky flew with a part of the Imperial Remnant known as the TIE Corps. He admired their strength and dedication to order. He frequently participated in combat actions with Kappa Squadron and the ISD Warrior.

Sometime during this era, he started experimenting with his force sensitivities, though never fully explored them until the late 20's, where he interacted with Luke Skywalker's academy on a limited level. Ultimately, his lack of control over his force abilities scared him, and he abandoned his training to return to military service sometime prior to 34 ABY.

Sparky III in Uniform

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Clan Scholae Palatinae

In 38 ABY, Sparky joined quite a few of his Emperor's Hammer brothers and sisters in migrating to a powerful group of the Imperial Remnant. Starting off on the path towards the dark side, Sparky again struggled with the force. Having only a basic grasp of it, his attention again was diverted elsewhere. Though in 39 ABY, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood recognized the talents of non force users, and Sparky rapidly found a new home among the loyalist sect of the DJB. Currently, Sparky remains active in the DJB and is actively looking to increase his stature there.

Though still reasonably new to the DJB, he's already engaged in a few activities, including some recent combat actions known as Deception. He's seen action on numerous worlds within the Cocytus system as he's done his best to do his duty in aiding CSP's expansion and control in their home system. In the civil war between Imperium and Excidium houses in CSP, Sparky is uncertain of fighting his fellow clan mates. This shakes him to the core, and he takes a leave of absence to attempt to find peace in the Force, studying the path of the Gray Jedi.

After spending some time at the academy on Judecca, Sparky found himself missing the clean grey lines of a command bridge. He realized that the force was not the path for him, nor was it his strength. He forsook the ways of the jedi and returned to his place in the CSP Navy as a commissioned officer.


During Midnight, Sparky was killed while he fought a delaying action during a firefight on Judecca. He volunteered to stay behind to fight traitorous forces led by Xen/Darth Fallax and buy his fellow CSP cohorts time to escape.

Personality and Traits

Sparky is a very determined individual. It should also be noted though, that he is extremely sarcastic. He is sarcastic frequently to the point that people do not catch the sarcasm, and often think he's being serious. Not willing to change their perception though, he generally carries on with dry sarcasm. Sparky is also a very laid back individual, generally open to hearing opposing views, and is usually understanding of why people operate the way they do. It takes a lot to "get his goat" so to speak.