Palace of Orian

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Palace of Orian
General information

c. 5100 BBY


16 ABY (rebuilt in 28 ABY)




Urias Orian

Physical specifications

Urias Orian

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The Palace of Orian (also known as the Temple of Orian or the Temple of Void) was the former home of the Sith Lord Urias Orian during the era of the Sith Empire.

The palace was located on Sepros in the Orian system and served as the Sith Lord's base. The Palace of Orian was destroyed several years before the Dlarit Corporation established operations on the planet during a duel between Kiln Tobasa and Trevarus Caerick.

Many years later in early 24 ABY during Caerick and his apprentice's search for the planet Lehon the sorcerer ordered the temple's reconstruction after discovering it held the key to an ancient Star Map. Later that year Jedgar Paladin assisted in drawing the Force back into the temple following the Battle of Telos.