Temple of Steel

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Temple of Steel
Dlarit Special Operations Group Headquarters
General information

Unknown, c. 5100 BBY




Urias Orian

Physical specifications

Old Republic Era, Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Dlarit Special Operations Group

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The Temple of Steel was one of the Temples of Orian constructed around the central Palace of Orian. It was rebuilt in early 28 ABY and made into the headquarters of the Dlarit Special Operations Group. The Temple of Steel is not far from the Temple of Sorrow, now the new Sadow Palace, or the baradium mine located in the Temple of Fire.


The Temples of Orian were constructed over five thousand years ago during the reign of Marka Ragnos in the days of the old Sith Empire. The temples were positioned in a heptagram around the central palace. Each temple was devoted to one of the seven tenets of the Final Way. Through focusing the power of the dark side through the temples Urias Orian hoped to make himself immortal.

Today most of the temples lie in ruin and the Palace of Orian utterly destroyed. The Temple of Steel was selected in early 28 ABY to serve as the headquarters of D-SOG due to its close proximity to both the Temple of Sorrow and the Temple of Fire.


As with all the old fortresses of Urias Orian, the Temple of Steel bears signs of the age in which it was built. The walls are shaped from a marble-like structure and possess an unnatural, sometimes unnerving, elegance, their curves flowing as if molded like clay.

Compared to Sadow Palace the Temple of Steel is appreciably worse for wear and the Clan was unable to repair the main spire. However, unlike the Temple of Fire, most of the first few floors are in working order and the underground levels have survived relatively well. Most of this was of little concern to D-SOG for the bulk of the temple has been refitted with modern facilities, including HoloNet relays, sensor monitoring equipment, analysis equipment and so on.

From the outside the Temple of Steel is a relatively small outpost with only a few hundred personnel. Unlike Kar Alabrek, the D-SOG headquarters are not designed to support large numbers of troops. The Temple of Steel is mostly a command and monitoring station. When not on active duty the D-SOG troops generally go back and mix with the Dlarit Security Force troops on Tarthos. The commander general and commissariat operate from within the Temple of Steel. The underground levels also houses interrogation equipment and a number of cells, although the main prison complex remains the Cenota Facility on Gamuslag.