Sapphire Blade

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Sapphire Blade
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Amethyst Kukri


Grand Cross of the Dark Side

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The Sapphire Blade is a weapon fashioned in the style of a gladius short sword. It is versatile as a bladed melee weapon and falls between a long two-handed sword and a dagger. Forged with the blade a hypnotically deep azure color that is both durable, and capable of dissipating blaster bolts.

Awarded for

The recipient of a Sapphire Blade has shown consistent and long-term service to their Clan or Brotherhood position. Such services however cannot be seen until taken on a whole, each individual part seen as one. The Sapphire Blade can also be rewarded for extraordinary amounts of activity in a large-scale competition such as the Great Jedi War, where the very best are rewarded for their efforts.

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