Outer Rim War

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Exodus era.
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Outer Rim War III
Conflict: The Dark Brotherhood allies with a "Sith" faction against "Rebel" and "Imperial" forces to battle over the occupation of twelve systems in the Subterrel Sector in the Outer Rim.
Date: 20 ABY


  • Rebel Squadrons
  • New Republic 5th Fleet
  • Escuadrón Lores del Sith
  • The Rebel Alliance


  • Galactic Empire
  • Vast Empire
  • Emperor's Hammer
  • United Pilots Alliance
  • Imperial Dominion


  • Dark Brotherhood
  • Tie Fighter Alliance
  • Star Vipers
  • Force Elite Soldiers
  • Brotherhood of Selected Sith
Outcome: Inconclusive. Though the Brotherhood's victory was assured, the Incursion forced the fighting Dark Jedi to return to their own Systems.
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A conflict between three factions fought in the Subterrel Sector of the Outer Rim. The Dark Brotherhood allied itself with four other "Sith" factions to gain dominance over twelve Star Systems.




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