Scroll of the Master

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Scroll of the Master
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The Scroll of the Master is awarded by the Headmaster to those masters who have guided newly-joined students through their early days in the Brotherhood to the rank of Knight. The scroll is forged from scraps of Krayt dragon's hide which imbue the parchment with dark side energy as unique as the master-student pairing for which it is crafted. Inscribed on the scroll are the names of the master and student as well as a brief account of the student’s knighthood trials. A small gemstone is held by platinum claws to cap each dowel, and the scroll itself is bound by a scrap of hide fastened by three small, metal studs.

Former Upgrades

These medal upgrades are no longer in use, but are preserved here for posterity.

Quantity Description ID Display
1 Scroll of Master SotM
2 Scroll of Master w/ Bronze Legion SotM-BL
4 Scroll of Master w/ Silver Legion SotM-AgL
6 Scroll of Master w/ Gold Legion SotM-AuL
10 Scroll of Master w/ Platinum Legion SotM-PL
15 Scroll of Master w/ Sapphire Legion SoM-SL
30 Scroll of Master w/ Diamond Legion SotM-DL
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