Scroll of Foundation

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Scroll of Foundation
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Adolescent gurreck skin vellum is the medium upon which the bearer’s deeds are inscribed on the Scroll of Foundation. Coiled about twin dowels of titanium, the scroll is meant to imply strength and reliability, each dowel’s end capped with a matched set of lightsaber-grade alchemically gemstone. The scroll is bound with fine Sullustian leather featuring a Brotherhood emblem clasp of polished silver.


The Scroll of Foundation is awarded to those who have served admirably in the Shadow Academy. Every six months, the Headmaster grants one scroll per course graded by each Professor and Docent, with additional scrolls being given for courses with an average grading time of less than 24 hours. Additionally, the Headmaster awards these scrolls to those members who assist in the Academy in locating significant typos and factual errors in courses.

In the past, the Scroll of Foundation was also given to Antei Combat Centre trainers as well as masters who trained a student to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight; the latter activity has been shifted to the Scroll of the Master.

Former Upgrades

These medal upgrades are no longer in use, but are preserved here for posterity.

Quantity Description ID Display
1 Dark Side Scroll DSS
2 Dark Side Scroll w/ Bronze Legion DSS-BL
4 Dark Side Scroll w/ Silver Legion DSS-AgL
6 Dark Side Scroll w/ Gold Legion DSS-AuL
10 Dark Side Scroll w/ Platinum Legion DSS-PL
15 Dark Side Scroll w/ Sapphire Legion DSS-SL
30 Dark Side Scroll w/ Diamond Legion DSS-DL
60 Dark Side Scroll w/ Grand Legion DSS-GL
100 Dark Side Scroll w/ Exalted Legion DSS-EL
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