Anteian Cross

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Anteian Cross
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Formerly Known As:
  • Star of Eos
  • Star of Antei
  • War Cross
  • Bronze Scroll

Steel Cross


Dark Cross

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Cast from a solid disk of carvanium, the backing of the cross is inlaid with a decorative inner ring of bronzium that features glyphs representing the infinite power of dark might. The circlet’s center is dominated by three massive onyx shards carved from the claws of the predatory graul of Dantooine. The deeply burnished “jewels” represent the three insoluble Orders of the Brotherhood. The Anteian stands apart from the other "traditional" crosses of the Brotherhood in that it pays homage to the origins of the word from its namesake’s culture. "Cross", in the old Anteian dialects, literally translates into Basic as “joining of three”.

Awarded For

Recipients of this award have shown consistent and dedicated service to one’s Battleteam or House by having displayed a greater than average amount of activity over a period of several weeks that included participation in several projects, events or competitions.

Former Upgrades

These medal upgrades are no longer in use, but are preserved here for posterity.

Quantity Description ID Display
1 Antei Cross AC
2 Antei Cross w/ Token of the Shroud AC-ToSH
3 Antei Cross w/ Token of the Dark Star AC-ToDS
4 Antei Cross w/ Token of the Shadowlands AC-ToSL
5 Antei Cross w/ Token of the Star Chamber AC-ToSC
7 Antei Cross w/ Ring of Ferran AC-RoF
10 Antei Cross w/ Ring of Tiamat AC-RoT
15 Antei Cross w/ Ring of Okemi AC-RoO


This award was originally called the Star of Eos (abbreviated as SE), before becoming Star of Antei (StA). Before that, it was two separate awards, the War Cross (WR), awarded for gaming related activity (at the time Sith or Obelisk activity), and the Bronze Scroll, awarded for fiction related activity (at the time, Krath activity).

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