Cluster of Fire

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Cluster of Fire
Awarded by:

Fist of the Brotherhood and staff


Competition, Gaming



XP Value:

Cumulatively award (16x)0.5 based on total CFs

Credit Value:



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The Cluster of Fire is one of the most frequently awarded medals in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood being given in varying quantities for all approved gaming activity, and an impressive quantity of these bespeaks a member’s absolute domination in matters of physical prowess. The design is a simple setting of durasteel featuring concentric rings with a symbolic flame inset. The “living jewel” center is fashioned to resemble the fires of war and is unique in the known galaxy.

Clusters of Fire are awarded for approved gaming activity during gaming per Fist policy.

Cluster Values

The club website provides a list of all available Gaming Platforms, Game Modes, and Modifiers. Using this listing the current values for all Cluster awards can be found by members. You can find this information on the Gaming Platform Overview Page

Former Upgrades

The old Cluster of Fire design

These medal upgrades are no longer in use, but are preserved here for posterity.

Quantity Description ID Display
1 Cluster of Fire CF
10 Cluster of Fire w/ Blue Flame CF-BlF
25 Cluster of Fire w/ Red Flame CF-RF
50 Cluster of Fire w/ Green Flame CF-GF
100 Cluster of Fire w/ Purple Flame CF-PF
250 Cluster of Fire w/ Silver Flame CF-SF
500 Cluster of Fire w/ Gold Flame CF-GoF
750 Cluster of Fire w/ Platinum Flame CF-PlF
1000 Cluster of Fire w/ White Flame CF-WF
1500 Cluster of Fire w/ Black Flame CF-BF
2000 Cluster of Fire w/ Sapphire Flame CF-SpF
2500 Cluster of Fire w/ Amethyst Flame CF-AF
3000 Cluster of Fire w/ Emerald Flame CF-EF
4000 Cluster of Fire w/ Ruby Flame CF-RbF
5000 Cluster of Fire w/ Diamond Flame CF-DF
7500 Cluster of Fire w/ Infinite Flame CF-InF
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