Steel Cross

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Steel Cross
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Grand Cross of the Dark Side


Anteian Cross

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The Steel Cross is the mark of a true warrior and leader to be. The cruciform is made of simple durasteel to reflect the unfettered strength of the recipient. The arms are carved in relief to relate the following words in aurebesh: Devotion, Power, Victory, and Passion. The simple amber stone set in the center of the cross represents energy. A smaller saltire cross intersects the primary cross. Both crosses are reinforced by a durasteel ring implying strength and unity.

Awarded for

The Steel Cross is awarded for extended service to one's House or Clan, such as duties that aid a Quaestor or Aedile as well as being a mentor to others. Activity over a period of some time that goes above and beyond what is considered normal can also be rewarded with this award.

Former Upgrades

These medal upgrades are no longer in use, but are preserved here for posterity.

Quantity Description ID Display
1 Steel Cross SC
2 Steel Cross w/ Star of Fear SC-SoF
3 Steel Cross w/ Star of Anger SC-SoA
4 Steel Cross w/ Star of Hate SC-SoH
5 Steel Cross w/ Star of Rage SC-SoR
7 Steel Cross w/ Cluster of Power SC-CoP
10 Steel Cross w/ Cluster of Immortality SC-CoI
15 Steel Cross w/ Cluster of Transcendence SC-CoT

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