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Dark Side Scroll
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The Dark Side Scroll is bestowed upon those who have made scholarly contributions to the dark arts. The scroll is a ream of parchment bound by a narrow wrap of akk dog hide with a clasp displaying the Legion of the Scholar without the transfixing sword. Platinum claws hold fire facet gems at either end of the obsidian dowels, and the scroll itself is inscribed with text of the work for which it was awarded.


Dark Side Scrolls are awarded for authoring a DJBWiki article that is selected as a featured article. An article is “featured” when placed on the Main Page by the Wiki Tribune or his staff. Only the primary author of an article, having contributed at least 75% of the content, is granted the scroll. Pages with multiple authors will grant scrolls based on contributions of at least 500 words.

Dark Side Scrolls are also awarded to Wikipedians of the Month (WotM), as deemed by the Wiki Tribune. In order to earn this title and the coveted scroll, the person in question must have contributed greatly to the Wiki itself, either by adding pages, information to existing pages, or generally just ensuring the articles on the wiki are of excellent quality.

Additionally, Dark Side Scrolls are awarded for authoring or editing official Dark Jedi Brotherhood proposals, as determined by the Dark Councillor spearheading the project.

Former Use

The original use for the Dark Side Scroll was for contributions to the Dark Voice club newsletter.

Former Upgrades

These medal upgrades are no longer in use, but are preserved here for posterity.

Quantity Description ID Display
1 Dark Side Scroll DSS
2 Dark Side Scroll w/ Bronze Legion DSS-BL
4 Dark Side Scroll w/ Silver Legion DSS-AgL
6 Dark Side Scroll w/ Gold Legion DSS-AuL
10 Dark Side Scroll w/ Platinum Legion DSS-PL
15 Dark Side Scroll w/ Sapphire Legion DSS-SL
30 Dark Side Scroll w/ Diamond Legion DSS-DL
60 Dark Side Scroll w/ Grand Legion DSS-GL
100 Dark Side Scroll w/ Exalted Legion DSS-EL

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