Legion of the Scholar

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Legion of the Scholar
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The Legion of the Scholar marks those students who have shown mastery over their brethren in a particular area of study. Its design is plain but holds critical symbolism of the import of these warrior-scholars. The pin is cast in tricopper and features a triangle, representing the Orders of the Brotherhood, set within a simple ring backed by a sword, highlighting the might with which intellectual acumen can be exercised.

Legions of the Scholar are awarded for the creation of and victory in trivia-based competitions both via Telegram, and standard competition trivia though the latter may choose to grant crescents instead. Trivia may be Star Wars-related or miscellaneous in nature, with the creator as well as first and second place finishers receiving legions.

Former Upgrades

These medal upgrades are no longer in use, but are preserved here for posterity.

Quantity Description ID Display
1 Legion of the Scholar LS
2 Legion of the Scholar w/ Bronze Legion LS-BL
4 Legion of the Scholar w/ Silver Legion LS-AgL
6 Legion of the Scholar w/ Gold Legion LS-AuL
10 Legion of the Scholar w/ Platinum Legion LS-PL
15 Legion of the Scholar w/ Sapphire Legion LS-SL
30 Legion of the Scholar w/ Diamond Legion LS-DL
60 Legion of the Scholar w/ Grand Legion LS-GL
100 Legion of the Scholar w/ Exalted Legion LS-EL
150 Legion of the Scholar w/ Infinite Legion LS-IL
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