Scroll of Indoctrination

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Scroll of Indoctrination
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The Scroll of Indoctrination is given to those who recruit new members to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and assist in guiding them to the rank of Neophyte, Runner, or Private. The scroll parchment is wrapped about copper dowels tapering to diamond points and bound in feral bantha hide. These simple scrolls speak true to members worthy of recognition for their efforts to further the Brotherhood’s outreach.

New members must appropriately select their recruiter when joining in order to be eligible. Clones are not considered new members, and those registering clones in an attempt to earn a scroll will be brought before the Chamber of Justice.

Former Upgrades

These medal upgrades are no longer in use, but are preserved here for posterity.

Quantity Description ID Display
1 Scroll of Indoctrination SI
2 Scroll of Indoctrination w/ Bronze Legion SI-BL
4 Scroll of Indoctrination w/ Silver Legion SI-AgL
6 Scroll of Indoctrination w/ Gold Legion SI-AuL
10 Scroll of Indoctrination w/ Platinum Legion SI-PL
15 Scroll of Indoctrination w/ Sapphire Legion SI-SL
30 Scroll of Indoctrination w/ Diamond Legion SI-DL
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