Diamond Sword

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Diamond Sword
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Golden Lightsaber


Emerald Dagger

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The Diamond Sword is a weapon forged from phrik alloys and impregnated with diamond along its edges making it one of the strongest and sharpest blades in existence. The hilt of the weapon is forged in intense heat and wrapped in Krayt hide. It is a weapon whose formidability is matched only by a lightsaber.

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To receive the coveted Diamond Sword, a member of the Brotherhood must have shown an impressive array of talents and qualities over a considerable length of time. Such a member will have been active personally throughout their career, continually striving for more; they will have shown leadership abilities over a wide range of positions throughout the Brotherhood; they will have been a mentor to numerous other members, helping them along their path; they will be a pillar of the Brotherhood, without any blemishes on their record. These are the recipients of the Diamond Sword.

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