Cassandra El'sin

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Cassandra El'sin
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

13 ABY

Physical Description





5ft 8


108 Pounds


Rich Blonde/Brown



Personal Information
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Clan Arcona

Known masters:

Cethgus Kuga

Known apprentices:

Tiberius Di Cloud



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“Fortune smiles upon the strong and worthy” Cassandra El’sin upon her last appointment to leadership.

Cassandra El’sin is a female Human who was born on Dantooine and a Sith Battle Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. She is known for her talents in combat, motivation to prevail and understanding of naval warfare. Cassandra served as the last Quaestor of House Exar Kun and was an honored member of Plagueis before giving her allegiance to Arcona. While she tends to be a responsible, cunning and slightly childish character, Cassandra remains strong through her ascension of the Dark side due to her inspiration of revenge for her Father’s death.

Character History

Pre-Brotherhood History.


Born into a recovering world, Cassandra El’sin started life in the midst of small communities and a loving family. The daughter to Antares El’sin, a Scholar and Isabelle El’sin a simple farmer, Cassandra was birthed in the peacefulness of Dantooine, as the first and only child of Antares and Isabelle. The family lived in Garang – the capital city of Dantooine – where Cassandra was raised and loved dearly. Her parents were great influences on the child as she grew up; her father’s strength and her mother’s spirit were just two of the many traits she took on. However, through her early years of life, the little girl became a shy and secluded individual.

By the age of seven, Cassandra had grown away from her mother’s side and nearer to her father than anyone else. Alongside him, the girl felt safe and soon learnt of her father’s fascination of weaponry. She began to appreciate the skills of fighting and the wielding of swords, guns and knives. Feeling encouraged by her father, Cassandra would watch his studies and techniques in awe. However, as her Force affinity was developing, her father became suddenly distant. Although he loved his daughter, he never wanted her to have the same fate as his. So he vanished and his whereabouts was never known.

With her father gone, Cassandra had become a very emotional child. It was then in these days her dark affinity had spurred.


In the years that followed Cassandra had become very distant from the world around her. Her force affinity had grown much stronger and her love for weaponry had only grown, even without her father by her side. By the time she reached the age of twelve, the child had matured greatly as the fear of the Yuuzhan Vong spread across the galaxy. However, when the incursion had reached her home, the Vong brought the planet and its inhabitants down in one brutal strike.

In the heart of the chaos, Cassandra and her mother made an attempt to flee the ensuing battle. But as Coral skippers had lit the sky a fiery red, Isabelle El’sin was killed in their bombardment. Left only with the memories of her Mother and her treasured sapphire pendant, the child managed to escape with hatred for those who brought such pain to her life.

With the despair that came to the loss of her mother, Cassandra latched herself onto the closest idle she could find. His name was Lorek Forto, a crime lord of the Outer rim, and a heartless individual. He showed the girl the shadows of the galaxy, from its war to death; he had tainted her soul with his guidance. Although she learned to despise her savior, Cassandra appreciated the training she received in fighting and became fairly skilled with throwing knives and the use of a blaster. As she grew up into her teen years, the girl had matured in a young lady who was just as beautiful as her deceased mother. Then it was in this time when she began her search for the lost legacy of her father.


Come her late teen years, Cassandra had become a well-known warrior with a dark lust for blood. Even though the crime lord was her savior, she could never let go of his taint or the pain he caused her. Therefore when he was at his weakest, the woman took the opportunity to take her revenge and murder him. His death had brought her the freedom she wanted, and as she disbanded the followers that were loyal to him, Cassandra fled that life for a new adventure.

Her freedom kept her going through those dark times, and gave her the true chance to track down her father. It was then that destiny had led her to the planet Kapsina in the Jusadih system, right into the arms of the Brotherhood.

History of Darkness

Into the shadows

Cassandra as a Journeyman

After tracking down the Dark Jedi of Clan Plagueis, she was brought forth to their Consul, Braecen Kaeth, where she told him her story and the wish to find her father. However, to her displeasure, she only learned of his death and how Antares El’sin was a mourned loss during the fall of Antei. Crushed to this discovery, her motivation the revenge of all her pain was born.

Knowing that Antares had a strong connection to the Force, the Consul explained his memory in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood before giving her the chance to join them on the path of darkness. With a longing for power, Cassandra accepted the offer and was welcomed into Plagueis with open arms.

As a Journeyman, Cassandra was still a young and innocent character until she came into the teaching of her master, Cethgus Kuga. The two had grown a strong friendship and fought side by side through many battles. It was not until the Ninth Great Jedi War that the girl’s true potential began to show. She had played a vital part in her Clan’s victory, by not only saving many allies but reinforcing the armies of Plagueis.

When her Knighthood came to pass, Cassandra’s allegiance was tested with Plagueis during the Mirror Mirror campaign. But after a grueling duel with a fellow Dark Jedi, Sanguinius Tsucyra, her insecurity was broken and regret soon came to pass. Bouncing back from this, the girl soon became the Aedile of House Satal Keto where she gave the position her full dedication and then witnessed the departure of those closest to her, including her Master. Unlike them, her loyalty was never broken and soon for her efforts within the Clan, Cassandra was promoted to the role of Quaestor of House Exar Kun and to the ranks of Equite. Those days were her best in Plagueis, but times soon changed and the Clan was broken down into a House than the mighty power in which it once stood.


Cassandra's Custom Saber

When Plagueis went through those events, Cassandra felt betrayed after she was overlooked as one of their leaders. Although she tried her best from House, the woman was never given the true chance to lead Plagueis in a new direction. She had the opportunity to command the Fleet of Plagueis as its Grand Admiral for quite some time and to train her own student, Tiberius Di Cloud. When he had reached the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, the military reigns of their House turned its eyes to Sigil 2, a planet which was lost during the Yuuzhan Vong war so long ago.

Therefore, House Plagueis put all its efforts into retaking the planet and eradicating the Vong that resided in their sanctuary called Si’Tilk. Again like before, Cassandra played a vital part to the efforts in the attack. She not only crippled the power of the Vong but allowed her House to makes it victory in one swift strike. For achievements during the attack, the woman was promoted to Sith Battle Master.

But the House still took turns for the worse as other vital members left for new power elsewhere, including Kaira Rohana, a longtime friend of the Sith’s. With no place for her in the House’s summit, or without close friends nearby, Cassandra El’sin decided to leave to start a new chapter in her life.

The Shadows of Arcona

After long thought during her travels, Cassandra came to the decision to locate her old friend and Master, Cethgus Kuga. The search had brought her to the Dajorra system and into the clutches of the newly re-clanned Arcona. Witnessing their rising power, superior leadership and capabilities, the female Sith agreed to join its ranks in its path to glory. She also came alongside many old allies such as Wuntila Zratian Entar Arconae, Sanguinius Tsucyra and Inarya.

Without any trouble she settled into the Clan, and was soon adopted as a member of a newly formed Battle team, Revenance Virtuom. With Cethgus as the team’s leader, she found it thrilling to be by her Master’s side again. When the Tenth Great Jedi War came to pass, Cassandra put all her efforts into the fight on New Typhon. Her dedication to Arconan war effort did not go unnoticed, and her loyalty to her new Clan was strong during those events.

As days continue, the female Sith has never forgotten her father or mother and still prevails to seek vengeance for their deaths.

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Outstanding Achievements

  • The Promotion to Sith Battle Master