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22 BBY

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1.79 meters







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Kal Vorrac, Vivackus Kavon, Jaek Aralias, Inarya, Sanguinius Tsucyra

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Emerald Green

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Plagueis



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Mograine is a Sith Warrior of House Plagueis. While on a Imperial mission in the late Rise of the Empire Era, Mograine was frozen in carbonite for about two decades, until released in 19 ABY. Due to carbon freeze, Mograine hasn't aged and still got his younthful look. While re-establishing his life in the New Republic, Mograine wedded a Hapan woman named Caelia, but they were separated by the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong. During the last years of the War, Mograine got the news that his wife had died during the fall of Coruscant. Stricken by a terrible grief, he left the Galactic Alliance. What he found, was the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, an force-sensitive organization that invited him, cared for him and helped him overcome his loss.

Character History

Early life (22 BBY - 1 BBY)


Mograine was born in 22 BBY right before the eruption of the Clone Wars. He was the son of a unidentified Jedi Knight and a unidentified non-jedi woman, who both lived in the Temple Precinct, Galactic City near the Jedi Temple. During the war, Mograine mostly lived with his mother, since his noble jedi father was fighting the war on the Outer Rims, alongside the 2nd Airborne Company of the 7th Sky Corps. His father loved him very much and always brought gifts back from the unknown worlds he had helped liberate from the terrifying Separatists, the most greatest gift he got for Mograine was a Clone Paratrooper Armor, which he got from the 2nd Airborne Company. Due to the war, Mograine's father never got the chance to train his son in the Jedi arts nor did he or Mograine's mother dare take their son to the Jedi Temple since it would most likely get the little boy's father expelled from the Order.

At the end of the war, rumors came through that the Jedi had betrayed and tried to overthrow the Republic with assassinating the Supreme Chancellor. It was also spread that the Clone Troopers had been ordered to terminate any Jedis, and Mograine's mother feared that her Jedi Knight lover and father to her child was been killed. During the dangerous time after the Declaration of New Order Mograine's mother did her best to protect her son's real identity from the Empire. However, at the age of 7, the young boy's force powers was revealed when he one day at school made chairs and holobooks hover in the air. The boy and his family was to be terminated, but apparently Mograine fit the profile to become a Imperial Inquisitor. It was in the late evening the same day that a group of Coruscant Guards broke into their home, killed Mograine's mother and took the boy away to be trained at the Coruscant Imperial Academy. The images of Stormtroopers killing his mother would always be remembered by Mograine, and the sorrow and lust for vengeance would later become his prime source for feeding of the Dark Side of the Force.

Imperial Service

The next couple of years of his early life at the Imperial Academy, Mograine shut himself in, not caring for anyone but himself, therefore having no ‘actual’ friends during his education. However, he showed great potential both academically and physically. Mograine graduated from the Imperial Academy in 5 BBY with a ‘Double First’ in Tactical Military Theory and Military Sociology, as well for being recipient of the ribbon-in-gold in Sharpshooting and Urban Warfare. He became heavily involved in a number of the Academy’s extracurricular activities, such as Limmie and Dejarik, winning the school championship in the latter one, three years in a row. When graduating, he received a special recommendation for a year at the Raithal Academy, which he accepted with pride. It was here he first opened himself to his fellow Imperials, making friends with most people he associated with. In 4 BBY, he graduated from the Raithal Academy, once again with top-grades, and was stationed in Imperial City, Coruscant with the Coruscant Guard’s Armored Response Unit. Re-assigned to 7th Imperial Intelligence Battalion aboard Imperial class-I Star Destroyer, Superb, in 3 BBY. The next two years of his service, Mograine took part in various intelligence assignments around the galaxy and worked himself up to the rank of Lieutenant.

In 1 BBY, Superb and its crew was ordered to investigate a series of Tibanna gas thefts along the Rimma Trade Route. After several weeks of holding trade ships under surveillance, they tracked down one pirate frigate who led them to the pirate base deep into the jungles of Thyferra. Orders from Imperial Command instructed The Superb to engage the pirates and confiscate their loot, then terminate the pirates. Mograine, who knew that the base could have the sufficient firepower to withstand The Superb, made a bold plan alongside the Battalion’s CO on sending in a covert recon team to infiltrate the structure, in order to gain intelligence on the pirate’s firepower. The team that was sent consisted of five of the crew’s best men, including Mograine. The group successfully infiltrated the base, and found out that the pirate was in possession of heavy ground-to-air batteries. As they planted explosive charges to the batteries, the pirates were alerted and engaged the small team, and during the firefight, Mograine accidentally fell down into a carbon freezer and frozen into carbonite. Meanwhile, his team got slaughtered by the pirates, and since losing contact, Tarex Ruul, The Superb’s captain, was forced into bombarding the base. In the turbo laser bombardment, the entire base was destroyed and pirates annihilated, the only surviving person was Mograine, who lied frozen in the carbonite block in the midst of the ruins.

A new life (21 ABY - 27 ABY)

The New Republic & Love

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood: Journeyman (27 ABY - 31 ABY)

Forgiving himself

After his great loss to the Yuuzhan Vong in 27 ABY, Mograine turned his back to the New Republic and descended into a state of madness and alcohol. Blaming himself for what happened and not having any will to continue living, Mograine stole a New Republic ship and went into hyperspace in a random direction. This very, random direction would prove to change his life forever.

By fate, his hyperdrive crashed just as the ship passed a system with the name of Antei, a system where war loomed between the cursed Yuuzhan Vong and a society of Dark Jedi, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Astonished by the sight, Mograine took his ship closer to take a look at the force-sensitive people, but was met with a tractor beam from one of their Star Destroyers. When being pulled in, a group a lightsaber-wielding figures apprehended Mograine, but due to his force-sensitivity, they spared his life and delivered him to a higher ranked Dark Jedi. The person, a Twi’lek male, identified himself to be a Sith Equite. The Sith questioned Mograine about why he was there and how he had found them, and was surprised to hear the story the Human had to tell him. Mograine, who gained interests in this cult of force-users was then requested by the Sith to chose between death or serving the Brotherhood. Mograine chose the latter one, and was assigned as a journeyman Apprentice of Clan Plagueis, one of the six major clans of the Brotherhood. The newly assigned Apprentice then accompanied the Clan fleet as the entire Brotherhood escaped their home system from the invading Yuuzhan Vong, and Mograine’s next home would be on Kapsina, home planet of Clan Plagueis in the Jusadih system.

For the next couple of years, Mograine would be a silent type, while continuing his studies with the Dark Side of the Force and reshaping his life after its destruction at Coruscant. He restricted himself mostly to the libraries and combat grounds to practice both in the Force and with different kinds of combat. By 29 ABY, Mograine had aspired through the rank of Novice up to the rank of Proselyte. It was at this point, the Force truly opened itself before him, and Mograine could forgive himself and forget the past.

Master Kal Vorrac

More and more as an Acolyte, Mograine was showing his face in the Clan, and he soon took the interests of a Sith Warrior named Kal Vorrac. Vorrac had noticed Mograine’s subtle ideological ways of working, and noticed the resemblance of himself in the Acolyte. This led to Mograine being taken under Kal Vorrac’s wing as his apprentice, building the last pillar in forgiving himself and in opening himself to the Force. His master would carve his way into Mograine’s heart as both master and a father-like figure, but ultimately as his most trusted friend. Following his newly appointed master, Mograine soon rose to the rank of Protector and was given an Armory Lightsaber, and furthering his progress down the dark path, now with one of the most deadly weapons in the galaxy in his hands.


During his training under master Vorrac, the Protector gained a notable greater influence in his Clan, with its leaders as well as its members. Some of the Dark Jedi he befriended were; Vivackus Kavon, his master’s old apprentice, Sanguinius Tsucyra, an aspriring Obelisk, and Jaek Aralias, an aspiring Sith and Vivackus’s apprentice.

After showing great dedication and further progress in the Force, he was soon advanced to Guardian, after leading a team consisting of Sang and another Dark Jedi, Vorn Kyrth, in the pursue of the perpetrators of the Mirror of Anor theft. Sometime before the theft of the Mirror, Mograine started to have frequent nightmares, dreams surrounding his wife's death during the Fall of Coruscant.

Knowing that war was closing, Kal Vorrac decided to prepare his apprentice for the coming conflict, therefore giving Mograine several lessons in lightsaber combat, something the aspiring Sith mastered quickly. The teaching in the art of the lightsaber wasn't the only thing that Master Vorrac decided to teach his apprentice. Kal's past as an assassin proved important in Mograine's advanced teaching in the stealthy techniques of sabotage, inflitration and assassination, as he quickly joined the Intelligence Branch of the Jusadih Military.
Mograine during the Ninth Great Jedi War: Unification

The Ninth Great Jedi War: Unification

Stationed aboard VSD-II Ballista, Mograine braced himself for the coming war. Having first-hand experience to fighting the Yuuzhan Vong and with his additional training in fighting them with a lightsaber, Mograine though himself ready for the coming conflict, but was proven wrong at arrival at Antei. At the planet, all Yuuzhan Vong seemed to be dead, and the Dark Council was contacted by a mysterious splinter-Jedi group led by a Jedi master named Omancor Crask. The jedi had thousands of clone wars-era battledroids under their command, and proved to be a much challenging enemy for the Brotherhood. Mograine, being part of an intelligence commando squad led by non other than his own master, he participated in all Plagueian operations during the war. His group acted as a covert unit that was going to accomplish high-risk objectives behind enemy lines. Notable operations early in the campaign are: Operation Spider, Operation Cold Stone & Objective: Gundark. Mograine distinguished himself in all three of them, being field-promoted by the Grand Master from Guardian to the rank of Jedi Hunter after Operation Cold Stone. During the brutal battle that took place during Objective: Gundark, Mograine witnessed the mutilation of his master in duel with a Cathar Jedi. Seeing Kal Vorrac, his closest thing to family in the Brotherhood, being severely injured, changed Mograine's perspective of things and ultimately, his whole life. For the rest of the war, Mograine chose not to wield a lightsaber, after throwing his own out from the LAAT/i while flying away from Objective: Gundark. Later notable operations was Mograine's participation during Operation: Bloodfin, this time taking use of his exceptional sniper skills when Plagueis was under siege and defended Temple Bellseph from the last of the Jedi's droid armies. Though, he still was traumatized after Objective: Gundark, Mograine managed to hold out during the great battle that lasted until the end of the war.


Being forgotten by both the Brotherhood and Clan Plagueis in the re-building process after the War, Mograine was left to face his demons and struggle with the side effects of the War on his own. The dark jedi retreated to himself, and shut everyone out, mostly hanging at shady locations of Kapsina behind a bottle of alcoholic beverage. The distinguished war-hero of the Unification War had now fallen to the abyss of meaningless.

Though his superiors called him unfit to serve in military operations for the time being, he volunteered to join the group that was going to track down the Mirror of Anor, which was still missing. During this operation, Mograine's sniping skills served the group well, and helped them in re-claiming the Mirror. However, at the peak of the Operation, Mograine was severely wounded when stabbed through the chest by one of the Dark Jedi that had stolen the mirror.

Over the next couple of weeks, Mograine would be spending in a medical bed, healing his wounds. Though he still kept the bottle closer than his friends, the reclamation of the Mirror of Anor redeemed him in the eyes of his superior.

House Feud

While tranquilizing his mind in a pool of alcohol, tension erupted in the Plagueian leadership. Alaris was gathering supporters in preparation to commit a military coup against Braecen Kaeth. The Proconsul claimed that it was the present Consul's fault that Plagueis had suffered as much as it had during the recent War. While Alaris spread his propaganda and rallied his forces on Kapsina, Braecen had his loyalist prepared to take back the Plagueian capital. With the help of House Exar Kun, Braecen immobilized House Satal Keto, which supported Alaris' coup, while he himself returned to Kapsina to take care of Alaris himself. In the midst of all this, Mograine had gathered himself enough to participate in the conflict. Feeling that siding with a man trying to overthrow the de jure Consul, chosen by the Grand Master himself, meant treason to the Grand Master, Mograine was dubious about the conflict, and had problems with deciding who to side with himself. He had several discussions with his superior about the matter, but ultimately he ended up fighting at Satal Keto's side. The Jedi Hunter fought transcendent in the coming battle at Kapsina, until Alaris came out victorious after a duel with Braecen, and declared himself Consul of Clan Plagueis.


Shortly after the recent feud, Mograine started having the strange dreams he'd experienced shortly before the Ninth Great Jedi War, just that this time, the dreams was more focused, intent and to Mograine, felt more real. One night he was awaken by the nightmares, and this time, he had followed her through the dream as she was trying to escape the planet during its fall to the Yuuzhan Vong. She had managed to get aboard one of the escape vessels, but it was hit by a misfired turbolaser of a Star Destroyer. The ship crashed down toward the cityscape as it had in all of his previous dreams, but this time, there had been a twist to the dream. Caelia had survived the crash, and crawled up from the wreckage as the soldiers of the Yuuzhan Vong landed the planet, before her vision had faded. Mograine wondered what this meant; Why would these dreams tell him such things? Did it mean something? Did she survive the crash? Was it a vision, given through the Force, telling him something?

Immediately thereafter, he had sensed an disturbance in the Force, and traveled to the holdings cells of the Dark Tower, where he found Vivackus Kavon and Impetus M'Nar supervising the transfer of a prisoner. His name was Jarek Stal, a Human male with connections to some of the galaxy's more serious multi-species trafficking leagues. The man was also in possession of crucial information, dangerous enough to expose the Clan to both the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi. Persuading Vivackus and Impie to let him speak with the prisoner, Mograine approached Jarek in his cell, and it turned out that Jarek knew exactly who Mograine was and information that not even the Brotherhood possessed. In his fury, Mograine strangled Jarek while demanding to know how he knew him, and before Vivackus came in and threw Mograine into the wall with the Force, Jarek whispered that if Mograine wanted to ever see his wife alive again, he had to find a way to get Jarek out from Plagueis' grasp.

Though he might not fool Vivackus, since they had both been apprentices to the manipulator Kal Vorrac, he did however manage to persuade Impetus to let him stay in the interegation chamber’s control office, watching Jarek from behind the thick transparisteel mirror-window. While Vivackus and Impetus were going to a briefing meeting with the Clan Summit, the former left a pair of guards in the holding cell in charge of preventing any further “incidents” to occur. Behind the transparisteel window, an hour went by quickly, and the fact of what Jarek had said to Mograine troubled the Jedi Hunter. Then a vision appeared into Mograine’s mind, granting him extraordinary insight of the possible futures that could come true in affect of what he chose to do. In his vision, there were many possible futures, but there were only two constants in the lot. In the ones where Jarek stayed imprisoned, no matter his fate, the brotherhood remained secret to the GA and the Jedi, at the cost of Caelia’s life. However, in the one where Mograine freed Jarek, the price for Caelia’s life was the exposure of the Clan, and Mograine saw Star Destroyers bombarding Kapsina and the surviving Dark Jedi being slaughtered by Alliance troops and Jedi Knights. The answer was clear; Mograine had to free Jarek. Caelia had to live.

Without hesitation, Mograine entered the cell and neutralized the guards, which of course was no match to a seasoned warrior and agent as himself. Jarek had expected this action of Mograine all along, but still thanked him. The Sith was tempted to kill him even then, feeling disgust of his own betrayal to what he by now called family. While the two of them where advancing toward the nearest hangar, the Summit arrived at the cell as they wanted to supervise the interrogation of Jarek personally. Most of them were astonished to not have been alarmed by what had happened, all but Kal Vorrac of course, since he had trained Mograine to perform actions that subtle. Vivackus, who had learned the same, immediately suspected his successor as Kal’s apprentice for the event, and sent an alarm-signal over the base intercom. At the hangar, Mograine subdued Fang Ao Tian before escaping the Dark Tower with Jarek in a Scimitar Assault Bomber they stole in the hangar. When asking where they were going, the criminal vermin; as Mograine regarded him, said that their destination was Coruscant.

Arriving at the galactic capital, Jarek explained that many who survived the fall of Coruscant, but was unable to escape the planet, retreated to the Undercity living in the Necropolis, as they called it, while either constantly avoiding being found by the Yuuzhan Vong or being part of the resistance fighters there. Many women and children were toward the end of the war, easily kidnapped by criminal organization for as Jarek explained as “business”. He didn’t know how Caelia had survived the crash, of which Mograine told of, but he knew that briefly after the GA’s retaking of the planet, she had ended up in his organization. Having the traditional Hapan beauty due to selective breeding, which was customary on Hapes, Caelia had ended up being “for loan” in the organization main brothel on Coruscant, which also suited the headquarter of Jakek’s boss, Texor Druul. She was now being part of the “stock” of which was held off for politicians and other men of notable positions. Keeping his temper settled, so that he didn’t let it loose on Jarek, Mograine asked how the man had found out about all the information about him. The answer was that Jarek had frequently heard Caelia talk fondly of her dear deceased husband, who had gone MIA during the Vong War. When he had learned that Mograine was a dark jedi in a most secret dark jedi organization in a remote star system, he had decided to try get in contact with him. He had just not expected that it would be by getting in their grasp first. Mograine then inquired about the information that the criminal supposedly had. Jarek simply denied it, and when he attempted to tell a coverstory about it, Mograine could sense the lie in his words. After a quick demonstration of force choking, the man came to his senses and admitted that he had managed to hack into the clan’s computer systems after it came home from some recent conflict of which the clan had participated in. It had been an assignment he was doing on the side for an old war buddy in the Imperial Intelligence, to get the information, and randomly he had crossed Mograine’s name on the organization’s roster. From what Mograine could feel, the man’s words were mostly true. The entire situation was stinking to Mograine. Now he had to take care of some Imperial Intelligence officer too.

Once the Sith had found a suitable place to land, close to where this Texor Druul had his headquarter, which was in the Uscru Entertainment District, he started to Jarek’s frustration to meditate on how to proceed. After several hours, he knew how to advance, but first he had to ask Jarek something that had troubled him for some time; why Jarek had tried to get in contact with him in the first place. He knew that Jarek to some point knew his wife, but he did not inform Mograine of this to be kind. What was his agenda? This, Jarek was completely honest with. Mograine, experienced soldier and now some kind of jedi, the great heroes of the War, was going to help Jarek take over his boss’ place in trade for his wife’s life. Mograine complied, and during the same night, he assaulted Druul's headquarter. Fighting his way through the complex, the dark jedi slipped deeper into the dark side of the Force; letting his anger and furious determination lead him. Reaching the office of the criminal kingpin, Mograine was shocked to find his wife in Druul's grasp. Upon sighting the dark jedi, Druul stabbed Caelia through the back before pulling his vibroblade. Mograine then lost himself to the dark side, embracing it like air itself before attacking Druul. The pair fought violently and evenly, but Mograine's tap into the dark side gave him the power to strike his opponent down. He leaned down to hold his wife, promising to help her, but he felt the life energy slowly dimming out. Then suddenly a dark hooded figure entered, throwing the head of Jarek to the floor in front of Mograine - the figure appeared to be Kal. His master revealed to him how he'd tracked down his apprentice's wife, and paid Jarek, who apparently was the Imperial Intelligence operative, to lead Mograine to the brothel, to the confrontation between Mograine and his wife and Druul. He then told Mograine how he'd influenced Druul to think that Mograine was a mere ex-New Republic soldier seeking revenge for his lost slave wife, and making Druul kill her in front of Mograine when he finally arrived. The revelation both shocked Mograine and fueled his anger, but he could not bear himself to attack his master while his wife was slipping away - he could still save her. Kal stepped closer, telling Mograine that to achieve mastery as a Sith, he'd have to master his emotions and accept her death. That by letting her go, he'd strengthen himself by not letting his passions take hold over him - a necessary sacrifice as Kal called it. Mograine accepted the grim truth, saying his farewells before activating his lightsaber, which pierced Caelia through her chest, instantly killing her. His master then told him to rise - a Dark Jedi Knight of the Dark Brotherhood.

A Blade of Plagueis – Equite of the Brotherhood (31 ABY – 35 ABY)

Grizzled War hero and Battleteam Commander

Commander Mograine

Establishing his name both as a knight in the Dark Brotherhood and as an officer in the Plagueian Military, Mograine soon rose to become the next battleteam commander of Keto’s Vengeance. Over the next few months he sat, from his office on Morroth; Omega Base, in command of the most delicate of military operations in the Plagueian Military. Building up his reputation as an officer and already being distinguished in the Intelligence community, the Knight was assigned in assisting the reformation of the Intelligence Branch in the new Jusadih Intelligence Directorate. At the same time he was offered to become the next Grand General in the Jusadih Armed Forces, becoming one of the most powerful men in the Jusadih System and the reformed House Plagueis.

In his service as Grand General, the most notable campaign Mograine led was the Taking of Si’Tilk in 34 ABY. It was around this point that Mograine keenly established himself as a true Sith Warrior, while leading his men from the frontlines. It was in the aftermath of the conflict after spending months meditating in the lush and treacherous jungles of Sigil 2 – in his newly established secret meditations sanctuary, that Mograine started having doubts about himself. The Sith Warrior was doubting his own morals, values and views of the Force, leading up to him doubting his very presence in the Galaxy and the meaning of his life. It was here his next adventure and one of his greatest turning points in life started.

Wandering the Galaxy (35 ABY – )

Too be continued

Physical Description

Mograine stands 6 feet tall and is medium built with a pretty good physical condition, due to his past service in the Imperial Army and as a law enforcement officer. However the carbon freezing accident have weakened his body's muscles, making Mograine relying much on the Force itself to have his body work optimally. He got brown hair, blue eyes and is a bit pale skinned, although handsome. His hair is midlong and separated at his forehead, sent into two long bangs behind his ears, and he's kept his faced shaven for facial hair at all time. Even for being a rather old person, his body have kept itself as it was since the carbon freezing incident in his twenties, therefore he still got his youthful appearance. Yet when he's giving in for his anger and using the Dark side of the Force, it evolves a couple of dark lines upon his face, and his eyes faintly changing into a sulfuric color.

He is commonly wearing his Brotherhood Soldier robe, but at occasions he change into his personal suit of choice. A all-black robe, with a black leather tabard, and a long ominous cloak. Under the cloak he usually carry a blaster pistol and his own Lightsaber.

After a life of military service and duty, Mograine has a couple of scars from earlier injuries, as cuts and blastershot wounds in his back and torso. The most distinctive mark is a scar right under his chin, which he got in the Galactic Civil War.
Mograine - present time

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