Vorn Kyrth

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Vorn Kyrth
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

12 ABY

Date of Death:


Physical Description

Corellian (Human)




5' 8"


142 lb.





Personal Information

Yzarc Rellik Kaeth di Plagia Sanguinius Tsucyra Kara Rohana

Lightsaber Color(s):

Blue Armory Saber

Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate, Carinor

Chronology & Political Information

Fighter, Thief




The Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Plagueis



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"Every light casts a shadow..."
―Vorn Kyrth to his father, Mythis.

Vorn Kyrth was born on Corellia after the Battle of Yavin. Living a life less than grand, he attempted to rob a Dark Jedi. The resulting fight led to a chase across the galaxy, until Vorn found himself tightly within the grip of the Dark Brotherhood. Now a Protector in Clan Plagueis, Vorn is studying hard under his Master Yzarc Rellik Kaeth di Plagia, in hopes of becoming a Dark Jedi Knight.

Character History

The Beginning (12 ABY)

Deep in the housing units of the capital city Coronet, Mythis and Delthia Kyrth gave birth to a son,Vorn Kyrth. Mythis Kyrth was an engineer and architect, while Delthia was a stay at home wife. Somewhat happily married, they lived as normal a life as they could, with the exception of Vorn's sometimes "extraordinary episodes", as his father liked to call them.

Early Life (13-24 ABY)

Vorn was well loved by his family, who unfortunately did not love each other. His early childhood was scarred with various memories of fights between his parents. Delthia always wanted more from Mythis, who as an engineer and architect was comfortable with their middle class life. When Vorn was 12, he awoke one morning to find his father at the kitchen table, stone faced and late for work. Vorn later found out from his father that Delthia had left, unhappy with her life, and hadn't told anyone where she was going. Mythis quit his second job as an architect to take care of Vorn, now motherless. Slowly sliding into poverty, life had just started getting darker for Vorn and Mythis.

Accidents (25 ABY)

Vorn was an ordinary child, or so he thought, until his abilities began to show. He could run faster than any child at school, lift almost as much as his father, and even at times, predict future events. Mythis never suspected that his son was Force sensitive, his only thought was that his son was healthy, and that satisfied him. Vorn's abilities went unnoticed until he was forced into a fight at school. After inadvertently breaking the wrist of another child during a tussle, Vorn was suspended and his father was forced to look upon the fact that his son was not normal. After Vorn returned to school and his most recent "extraordinary event" had been forgotten, Mythis was due for his own accident.

Mythis had worked in the shipyards, building new starships for passenger and cargo transport. Working on the interior of a ship, Mythis had wedged himself in between two large pipes, intent on placing the holding brackets on them. Unknown to him, a technician on the bridge had just placed his hand on the ignition when he was extracting himself from underneath the console. The incomplete starship shuddered. Mythis,seeing the flashing lights and feeling the engines slow vibrating, scrambled to escape the loose pipes. But he was too late, and they pushed together and crushed his legs. Mythis was rushed to the hospital. Vital nerves had been damaged, and Mythis would never walk unaided ever again. Too poor to afford robotic implants, Mythis resolved to continue his life as best he could. However, in the coming months, the company would forcibly retire Mythis, leaving him totally destitute.

Growing Pains (25-27 ABY)

Vorn had been living his life as if in a fog. After his father's accident, it was as though a swift wind had carried it all away. Situations were reversed as Vorn now worked two jobs, bought food, and cared for his father. Vorn continued his schooling, but eventually it all began to wear on him. To make matters worse, they were evicted from their home, and forced to live in a housing unit for the homeless. Life was much harder here, as Vorn was constantly threatened by the scum who roved this part of the city. More than once he had been robbed of food as he walked back from a store. Eventually, everything deteriorated. Vorn had stopped going to school and his jobs, and spent all his time with a roving band of teenage thieves. Mythis was unaware however, but began to suspect Vorn when he was bringing home more money than he ever had with both jobs. Finally, Mythis traveled slowly and painfully to the school, and upon speaking with his teachers, found that Vorn had told them all he was transferring and wouldn't be returning. Volatile and distraught, Mythis went home and awaited his son's short visit. As Vorn walked through the door, Mythis engaged Vorn in the last conversation they would ever have. After the immense fight, Vorn packed his few possessions and left, never to see his father again.

Loner (27-29 ABY)

Vorn wandered for almost two years, lost in the underworld of Coronet. He joined several gangs, and scrapped with city police more than his fair share. During his time wandering, Vorn searched for weapons to augment his fighting ability without being lethal. The authorities would place a much larger target upon Vorn's back if he became fatally aggressive. Finding his solution,Vorn bought two F-key style kubotans, to augment his fist fighting. The kubotan could cause severe pain without permanent or fatal injury. In 28 ABY, Vorn had just left another gang, unhappy with its basic structure and unintelligent members. Walking about, he stumbled into a fighting arena. After a few questions from the manager, Vorn was the next challenger. Vorn became a favorite of the manager, and eventually his bodyguard after a few more months. Vorn's last fight in particular sticks to his memory, that of a tall, blue mohawk wearing fighter. Little did Vorn know he would meet that man again. The man had bet enough money on himself to clean Vorn out. Consequently, the manager, displeased with the loss, evicted Vorn. Penniless and alone, Vorn returned to the streets, with naught to his name but his kubotans.

Vorn's weapon of choice.

The Chase (29 ABY)

Vorn roved the streets, with no particular aim in mind. Catching the glint of silver beneath a dark robe, Vorn immediately set off to rob the man of his trinket. Minutes later, Vorn found himself on the other end of the trinket, which happened to be a lightsaber being tightly gripped by an angry Dark Jedi. After a small scuffle, the Dark Jedi spared Vorn's life and whisked himself away into the city. Vorn followed him closely, maliciously curious about the mystic man and his lightsaber. The man noticed Vorn tailing him through the city, and immediately began his departure of the system. Vorn, through his old contacts in gangs across the city, found out the cloaked man with the lightsaber was headed for the Jusadih System on a cargo ship belonging to Sistros Acquisitions and Holdings. Vorn stole aboard,and attempted to find the cloaked man on the transport. Mysteriously, Vorn could find no sign of him, even though he had watched the man board. Arriving in the city of Tirik on the planet of Aerun, Vorn spotted his mark. The man spotted Vorn, however, and took off in a speeder. Vorn quickly stole a second speeder and followed him across the landscape. Vorn's inability to pilot the craft showed greatly, and in following the man, crashed in the woods, shattering his left elbow. When Vorn awoke, he was inside a prison cell, being held by Clan Plagueis. Through events unknown to Vorn, another Dark Jedi rescued him from the woods and brought him to the Ash Citadel, where he was subsequently treated for his arm, and inducted into the Brotherhood by then Proconsol Yzarc Rellik Kaeth di Plagia. Vorn, upon being offered a place within the Brotherhood, promised to cease his chase of the Dark Jedi he met. The man's identity is still unknown to Vorn.

New Life (30 ABY-Present)

Vorn Kyrth, since being inducted into the Dark Brotherhood, has risen through the ranks to become a Protector. He is currently paired with his Master, Yzarc Rellik Kaeth di Plagia and is working on his objectives to become a Guardian.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Vorn has yet to hold a position within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Outstanding Achievements

Successfully survived a "Face-Your-Fears" lesson with Cipher K'oranian Isradia.

Personal Appearance

Vorn Kyrth stands 5'8" tall, and at 142 lbs, is relatively small compared to the rest of his Clan. His brown hair is shoulder length and neatly kept, while his grey eyes alertly scan his surroundings. He has three piercings, two silver spiked loop earrings on his left ear, and a single silver spiked Labret. Vorn can always be seen wearing his only two rings, a thick, silver square on his right ring finger, and a small intricate silver heart ring on his pinky. Vorn has two silver spiked loop earrings in his left ear, as well as a silver spiked labret. Vorn also has a black eight point star tattooed on each knee. When not garbed in his Obelisk robes, Vorn is easily recognized in his thick leather jacket and black steel toed boots.

Psychological Profile

Vorn suffers from no mental illness that he or anyone else can readily identify. Vorn does not have the stereotypical mindset of the Dark Jedi. He will not use violence unless there is a need, nor use it to further his own means. Unfortunately in the heat of battle, Vorn succumbs to his wrath and fury and can become drunk with his bloodlust, at times seemingly certifiably insane. Other than the aforementioned, Vorn's only other mental instability is the mention of his father. He still feels guilt having left his father, and even more so now that he cannot find him. Vorn also considers himself to be a Gray Jedi by the sake of his actions.


  • Vorn is afraid of not being in control, and is terribly frightened of ladders.
  • Vorn is a co-inventor of the powerful anti-Jedi Yam Cannon.