Jaek Kaeth

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Jaek Kaeth
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Battleteam Member: Dark Forge

  • Magistrate to the Seneschal

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Obelisk, Dark Brotherhood, Arcona, House Galeres, Dark Forge



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" "His potential is limitless. When I look at him, I see drive, raw tenacity; even in the face of certain death, he is unstoppable. That man was born to achieve great things." "
Fet'ai'narun about Jaek; to Marick Arconae

Jaek Kaeth was an Obelisk Templar in Arcona, Magistrate to the Seneschal, and Master of K'tana. He formerly served as a GMRG Trainer, held the position of Quaestor and Aedile of House Plagueis, as well as formerly being a Magistrate under Orv Dessrx.


Early Life

9 ABY – 30 ABY

Born on the City World of Coruscant, Jaek had been identified early on as a Force User by his parents and was placed into AFAP, or the Adaptive Force Acceleration Program, a local program ran by former Jedi Knights to help youths develop their force powers at an accelerated rate. It was here that he would stay, for the next sixteen years of his life, educating himself in the ways of the force and his ability to use them adequately and to his advantage.

Corulag Academy

25 ABY – 30 ABY

At the age of 16, he would tire of the Coruscant scenery and chose to depart to the distant world of Corulag, entering its Military Academy. Within the five years he attended the Academy, he had earned a Degree in Literature, as well as one in Flight and Combat. He had found that studying combat and flight had taken his mind off of the contempt he held for his parents, still disgusted with them that they could ship him away to AFAP with such ease.

His anger and frustration towards his parents subconsciously opened him to the dark side, as he trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat during his tutelage at the Academy. Again and again he would expose himself to constant combat, fighting for hours on end and exposing himself to repeated sleep deprivation techniques.

In one session, he had forced himself to face 5 opponents. He had unwittingly drawn from the Dark Side as it aided him in beating the students, even killing one of them in the process.

Nearby, a Dark Jedi Knight, in search of an apprentice, had sensed the boy's anger and hatred flowing through the Force. The Knight was Vivackus Kavon, and he had found exactly that within Jaek.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood


30 ABY-32 ABY / 34 ABY-36 ABY’’'

Jaek as an Apprentice

Having arrived to Antei with Vivackus, he would soon find his welcoming gift to the Brotherhood was nothing short than perfect for him. The Obelisk had joined mere days before the Ninth Great Jedi War. The Dark Jedi rose through the ranks quickly, proving himself time and again in battle during the war moving from a mere Apprentice to a Dark Jedi Knight by the end.

It was at the end that his mentor, besides his Master, Braecen Kaeth had left Plagueis. This had prompted the Dark Knight to leave temporarily as well.

Jaek eventually returned to Plagueis, now headed by his Master’s Master, Kal di Plagia Vorrac. It was then that he attempted to show his renewed faith in House of Ascendancy by fighting for Plagueis once more, eventually earning the spot of Taskmaster.

Exar’s Shadow

30 ABY – 32 ABY

Given his combat experience, Jaek was named Flight Leader during the Ninth Great Jedi War. This enabled him to conduct multiple missions that would give Plagueis an edge in the war. After the war had concluded, he had earned 15 Seals of Unity for his efforts.


34 ABY - 35 ABY

Having been asked to serve as the House Taskmaster for his extended service to the House and his combat extensiveness, Jaek had been put in charge of the Prospects. The Prospects were the lower Journeyman level of the Brotherhood, ranging from Apprentice to Acolyte, which would train in the Temple of Plagueis on Morroth. Conducting his duties in a military manner, Jaek worked the recruits vigorously, few of them even surviving the first several days.

Grand Masters Royal Guard Trainer

34 ABY - 35 ABY

Having displayed an adept multitude of combat skills, Jaek had been elected as one of the 5 main trainers for the Grand Masters Royal Guard. Focusing on Strategy, he would lead the recruits through vigorous training sessions that spanned hours upon hours. He was also named the weaponry reserve trainer, in case the Trainers of high rank than him were unavailable for recruits.

Jusadih Military Regime

34 ABY - 35 ABY

Jaek, upon rejoining Plagueis was put into the ranks of the Jusadih Military Regime. He was indoctrinated as a Second Lieutenant, with a long ladder to scale to reach the top. Having an opportunity to prove himself to Plagueis, he aided in the Taking of Si’Tilk in a massive way, vaulting him from Second Lieutenant 0-1, to Lieutenant Colonel 0-5.


36 ABY - Present

Beyond the Horizons

36 ABY

The onslaught of fighting that brought Plagueis into unison with Arcona yielded an interesting change for the Templar.

With the conclusion of the fighting, Jaek had found himself abandoned by none other than his former mentor, Kal Vorrac. The Templar had found himself alone, facing multiple enemies when he fell into the company of Arconans who were in the process of fleeing as well. Upon persuading him to leave; Jaek subsequently found himself diving in front of a thermal detonator to save one of the very Arconans he’d just met. Fet'ai'narun.

House Galeres

36 ABY - Present

The Templar was moved into the Galeres house, underneath two of his former peers from Plagueis, Cethgus and Sanguinius_Tsucyra. The Obelisk was instantly put to work, working to rebuild the mainframe of communication that interlaced and housed the Arcona’s entire holonet. That being said, the Dark Jedi also came upon his apprentice, K’tana, within his travels. Having focused on training her and repairing the holonet, the Templar had began to find himself rather busy not long after joining the Clan.

Dark Forge

36 ABY - Present

Jaek was inducted into the Dark Forge battleteam shortly after joining House Galeres, based on his skills as an Obelisk and his reputation as a saberist. It took a short amount of time for the Templar to make an impact, already crafting a Distinguished Service Designation for the outstanding members of Dark Forge who’d earned the merit.



36 ABY - Present

With the wounds suffered from the explosion of the thermal detonator, Jaek found himself under the care of this curious Chiss Journeyman. With the confusion of being abandoned and the subsequent care he found himself under within Arcona, he had little control over the feelings that began to develop for the woman.

Through events that could only be considered as fortuitous; the two Arconans began to see each other, secretly and away from the Brotherhoods prying eyes. Though Jaek had a sneaking suspicion that the Proconsul, Marick Arconae had an idea of what was going on

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Personality and Traits

Jaek is very combat oriented, taking the Obelisk order to an entirely new level. With a Militant mindset, he focuses on strategic and combative methods at all times when it comes to confrontation. He trains himself for hours on a daily basis, and his apprentice, K'tana, receives the same, if not harsher training. He believes that combat training serves as both discipline and preparation for future wars and incursions.

Lightsaber Training

Jaek is a seasoned Saberist; wielding an adept understanding of Makashi, Soresu and even the beginnings of Vaapad, the young saberist is limited only by himself.

Force Abilities

Although he holds a below average mastery of the force, Jaek tends to rely on it in tandem with his saber techniques, calling on it in small portions to propel him faster or jump higher. It is only another tool of destruction to him.

Positions Held

Preceded by:

Cethgus Kuga

Consul's Aide of Plagueis

30 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Taskmaster of Plagueis

34 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Sarak Shai

Aedile of Plagueis

34 - 35 ABY

Succeeded by:

Tra'an Reith

Preceded by:

Kal Vorrac

Quaestor of Plagueis

35 ABY - 35 ABY

Succeeded by:

Tra'an Reith

Preceded by:


Magistrate to the Seneschal

34 ABY

Succeeded by: