Prodigy of Plagueis

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Occasionally a member will truly go above and beyond the call of duty, creating a harmony that will lift them above their peers. This true harmony between latent skills will garner one great prestige, unprecedented in Clan history. This is nearly impossible, except to those who have the utmost dedication and activity in their efforts for the Clan.

These individuals fall into the same flow as former great Dark Jedi, and thereby their accordance to harmony will garner them the title of Prodigy of Plagueis. They will use their advanced skills to further their House, Clan and the Brotherhood as a whole. Amongst their normal duties they will collect another set: Protector of the Clan Summit. Not only will they be responsible for the safety of both Consul and Proconsul, but also the security of the Clan itself.

Members who join this elite group are Champions of the Clan and have earned their position through hard work and dedication. These are the assassins, scholars and taskmasters of the Clan. They are the highest moral authority amongst the regular members of the Clan and are much admired...

They are the Prodigies of Plagueis

The Prodigian Line