Keto's Vengeance

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Keto's Vengeance
General information

Julius Caesar


Commander Mograine


Gryffon Prison, Morroth

Historical information

14 ABY


17 ABY


19 ABY


23 ABY

Other information

House Satal Keto


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Keto's Vengeance was a battle team originally formed within Clan Satal Keto. During the Sixth Great Jedi War, the team suffered tremendous loss. They were further weakened during a conflict with the Crimson Tide in 17 ABY. Two years later, Keto's Vengeance was officially dissolved. However, in 23 ABY, former Tetrarch Gaius Julius Caesar reformed the battle team. Since then, Keto's Vengeance has had several leaders, all of whom have left a mark on the group.


Life and Death

Shortly after the secret society known as the Krath was founded by Satal Keto and his cousin Aleema Keto, Satal took it upon himself to create a personal force of Krath warriors who were strong in the Force. He named them "Vengeance of Keto" and began to tell them of his prophecies and goals. Unfortunately, before his soldiers were ready for battle, Keto was killed by Ulic Qel-Droma in a fierce lightsaber duel.

Without their leader, the group began to fragment. Eventually, only twelve of the original Krath warriors remained. Desiring a secret location from which to plan, they relocated to Morroth and established a base of operations. They continued to trained their bodies and minds and study the Force, hoping to become powerful enough to fulfill Keto's wishes and rule the galaxy. Before they could attempt any type of coup, however, the twelve warriors succumbed to a sudden outbreak of brainrot plague.

Discovery and Rebirth

Thousands of years later, a young explorer from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood stumbled across their secret base. Upon entering, the explorer discovered the skeletal remains of the original twelve Krath warriors. After examining the writings that the twelve had left behind, he returned to Clan Satal Keto with the information. The clan formed battle team "Keto's Vengeance" in memory of the dead warriors.


Work in progress


Work in progress

A change of leadership

Merely weeks before the Insurrection within Clan Plagueis, Fang Ao Tian stepped down as leader for the battleteam, and a natural choice for his successor was the dark jedi knight Mograine. There are none official records of the battleteam’s doings during the feud in the Clan, other than that they sided with their respective house –and Alaris Jinn di Plagia.

The scent of a coming conflict

Operation: Frostbite

While not being too much touched by the effects of the Feud, the battleteam would slightly start performing more delicate missions for the Clan (and especially, for the house) than before. They were regarded as the most elite Special Forces in the Clan, and would be sent of the most required missions of the military. Not too long after the House Feud, Jusadih Intelligence Division got the scent of some unknown activities going on the planet of Galidraan. Apparently, Clan Plagueis, House Satal Keto and numerous names were mentioned in an outgoing message from Kapsina to a bunker at Galidraan, which was currently being housed by an unknown number of mercenaries. The 10th Line Company of 2nd Line Regiment “Morroth’s Wind” was dispatched to the planet to neutralize the mercenary group and seize any intel they had. However, the company met heavy artillery fire when approaching the bunker, leading to the calling for battleteam Keto’s Vengeance. The battleteam was inserted to a mountain, of which the artillery had been traced to, to take out the artillery. The mission was carried out smoothly, and before destructing the artillery batteries, Mograine ordered them to fire at the enemy bunker, which until now alongside the mentioned artillery, had pinned down the dispatched Jusadih company. Although a number of men in with the 10th Line Company were killed, the mission was considered a military success, as they found intelligence that may have implied that the Jusadih Independence Coalition were behind the mercenary group, making Clan Plagueis ready for what was coming next.


Over the next couple of months, several terrorist attacks were carried out presumably by JIC terrorist cells, throughout the Clan’s planetary system. The battleteam would then start to liaise with the Jusadih Military’s counter-terrorism forces both in trainings and on missions, as preparation for when this imminent threat would escalate.




Mograine stands 6 feet tall, and is well-muscular built. He has mid-long brown hair, and when utilizing the dark side of the Force over longer periods, the irises of his eyes are changing color from natural blue to amber yellow. At most occasions Mograine wear his black dark jedi robe, but at certain occasions he tends to swap the robe for either his ceremonial uniform or military combat garments. Mograine believe in the philosophy of harnessing the Force as a tool for the greater good. He’d choose and act based out of the results of his actions, whatever the means would be, and he would deal with it without hesitation or consideration of the consequences just as long as it served the greater good. Though being an extremely loyal man and soldier, Mograine would often go against his orders if he felt that another way was the right one to make. He’s arrogant of his powers, and he dislikes injustice and disobedience. Ultimately, Mograine serves his own agenda to bring the galaxy into the peaceful harmony he’s always envisioned during the many wars he’s participated in.

Service History: - Coruscant Guard’s armored response unit - Imperial Intelligence (Special operative) - New Republic Intelligence Service/New Republic Special Force (Joint Task Force operative) - Clan Plagueis Intelligence/Jusadih Armed Forces Intelligence Division (Lieutenant 1st Class, Special Operative)-currently - Clan Plagueis battleteam “Keto’s Vengeance” (Battleteam Commander)-currently

Traits & Notable remarks:

Educated in Military Sociology and Tactical Military Theory at the Imperial Academy in Coruscant. Received ribbon-in-gold from the same academy during his training in both sharpshooting and urban warfare. During his many years in the service, Mograine has mastered and been educated in many notable areas such as: Planetary and Space Battle Command (PSBC), infiltration, assassination, interrogation, espionage, sniping, hand-to-hand combat, starfighter combat, reconnaissance, guerilla warfare in most environments, unconventional warfare & direct action. Adept in speaking an unknown number of languages, notably: Galactic Basic, Huttese, Bocce, Cheunh, and he is known to at least understand Droidspeak, High Galactic (after infiltration training in Intelligence Services), some Mando’a, Shyriiwook and Tusken.

Considered advanced in strategic planning, mostly after tactical education and his relations to certain factions within the Brotherhood. His IQ is counted up toward 180. Have an unknown number of contacts around the galaxy including within various force-sensitive groups as the Theran Listeners, Witches of Dathomir and Baran Do, mostly after his recent studying of force philosophy. Proven that he’s capable of taking a shot with a sniper rifle at over 3000 meters during a firing drill with Battleteam members and Jusadih soldiers. Veteran of at least two great conflicts: the Eighth and Ninth Great Jedi Wars, as well as an untold number of covert operations during his military service.


Necal is a tall, relatively thin, mostly grey Farghul. He tends to keep the hair on his head short so that it more or less matches the length of his fur. He has thin black stripes all through his fur. On his forehead the intermixing of gray and black forms an sideways eye; that is, what we would call the ends are on the top and bottom. Necal's eyes are yellow. Above all, Necal respects skill. Whether this is in combat or in a trade, it does not matter to him, though he does, of course, prefer it have something to do with combat. Necal has somewhat of a unique philosophy of the dark side; while he acknowledges that anger can give power, he also believes that if it is not carefully controlled, it will lead the force user to become a slave to their own emotions; and what use is power to a slave?

Necal was born on Farrfin, to a middle-class family. He got into crime at a young age, often acting as a curiour of information between a few of the lesser crime bosses. When he became an adult, he inherited his dads old smuggling ship, and began to run missions for himself. After about eight years, he received word his father had been in an accident. Believing his father to have been murdered, Necal made it his life mission to track down the one who did it.

After fifteen years of searching, Necal found the person who did it, and slowly tortured him to death. Once that was done, he didn't know what to do with himself; his mother had died a few years back, he wasn't suited anymore for the smugglers life, and his only purpose had been completed.

Deciding anything was better than this, he asked the opinion of his crew, most of which didn't have any real opinion, though his second in command, Sobek, suggested joining the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. Doing a bit of research, Necal found that he would prefer to join the 'rebels' who had left the fleet years ago. Necal spent the next five years searching, before he managed to find a member of Sistros Acquisitions and Holdings who, due to threats, admitted to hearing something about a force user while attempting to seduce her boss.

From this, Necal was able to find the brotherhood and join, where he was eventually accepted as the student of Kal Vorrac.

Zuser Whuloc

Name: Zuser Whuloc Gender: Male Species: Zabrak Skin color: Light brown, tan. Eye color: Purple Appearance: Height 5’8”, A little muscular, toned if anything.

Personality: Zuser is what one would call hyper at times. He can be calm, if he wants. He can also be serious when needed. Zuser is also smart in the technology area, usually in ships and occasionally homes. Zuser is also one who takes in every detail. He hates seeing friends in peril and he wants to help whenever he can.

Short summary story: Zuser knew he was different than his other siblings. He could do things that the others couldn’t. He was faster, more agile, seemed to move at fast speeds. Zuser once accidently almost threw his younger brother out the window with air. Another incident involved his older sister by one year almost getting hit by a flying trashcan One other incident involved his finger tips sparking whenever he was really angry. At a time in his early teens, after getting his facial markings and set out to join the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Zuser packed up a bag, said 'good bye’, and set out. A few standard months passed and Zuser joins up the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Zuser is a part of the Obelisk order now and he’s moving on up.

Vexer Thrace


Physical: One of the “pure” Arkanian breeds, Vexer has the typical traits of 4 digits on each hand and solid white eyes (i.e. without pupils). While Vexer’s hair is naturally white she dyes it a combination of black and red, and has done since her early teen years. At a height of 2 metres Vexer is abnormally tall for an Arkanian, and as a result most other “pure” Arkanians treat her with a degree of rudeness. Vexer makes the most of this abnormal height by maintaining a very fit and strong body. This feminine muscular build augments the unusualness of Vexer appearance.

Personality: Growing up on Arkania instilled in Vexer the typical arrogance of the species, however Vexers’ slightly different physical appearance often made her an outsider among her peers. The result of this was the development of a ‘silent rage’ within Vexer as she considered herself to be superior to those who called her different. Vexer often appears to be completely calm regardless of what is happening around her, but in an argument or fight the best term to describe Vexer is ‘a lit fuse’. Vexer dislikes pointless killing, and tries to suppress the urge to slaughter her opponents, but a persistent enemy will eventually ware down Vexers patience. This made for some, what Vexer considered, very interesting schoolyard bullying incidents. Vexer would contain the silent rage for as long as possible until it exploded out. The fear in the expressions of the other Arkanian young was something Vexer relished.

Skills: In combat Vexer has always preferred melee weapons to blasters or rifles. Enjoying the ‘up close kill’ led Vexer to use swords and spears, both of which she is very proficient with. Upon joining the Brotherhood Vexer continued to use these as her weapons of choice, adding a Lightsabre to her arsenal. Languages: Vexer is fluent in Arkanian, including the dialects of the various Offshoots, as well as Galactic Basic.

Base of Operations

Work in progress

Roll of Commanders

  1. 2/24/2006 to 5/20/2006: Gaius Julius Caesar
  2. 5/20/2006 to 9/27/2006: Rannik "Warhammer" Narius
  3. 9/27/2006 to 7/1/2008: CLOSED
  4. 7/2/2008 to 11/12/2008: Gaius Julius Caesar
  5. 11/12/2008 to 6/9/2009: Vivackus Kavon