Kael Fayne

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Kael Fayne
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:
  • 43 BBY
  • Spent 45 years in carbonite; Has only matured into his early thirties
Physical Description



1.89 m (6' 2" Ft)


88.45 kg (195 lbs)


White, Shoulder Length


White; No iris; Blind

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information
  • Diamond mine hand (Teen)
  • Cargo pilot (Teen)
  • Civil Security (Pre-Clone Wars)
  • Marine (Clone Wars)
  • School Teacher
  • Vigilante hero/Legate
  • Interrogator
  • Warden
  • Dark Jedi
Personal Ship:
Known masters:


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"Fearlessness in the one breeds fear into the many."
―Kael Fayne

Kael Fayne is an Obelisk Templar hailing from the Royal House of Scholae Palatinae. The archetypical Obelisk Paladin, Kael is a mixture of cunning intellect, obsessive-complusive training, and Imperial honor. Fayne currently lives on the Imperial Center of Judecca, where he teaches history to school children by day. By night, however, Kael assumes the role of the Legate, a symbol of Imperial power and might meant to inspire fear in the enemies of the Empire and pride in the Imperial citizenry.

Coming of age during the Clone Wars, Fayne made a name for himself in Republic militias as a brutally effective Marine before being dishonorably discharged by the Jedi Order for being too excessive in his interrogations of prisoners. As a history teacher on Arkania, Kael took upon himself a similar role as that of Legate in order to shut down gangsters who were corrupting his students. After his secret identity was revealed to his enemies, Kael was set up for murder and punished by involuntarily having his body donated to science.

Fayne was thus imprisoned in carbonite as a test subject for Arkanian Microtechnologies from 13 BBY to 32 ABY until he was freed by Clone War acquaintance Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae. Blinded during the imprisonment, Kael opted to join the Brotherhood to develop his abilities in the Force and to continue championing Imperial ideals.


The Early Years (48 BBY - 30 BBY)

Before There Was Kael

"If you're the wine, I'll be the glass."
―Soren Fayne, to his would be bride

Kael's parents, Soren and Alena Fayne, shared a love whose level of passion was only overshadowed by its simple implausibility. Alena, a Prophetess of the Darkside seeking to hide on Arkania from the Jedi Order after a botched espionage mission, met her future husband while working for his family's diamond mining company, Fayne Diamonds. Soren, the lone Fayne not in the diamond business, had made it on his own as a Doctor and a political activist after earning multiple doctorates in medicine, philosophy, and political science. As is so often the case, opposites began to attract as Alena let go of her darker ways to embrace the philosophy of peace that permeated Soren's life.

A Child is Born; A Mother is Taken

"He has your eyes."
―Alena Fayne, commenting on Kael's irisless eyes

After five years of marriage, Soren and Alena were happy to greet their one and only son into the universe in 43 BBY. Kael was a loveable and adventerous child, cleverly escaping his parent's watch from time to time to explore on his own. Tragedy struck, however, as Alena was murdered by a rogue Jedi who had discovered her past when Kael was only three. The attack happened as mother and child were on their way to preschool, leaving both fatally wounded. Alena used her last moments to selflessly heal her son through the Force before passing on herself.

The Surface of Arkania

Soren, after many hours of soul searching, forgave the Jedi for allowing the murder to happen, but cursed their representatives when they offered to rear Kael in the Force. Not willing to part with the child, Soren put his all into raising Kael, fearful that his esoteric and abstract mindset may prevent him from relating to the child. Nevertheless, the stern yet peaceful philosopher was surprised as Kael understood his attempts to break down complex ideas into simple parables. In like respect, Kael was also able to teach Soren what it was like to play.

Soren also found another means of connecting with his son: candy. The new father would travel far and wide, going out of his way to find exotic candies to bring back home whether he was traveling on Arkania or across the galaxy. Kael harbors a particular fondness for discovering new candies to this day.

From a Boy Into a Man (30 BBY - 22 BBY)

Those Awkward, Formidable Years

"Follow virtues, my son, not men."
―Soren Fayne, instructing his son

Entering into his teen years, Kael was turning out to be every bit his Father's logical intellectual and his Mother's adventerous rogue. The young man spent his carefree years working on and riding swoop bikes, playing electric mandolin and percussion in a couple bands, and even studying history and sharpening his mind playing Holochess . As well, to further develop his son's character and appreciation for hard work, Soren sent Kael to work in their family's diamond mines. Today, Kael credits these many hours of excavation and sifting for his physical toughness and endurance, as well as working on various equipment for his knack for fixing things.

Despite the youth's fun and mischevous nature, the death of his mother combined with other meaningless acts of violence perpetrated throughout the galaxy created in Kael a subconscious belief that the universe was nothing but chaos. Thus, if there was to be meaning and order, it would have to be established, not by accident, but by force. Though operating on a subconscious level, this belief drove Kael in many areas of his life, even to the point of becoming obsessive-compulsive over things under his control. However, the more he succeeded, the more the belief proved a virtue rather than a vice.

It was also during this period that Kael became attracted to his childhood friend, a thin hot-headed Zeltron named Sybella. While Sybella helped Kael have a more positive, less chaotic view of the universe, Kael defended Sybella against bullies who hurled immature, Zeltron related sexual insults. The two dated throughout their teens and beyond, rarely being seen apart from the other.

Waking to a Cruel Universe

"You don't want to fight me. You're already ugly enough."
―Kael Fayne, trying to pick a fight

After several years of working in the diamond mines, Kael's uncles offered the sixteen year old a job as a cargo pilot, stating that Kael had more good sense than all their transport jocks combined. Over his father's objections, Kael lept at the opportunity. Upon being hijacked by pirates on a solo mission to the outer rim, the young boy was forced to defend himself, using surprise and stealth to disable two of the pirates and killing the leader with his own blaster. This life or death situation further awakened Kael to the ugliness of the universe, driving him to train obsessively with various weapons to learn how to defend himself. In like respect, Kael also took to sneaking out to local catinas, picking fights with obstreperous scumbags in order to learn how to give and take a punch.

To Protect and to Serve

"Dad, I have to go my own way."
―Kael Fayne

As Kael left school with bachlor degrees in both History and Law, his father began to encourage him to become, of all things, a school teacher. Despite his deep voice and somewhat intimidating size, Kael had always been good with kids, never failing to find ways to make them laugh and learn at the same time much like his father had done with him. Sybella, on the other hand, wanted Kael to continue with Fayne Diamonds mainly for financial reasons.

Although he agreed with much of his father's philosophy and lifeview, Kael desired a more active approach to confronting wrong in the universe, and thus he enrolled in the local Civil Security Academy. Racing through the Academy's many courses, Kael soon became a local beat cop, where he served with honor for the next three years. The new cop soon became highly coveted for undercover missions and interrogations in particular.

Sybella, giving into the taunts of her childhood bullies, had by this time become a stripper at the local ski resort, arguing that the money she earned was more than she'd make anywhere else. Kael continued to live with her, hoping he could one day convince her to give up such a life. However, when Kael asked her to quit her job and marry him, she declined, saying she couldn't give up her nature and who she was meant to be. Kael responded that he no longer wanted to see her or watch her waste her life, and the two parted ways shortly thereafter.

Kael as Nissa Gábor

From a Man Into a Soldier (22 BBY - 19 BBY)

In the Presence of Greatness

"Youngling, you are barely half the man you could be."
―Arca Jeth

Kael's third year of service in Law Enforcement proved to be his most successful as he devoted himself to work as a distraction from his seperation from Sybella. As a further means of escape, Kael went undercover for most of the year as a gangster named Nissa Gábor. Kael became addicted to several illicit drugs in the process of keeping his cover, though he enjoyed the release they provided. While laying next to several hired escorts in drug induced euphoria, Kael had a vision of legendary Arkanian Jedi Arca Jeth. The mighty Jedi Master told Kael it was time to turn back from his current downward spiral least he fall too far.

A Galaxy at War

"If this war is worth fighting, then it is worth being fought by honorable men...not manufactured armies."
―Kael Fayne

A week after the supposed vision, the Battle of Geonosis finally plunged the galaxy into what became known as the Clone Wars. Like many in the Republic, Kael left all he had behind to join the war effort, not willing that his place on the battlefield be taken by a clone. Fearing he would be enlisted as a cook or something worse if he went to official Republic recruitment centers, Kael drifted from one militia group to the next for the first few months of the war. In that time, he learned a variety of skills, serving as a scout, engineer, and slicer among other roles. It was during this time that Kael came in contact with a group of Matukai who themselves chose not to fight with the Jedi Order. Sharing a common training regimen, Fayne learned much from these Force users, causing him to begin to open up to the mystical energy field for the first time as well.

Off the Bench; Into the Game

"Hey! Those are our blasters!"
―A wounded Clone Trooper lamenting Kael's borrowing of his blasters

Tiring of sitting on the relative sidelines, Kael's reputation among Militia leaders finally got him into the game during the Republic's planned liberation of Brentaal IV. With Republic approval, Kael went undercover inside the planet's main defense complex, where he sliced into the complex's security systems and helped clear the way for Republic troops.

During the post-victory mop up operation, Kael noticed some of the Confederate droids retreating whilst carrying about a rather large man, one the Arkanian had seen with an attractive white haired woman before his deployment to the planet. Fayne managed to track down the lady, who called herself Rielle, and after borrowing a pair of DC-15 Sidearms from some wounded troopers he helped locate the man and rescue him. The large man, a Shaevalian on closer inspection, introduced himself as Brodo and both he and Rielle thanked Kael for his assistance.

Kael during the Clone Wars

From Ship to Ship

"That one isn't going to last long."
―A Militia leader, watching Kael dodge blaster fire rather than seek cover

Kael's efforts on Brentaal IV earned him a place on the front lines of the Militia as a Marine, storming enemy ships in a hail of blasterfire to shut down self destruct systems and capture Confederate leaders. Such missions took nerves of durasteel as many of the self destructs were only seconds away from activation before being sliced and shut down. The twenty two year old enjoyed the change of pace, however, believing his skills as a gunslinger were finally being put to proper use, earning him the rank of Lieutenant with a platoon of 36 Marines under his direct command.

A Late Goodbye

"The Jedi, long content in using disposable clones to do their dirty work, are so blinded by their spotlight that they have no right to question my actions."
―Kael defending his treatment of prisoners.

However, as the Clone Wars drew near to their sudden end, the ever growing casualties and loss of life all around him drove Kael to take harsher measures in his interrogations of captured Confederates. Whatever means were necessary were employeed, from harsh beatings to pharmaceutical stimulants to withholding medical treatment after being shot at point blank range. Fayne, though not trained in the Force, also began to inadvertantly use such powers as Fear to get the answers he wanted. Some of his men questioned Kael's tactics in this regard, but none could argue with the results.

Although his intimidating reputation set many of the Confederates on edge, it earned the Republic a black eye in the press, which led to the Jedi Order requesting Kael's immediate dishonorable discharge. Many of Kael's men protested, appreciative that he would do whatever it took to protect them. Nevertheless, Kael packed his things and prepared to returned to Arkania until a private meeting with a representative of the COMPOR changed his mind. The agent said that the Commission still required men with his talents as an interrogator. Kael, disturbed that he was being asked to do the same job he'd just been discharged over, said he would only serve until the War was over, which he did.

From a Soldier Into a Hero (19 BBY - 16 BBY)

Starting Over From the Beginning

"How many of you know that the Clone Wars were started all because a Jedi chose to trespass in one of the Confederate's droid factories?"
―Kael teaching recent history to his students

With the Clone Wars over and the New Order in the process of being established, many of Kael's contacts within the military offered him positions in various stormtrooper squadrons. Fayne declined, desiring a quieter life on the one hand and believing he could do more good on the local level on the other. Even after his offered payment was doubled, the Arkanian began the long trip home.

Rather than return to his position within Civil Security, however, the former Marine followed his father's advice and became a school teacher, teaching history and other subjects to the youth of Adascopolis, Arkania's crime-ridden capital city. Although not nearly as prestigious as his career in the military, Kael found sincere joy in helping the children learn and develop into young adults. Kael was also able to use his free time to finally earn his doctrates in History and Law, both of his theses being in defense of the New Order and its constitution.

Someone to Look Up to

"Alright, children, you can go back to telling stories about "the Gavel" later. "
―Kael gathering his student's attention

While traveling home one day from work, Kael noticed a familiar face on the corner of one of Adascopolis' less reputible neighborhoods: Sybella. The Zeltron's once youthful appearance was now aged beyond her years and sickly as she admitted she had been addicted to various narcotics for the last three or so years. Because she had no where else to stay, Kael offered to take her in and help rehabilitate her.

When it was revealed to Kael that some of his own students were being used to traffic some of their narcotics and dirty money, the former Marine decided to take matters into his own hands. Assuming his old undercover identity as Nissa Gábor, Kael was able to learn the inside and outs of the main organized crime syndicate. Then, wearing an expressionless grey helmet, the history teacher began to stalk the various street gangs, striking fear into their hearts using the same darker Force powers he had developed during the Clone Wars.

It was not long before news reports were released telling of how local gangs were running scared of some faceless vigilante capable of fighting off a dozen men with nothing but his fists. Although a little exaggerated, such reports kept many gangsters from operating out in the open, and the movement of narcotics was halted. Kael took no glory in the reports, but his heart was warmed when his students would excitedly tell stories about the "Greyman", or "The Snare", or Kael's favorite:"The Gavel".

Sybella before becoming addicted to various narcotics

From a Hero Into a Dark Jedi (16 BBY - 32 ABY)

You Can't Blame a Guy For Trying

"I may be guilty of many things, but not this."
―Kael defending himself while on trial

For the next two years Kael lived without a full night's sleep, continuing to teach history during the day and either playing the role of Nissa Gábor or masked vigilante at night. In order to keep up with the physical abuse, Kael had to take large amounts of painkillers, but he felt the good he was doing was worth it. Sybella's addictions, however, were not as easily cured as Kael had to retrieve her from the same darker districts of town on a number of occasions.

On one particular night, however, Sybella made the mistake of revealing Kael's identity as the vigilante hero to a low level gangster during a drug-induced stupor. However, instead of killing their enemy outright, the gangsters called Nissa Gábor to a meeting in a run down hotel. Kael entered the room to the sound of a lone blaster shot only to find Sybella's dead body in the bedroom. Several Civil Security officiers, all on the take, soon stormed the hotel room and arrested "Nissa Gábor".

With the help of several high ranking and corrupt political officials, the cartel was able to keep Kael far from the public eye during the rather private trial. To what public cared, it was just a case of a degenerate gangster snuffing out a prostitute rather than paying her outright. Kael's court appointed lawyer accepted a plea bargain without his client's knowledge, sentencing the school teacher turned vigilante to life without parole. "Kael Fayne" was reported missing by his friends and family a day later.

A Hall of Mirrors Built by Liars

"In this hall of mirrors, built by liars, I am a pale reflection of myself."
―A lyric Kael often repeated to himself while in prison

Entering the city of Adascopolis' maximum security prison, Fayne was greeted by an endless horde of low level gangsters, many he himself had put away. For the next two years, Kael suffered beating after beating, always outnumbered to the point where he couldn't defend himself. Eventually, some of the gangster's bodies were found, one here and one there, each one either strangled or blugeoned to death in private areas of the prison complex. Though no evidence was found, the Warden decided the best course of action was to "donate" Kael's body to science in order to get rid of him. Not another corpse was found thereafter.

Fayne was thus handed over to Arkanian Microtechnologies, a medical supply and technology corporation that dabbled in a variety of interesting areas, including cloning. Because of the dangerous nature of the prisoner, scientists from Arkanian Micro chose to utilize Kael's body to test carbon freezing techniques and their applications for suspending the sickly in animation until cures could be found.

Kael's first freezing

Encased in Ice; The Seeing Blind

"It feels like I'm dying...every time..."
―Kael, reporting on how it feels to be frozen in carbonite

Lasting for 45 years from 13 BBY to 32 ABY, Kael was frozen in carbonite while said scientists studied the results, letting the innocent victim out once a year for a week's worth of evaluations. During these short periods Kael learned what little he could about the outside universe, and soon became attracted to a human research assistant named Sala. The feeling proved mutual as Sala began to look forward to evaluating her favorite patient, often bringing him candy after learning about his childhood affection for it.

Even though he was unwilling to talk about it at first, Sala finally managed to get Kael to discuss with her the reason for his imprisonment after the two shared a secret night of passion during Kael's eleventh year of imprisonment. Sala, like most people, had heard of the masked vigilante and had wondered of his sudden disappearance. Afterwards, she offered to help the innocent victim escape, but Kael did not want any harm to come to her and made her promise not to do anything.

Nevertheless, years and years of being thawed out and refrozen caused Kael's vision to finally stop returning to him, making him more desperate to do something before his physical situation grew worse. His blindness, however, helped to awaken in him a new sense that had been buried deep in his subconscious: the Force. What had only aided him slightly during gunfights and interrogations now came to the fore as the blind man found new eyes with which he could "sense" his surroundings. Kael chose to keep this knowledge to himself, hoping to use it to surprise his captors and escape in time.

A Sith Never Forgets a Friend

"Now we are even."
Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae

Fortunately for the now-blind test subject, Sala proved stubborn and broke her promise as she neared retirement at the age of seventy. Having learned about him from listening to Kael's stories, Sala sought out the one called Brodo, enlisting him to help Fayne escape. Remembering how strong the Force felt around the Arkanian and believing he owed him as much, Brodo, now known as Archangel, agreed to help. He was surprised, however, at the degree of savagery the patient exhibited on his captors once he was freed, remembering him only as a calm and collected scout. After the two were in the clear, Archangel made known to Kael his place within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and how they could use someone with his abilities. Kael thanked the Shaevalian for his help, requesting a way to contact the Brotherhood once he had made his decision.

Kael spent only a month more on Arkania, checking in on his family and their business under an assumed alias to make sure all was well. Perhaps one of the most devastating of discoveries was also one of the most expected: Kael's father, Soren, had passed away while his son was in prison. The happiness of being free soon gave way to remorse as Kael reflected on the fact that his father never knew what had happened to him. However, subtle questions to his family revealed how highly Soren had spoken of and rememberd his son. The final and greatest comfort was knowing Soren had lived to see his life's work, pushing for Arkanian independence, had become reality in part as Arkania had refused to join the New Republic.

Fayne also visited a memorial made in honor of the vigilante hero he had once been. Lastly, he managed to find where Sala had retired in secret, only sending her a bouqet of flowers, under his alias, to say thanks. Once he was ready, Fayne broke into the garage that had impounded his Imperial ARC-170, called "The Latter Rain," and embarked towards Brotherhood space.

The Brotherhood (32 ABY - Present Day)

The Shadow Academy and Scholae Palatinae (INI-PRT)

Clan Scholae Palatinae

"Master Fayne, I can continue reading, but really, the others have already gone to bed!"
―One of the Shadow Academy's C-3PO units

Upon passing the initial tests regarding Force potential given to all recruits, Kael was soon granted the rank of Initiate and transferred aboard the Arcanum, the mobile home and flagship of the Shadow Academy. Fayne instantly felt at home as familiar sounds, namely the rhythmic marching of combat boots, flooded his senses with memories of the Clone Wars. Although many regarded him at a disadvantage because of his blindness, Kael's intrinsic obsession with studying and training led him to stand out amongst his peers. Each lesson in the Force opened more the blind Initiate’s "new eyes", creating in him a further thirst for more. Such a devotion to his own personal training naturally led the new Initiate to embrace the Obelisk Order.

Kael's eagerness soon impressed many, leading him to be promoted to the rank of Apprentice and granting him the ability to join a Clan. It was not long before Emperor Thran Occasus, Consul and leader of then Royal Clan of Scholae Palatinae, visited the Academy in search of new Prospects for his Empire. Having studied the Arkanian's history before approaching him, Thran presented a convincing case that Kael would fit in perfectly within the Empire. As icing on the cake, Thran also told Kael there was candy inside his personal shuttle for all new recruits. Not unsurprisingly, Kael was sold.

Arriving on then House Dorimad Sol's base planet of Caina, the new Jedi Prospect felt as though he had returned home as the icy breeze reminded him of Arkania. Fayne had spent the trip studying the Royal Clan, being confirmed in his decision as he learned more how Scholae Palatinae retained much of Imperial traditions.

Having become accustomed to being blind and relying on his other senses, Kael once more began to pick up his blasters and resumed combat training, finding even greater efficiency than when he could see the more he augmented the Force to his natural instincts. Constant training as well as studying via remote in the Shadow Academy earned Kael several quick promotions, attracting the attention of Rasilvenaira StormRaven, the Duchess of Scholae Palatinae. Having heard of the Duchess' reputation within the Clan, Kael was pleased to accept her proposal of Apprenticeship.

The Anteian Cross awarded to Kael Fayne

RoS: Spoils of War (PRT-GRD)

"During Wartime, men and women of valour have historically turned into heroes. "
Muz Ashen

As Kael attained to the rank of Protector, the news of a Rite of Supremacy being declared on Salas V immediately interrupted his training. Not quite sure of the significance of the event, the Arkanian suddenly found himself on a foreign war zone fighting with the 33rd Legion, better known as the Crimson Knights. The initial battles were fierce and merciless, as incompetence led to countless, unnecessary deaths. Having endeared himself to many who had fallen, Kael refused to fight under the unit's Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Thilvera. Upon being confronted with charges of treason, Fayne challenged the pompous Commander to a duel, which led to the Protector slaying Thilvera and taking her place. Fearful of possible reprisals, Kael ordered his troops not to report to Clan or House leadership on the matter, saying he would do so when the time was right. The Arkanian's respect among the common soldier led each to keep this charge.

Even though his only tactical training had been through studying history, Kael's common sense and Clone War experience allowed him to be a reliable Commander. The Crimson Knights won several battles under his command, including handing two crushing defeats to the forces of Clan Plagueis. Nearing the end of the conflict, the 33rd Legion was specifically called in for cavalry support by Clan leadership on the behalf of two other legions who were engaged against Clan Plagueis. Although the Crimson Knights managed to cover many of the retreating forces, Kael was struck in the chest by a random blaster bolt, taking him out of the battle for the time being. After immediate medical treatment, Commander Fayne returned to the battle field. This act, considered a Trial of the Flesh, further cemented the young man's trust among the Legions, and earned the Protector a field promotion to Guardian.

To Kill an Emperor (GRD-JH)

Thran Occasus; Emperor, Underwear Model, and Assassination Target

"Surprised? I always use a double when I know that woman is in town. And do you know how much effort goes into finding a double that looks this good?"
Thran Occasus, revealing who Kael had actually killed

As the combat forces of Clan Scholae Palatinae left Salas V for the Cocytus System, the revelation of Kael's usurpation and subsequent heroics was made to Clan leadership. Kael, expecting to be disciplined or killed outright, was awarded an Anteian Cross by the Royal Clan along with several other accolades from the Dark Council, including the title of Champion of the Rite. Although glad to make it out alive, the newly promoted Guardian was left hollow by how many had died just so his Clan could finish next to last. His master, as well, became withdrawn after the conflict and Kael was left to study many weeks by himself.

When Ras finally reestablished contact with Kael, she came to him with an offer that peaked his interest. Much of the blame for the disaster on Salas V was quietly being laid at the feet of Scholae Palatinae's playboy Consul and Emperor, Thran Occasus. Ras' clever plan was for her apprentice to sneak past the Imperial Palace's security, which was lax after the Rite, and place a pressure-triggered bomb under the Consuls' favorite pleasure bed. Ras, knowing well the kind of women Thran liked to entertain, would then hire two prostitutes to lure the Consul back to the Palace for a night that would be of want for sleep. The plan seemed to have succeeded while Kael watched from afar as an explosion sent the Palace's white walls in chunks toward the heavens. However, as Kael retreated to his speeder, Occasus was waiting for him, revealing that he had used a double that night. After beating the Guardian mercilessly for several moments, Thran finally relented, stating that Jedi with such potential as Kael's would be necessary to rebuild the Royal Clan's reputation.

Ironically, the event would later be used to recommend Kael's promotion to the rank of Jedi Hunter. Even more ironic, Thran and Kael, who are rather polar opposites of one another, are now friends.

Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae, with whom Kael explored the Cocytus System

Expanding the Empire (JH)

"For a blind man, these reconnaissance reports are quite good."
Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae

Worried that Ras' lack of attention may waste one of her Jedi's potential, Quaestor Robin Hawk soon sought out Kael as an apprentice of her own. Even though he had essentially made it to Jedi Hunter by himself, Kael could not resist the temptation to use his Quaestor's influence to better his chances of passing his final trials. Ironically, this out of character lack of self dependence would eventually cost Kael the very thing he wanted to ensure.

Nevertheless, Kael started quickly on his last trials, readily accepting a scounting mission from Brent Ligur Victae to further catalog information concerning the Cocytus System, the Home of the Empire. The pair began first by scouting a few planets together, allowing Kael to learn much from the much more experienced Jedi before they seperated. Although a few of the local moons Kael visited by himself were friendly, most proved dangerous, testing the Jedi Hunter's mettle with numberous Trials of Courage. Kael's resolve, however, allowed him to bring back extensive reports concerning several moons, including Gressil, Sereia, Barbatos, Astaroth, and Vetis.

For his help, Brent used his influence to put in a good word for Kael with Brotherhood Leadership, who appointed him Head Warden of the yet to be built Kavinn Maximum Security Prison on Zepar_II, one of the moons the two men had reconned together.

Impressed with Kael's continual growth, the venerable Angelo Dante became interested in the Jedi Hunter, offering to spar with him to develop his saber abilities. Kael was honored by such an offer, but was unwilling to admit the truth that he had yet to construct his own saber as he had grown so attached to his pistols. After postponing their sparing sessions, Kael spent the entire next month collecting various parts for his hilt, choosing a blue Adegan crystal combined with the more common Nova as the focusing crystals.

Kael's obsessive-compulsive attention to detail, however, led him to produce nearly a dozen hilts, each with a small inferiority that caused the Arkanian to start over. The end result was a weapon of utmost craftsmanship, distinguished not by its outer apperance but by its supremely efficient circuitry and its ability to take abuse and still function, much like its owner.

A New Knight

A New Knight (JH-DJK)

"I used to think of myself as a one man wolf pack, but then Kael came along...And I thought, wait...Could it be? I knew Kael was one of my own...So, my wolf pack grew by one. So there... there were two of us in the wolf pack... I was alone first in the pack, and then Kael joined in later."
Emperor Thran Occasus during Kael's knighting ceremony

Desiring to make his name known amongst the Brotherhood, Kael answered the call that had gone out from the Combat Master of the Antei Combat Centre requesting all Journeymen who wanted to prove themselves to take part in a grand tournament. Kael knew this would be seen as a Trial of Skill, and could be the final step in his quest for Knighthood. Packing up his pistols and his newly crafted hilt, Fayne promised his fellow Palatinaens victory before departing.

Beginning with 18 combatants, the Journeyman Tournament proved to be every bit of the trial the Combat Master had promised. Kael passed through the first round with relative ease, only meeting significant resistance as the second round pitted him against two fighters at the same time. The Arkanian escaped round two with more cuts and bruises than he could count, entering into the final round proud but hurting. The Trial of Skill soon gave way to a Trial of Spirit as Kael faced his last two opponents, one of which was already a Dark Jedi Knight. Nevertheless, Fayne's unbreakable resolve and shear cunning allowed him to win the day, bestowing glory upon his Clan and earning him the rank of Knight.

One Last Trial (DJK)

"Alright, I've heard enough..."
Angelo Dante seconds before attacking Kael

Shortly after Kael was appointed to the rank of Knight, his formal Master and Quaestor began to show signs of dementia that comes with the uncontrolled corruption of the dark side. After many weeks of quarreling irrationally with various leaders both within Scholae and the Dark Council, Robin fled for another Clan, taking many of her Apprentices with her. Her departure did not provide any relief from the corruption, and it was not long before she was banished from the Brotherhood altogether. Understandably, doubts arose around Kael as to whether he was under the influence of the same corruption and would turn on the Empire himself. Worse, many outright questioned whether he was worthy of the title Knight at all.

In order to save face before the Dark Council, a trial was convened by the leadership of Scholae Palatinae to decide the matter of the Arkanian's Knighthood. Arguments were made for both sides by the appointed lawyers, though the need to appease the anger of the Brotherhood made demotion all but inevitable. Angered by the situation, Angelo Dante disrupted the proceedings by attacking Kael, forcing Fayne to defend himself with a lightsaber before the audience. After an intense though brief battle, the blind Knight was bested and disarmed of his blade. Nevertheless, the exchange clearly displayed to those familiar with Robin that Kael's heritage in the Force was traced not to her, but rather to Dante and Archangel, and thus his Knighthood was sustained.

Angelo Palpatine Dante; Kael's foremost lightsaber instructor

Aedileship (DJK)

"Always remember your honorable opponents and what you learned from the battle..."
Angelo Dante

After a changing of the guard within Dorimad Sol, Kael's master was replaced at the position of Quaestor by Angelo Dante. An Imperial's Imperial, Dante was highly respected by the Arkanian Knight already, and Kael continued to seek out the new Quaestor both for general mentorship as well as advanced lightsaber training. The fellow Obelisk more than obliged, choosing to appoint Kael to the position Aedile of Dorimad Sol.

Kael immediately began to see fruits from the mentorship, learning much about leadership and command from the former stormtrooper. Dante, a master of Soresu, also imparted his intimate knowledge of Form III to his minion, training him in hours of intense lightsaber combat.

As the two Obelisks began to put their house in order, the Spring Games: Feast of Victory were announced. The Games, which pitted Dorimad Sol against its sister House Acclivis Draco, were to be an inner-clan celebration of Scholae's recent successes against the terrorist group "The Cause". The seasonal games themselves featured contests of skill and bravery to determine who would be the first House of the Royal Clan as well as the individual Champions of the Clan. The new Aedile saw the games as a way to establish himself and to lead by example. Dorimad Sol dominated the games, with Kael being the lead point man of the Feast. Of the nine games, Kael won first place in five of them, earning four Crescents with Amethsyt Stars, two with Emerald Stars, one with Sapphire Stars, and his first Steel Cross.

However, shortly after the Spring Games, Grand Master Muz and the Dark Council announced that all Clans would be reconstituted into Houses due to dwindling numbers within the Brotherhood. Thus, all current Quaestors and Aediles were relieved of their commands with Consuls and Proconsuls taking their place. Nevertheless, Kael found a home within the Nightstalkers battle team, a legendary unit resurrected by his former Quaestor, Angelo Dante.

RoS: Disorder (DJK)

"What blade divides like that of a brother?"
―Kael Fayne

While all of the Brotherhood’s Clans were still wondering as to why they were no longer Clans at all, further discord was sown as the current Fist, himself a Sith, put forward plans to take back the Temple Boyna on Antei, a place sacred to the Obelisk. The Krath, likewise, proved untrustworthy by hording for themselves secret holocrons that could upset the balance between the three Orders. Vowing to defend the site against Sith intrusion, Obelisks Korras and Kir Katarn rallied their brethren to the Temple as the other two Orders came to make war.

The lack of cohesiveness and balance often found in multi-Order Clans and Houses caused great difficulty in the onset of the war, requiring each warrior to “cross-train” in order to make up for their Order’s shortcomings. As a surprise to many including himself, Kael’s blindness did not hinder him from out-flying many of the Sith invaders who soon found themselves free falling to the planet's surface.

Space superiority, however, was eventually lost as the Obelisk retreated to their position of strength on the ground, where Fayne’s developing swordsmanship was on full display as well. With the battle brought down to their level, the Obelisk were able to push back both the Sith as well as the Krath, winning victory after victory. Before the War could reach its natural conclusion, however, it was revealed that the Jedi traitor Michael Halcyon had been the cause of dissension amongst the Brotherhood, manipulating the three orders against each other from afar.

Despite the fact that the entire war had been a grand distraction, Fayne received many accolades for his impressive feats, including his first Grand Cross of the Dark Side.

The Legate

The Rise of the Legate (DJK-OT)

"You really hate these guys, don’t you?...Well, we have little to fear from the Cause now. The Legate has delievered our message."

Even as Scholae Palatinae was in the midst of transitioning from fighting each other to working together, the anti-Imperial terrorist organization known as “The Cause” seized the moment to launch a coup against the Empire. Dedicated to the law and order of the Empire, Kael held little respect for the group’s beliefs and actions. Anarchy, Kael thought, was the easy route chosen only by the immature, while it took adults with courage to take the harder path of leadership and order.

No longer being able to stand the sight of the terrorist attacks on the local holonet feeds, Kael came to the conclusion that it was time for the Cause to feel the fear they had inflicted on others. After shaving his head and donning a set of prototype stormtrooper armor in one of Scholae's armories, Kael finally found the mantle of fear he was looking for: the Legate. Meant to be a icon of Imperial ideals that would inspire the citizenry against the terrorists, the Legate's intimidating profile soon replaced images of chaotic fires on local holonet feeds as the new Hero began to scatter the Cause. Under his new guise, Kael was able to capture or kill several of the terrorist leaders and bring them to justice, including the Cause’s head intelligence officier, military trainer, and most importantly their leader, Desol Nera. Instead of having the Cause leaders executed, Kael managed to talk Scholae leadership into sending them to Kavinn Maximum Security Prison so he could ensure that their punishments fit their crimes.

The new Imperial Icon's efforts earned him a number of awards, including an Anteian Cross. Most importantly, Kael finally managed to escape the ranks of the Journeymen as he was elevated to the rank of Obelisk Templar.

Geared up for War

Great Jedi War IX(OT)

Shortly after the events of the Neutralization of the Cause, Kael was awarded with some much deserved time off. Having rarely taken many vacations in his life, Fayne decided to take this one, traveling to a few vacation spots in the Outer Rim. Upon returning to the Empire still in a drunken state, Kael was greeted by a military gearing up for large scale warfare. It was then the revelation was made that Kael's mentor and friend, Angelo Dante, had been killed while on a mission with the Fist. The emotional drunk wept in response before angrily lashing out against strangers in the middle of the Imperial Palace.

Although deemed psychological unfit for battle, Kael forged his medical release form and joined the Empire for its assualt on New Tython. Refusing to take a command himself, Kael fought alone on the Jedi held planet, sneaking past enemy lines and causing havoc where he could. However, when the Mandalorian cavalry arrived, the Templar decided to team up with felllow Obelisk Koga Kage to infiltrate to new arrival's ranks. The pair managed to cause plenty of "friendly fire" incidents before stealing a Canderous tank and plowing through one of the Mandos last lines of reinforcements.

Outside of the numerous novae he received, Kael was also awarded with his second Steel Cross for his service.

The Dragon of Judecca

The Dragon of Judecca (OT)

The first winter on Judecca after the Great Jedi War saw yet another round of Imperial Games. Despite Kael's impressive performance, his other self, the Legate, managed to upstage him once more. During the mid-games intermission, which featured a dance number by the Legionettes, a small number of Cause terrorists holdovers stormed the field and held the girls hostage. Within moments, the white armored Hero arrived as though on cue and rescued the girls, celebrating with them in a dance number of his own.

Although a rather happy occasion, Kael began to feel different while wearing the Legate armor. The sensation of utter invincibility was lost, and the Arkanian knew something was wrong. In researching the origins of the armor, a vague reference to the forbidden plateau of Dragon's Point was discovered in the original crafter's notes. Kael's quest for answers drove him to venture out, forgoing the proper channels to gain admittance to the landmark which he knew he would not receive.

Upon standing in front of a rather impressive Dragon statue, Kael fainted, awakening by his body in a spectral dimension that occupied the same space as Dragon's Point. The Arkanian was not alone, however, as he was greeted by an ancient Dragon who had been sent to this seemingly timeless realm by the ancient natives of Judecca who could find no other way to defeat the mighty beast. The Dragon attacked Kael, and although the former always bested the latter, Kael's death provided no escape for either of the two.

From Kael's perspective, countless years had passed fighting in vain. Eventually, however, the Dragon became impressed with Kael's quiet relentlessness, and began to respect the humanoid enough to speak with him. In this conversation, the Dragon revealed that the ancients of Judecca could make armor like the Legate's, but that it was only a derivative form of magic stolen from the dragons. True invincibility came from a strength of spirit, which according to the Dragon Kael already had.

Now battling under the beast's tutelage, Kael was finally able to best the Dragon, causing both to be freed from their imprisonment. However, as the Dragon's body had long since faded away, his spirit found no home. Nevertheless, his spirit was soon welcomed into Kael's frame as the two spirits became fused into one new person.

Present Day (OT)

Currently, Kael Fayne is attached to the Nightstalkers under the command of Kell Dante, the son of Angelo Dante. Although his many other jobs often pull him away from Judecca, Kael still spends every available night under the helmet of the Legate, stalking those who would dare challenge the rule of the Empire.

Personality and Traits

"I am an agent of Order."
―Kael Fayne

Kael is at his heart a warrior-sage, or Paladin, being every bit his father's logical intellectual and his mother's adventerous rogue. Crafty and relentless, Fayne can prove to be a very aggravating foe but a very dependable ally.

Unlike his father, however, Kael is an authoritarian who is devoted to many of the beliefs and ideals of the New Order as it was best represented by men like Grand Admiral Thrawn. Honor, duty, and order are the foremost virtues which Kael has sought to uphold as he ventures forth across the galaxy.

Ever since childhood, Fayne has had a problem with being obsessive and compulsive, driving him to settle only for perfection. Although such a drive has its own virtues, sometimes Kael is obsessive to a fault. Not unrelated, Kael is also very self-reliant, often choosing to stubbornly do things on his own than depend on others. In many ways this is do to a lack in his ability to trust others. Some believe this is why Kael has chosen to adopt the mantle of the Legate. Kael is, however, unquestionably loyal to those he does trust.

In terms of speech, it has been said on more than one occasion that Kael has only two modes: wise, and wise-ass.

Powers and Abilities

Fayne in his element

"He endures like he is obeying a simple command."
―Angelo Dante, referring to Kael's ability to take abuse

From his earliest days of target practice as a teen, Kael has foremost been known as a brash gunslinger, often dueling with two blasters instead of one. Entering into the Clone Wars, Kael learned how to use various rifles, but stubbornly kept to his pair of DC-15 Sidearms. Aided subconsciously by the Force, the Arkanian managed to survive many battles he shouldn't have, being proud of his ability to thread the needle of blaster fire and keep pushing forward.

Having trained alongside the Grand Army of the Republic, Kael learned Jakelian from some of the best instructors in the galaxy, remaining devoted to it to this day. Nevertheless, Kael does retreat to undisciplined brawling from time to time in an attempt to intimidate his opponent by showing he can't be hurt easily. Some go as far as to say Kael is more proud of being able to take a beating and survive than to dish out a beating and win. Though laughing at such a charge, Kael has never denied it.

Even though he was initially uncomfortable using a bladed weapon and especially one attached to the Jedi Order, the gunslinger soon learned to appreciate the Knightly nature of lightsaber combat. Under the tutelage of the late Angelo Dante, Kael has taken a particular interest in mastering the defensive form of Soresu.

In regards to his Jedi powers, Kael primarily uses his supernatural abilities to augment his natural ones rather than relying solely on the Force. He does, however, have a particular knack for utilizing such powers as Fear, Horror and Drain Will to intimidate his enemies, especially during interrogations.

Other than his combat abilities, Kael is also a decent engineer, capable slicer, and even a fair pilot. He cannot, however, cook or clean.

View of the Force

"There will be no Order unless we are it."
―Kael Fayne

In his studies, Kael has noticed what he believes is an underlying contradiction in the way the Jedi view the Force and how it functions in their lives. Although their formal teachings would not impute to the Force personhood, the Jedi act otherwise. For example, they seek to "serve" the Force. Likewise, they desire to follow the Force's "will," which they see as an active, intelligent guiding principle that controls the events of the universe.

On the contrary, Kael feels he is more consistent in regards to the Force, believing it to be exactly what the Jedi say it is: an energy field that is created by all living things. Fayne believes "serving" the Force would be akin to serving a shield generator for the energy it provides around the ship. Likewise, it would be foolish to expect an energy field to bring about order and meaning in the universe. Thus, instead of being served, Fayne sees the Force as something to be used to bring about the order that is so lacking in a universe of relative chaos.

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CSP Oscar for Best Newcomer

Positions Held

Angelo Dante Aedile of House Dorimad Sol
33 ABY