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Production information

Khyron-class Star Destroyer

Technical specifications

1600 Meters

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 1

Navigation system:

Verpine Navigator SPS

  • 52 Heavy turbolasers
  • 64 turbolasers
  • 30 ion cannons
  • 8 turreted torpedo launchers
  • 8 tractor beam projectors

1 wing


11,000 crew; 352 gunners

Minimum crew:





10 months


Shadow Academy flagship


Shadow Academy

Known commander(s):

Belcan Rofir


27 ABY


30 ABY

Present for battles/event:
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"We are strangers to the galaxy. We teach strange things, the likes of which many in the galaxy can hardly fathom. I’ve named it the Arcanum."

Though the same length as the classic Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, the Arcanum is built to more modern specs, boasting more aggressive weapon arrays and stronger shields. Commissioned in 27 ABY for the Dark Brotherhood as part of Operation Tempest Bravo, the Arcanum served not only as the Shadow Academy flagship but also as a powerful asset to the Dark Council's fleet. It acted as the "mobile" Shadow Academy, and, true to its name, made frequent hyperspace jumps to avoid detection while the Brotherhood awaited its return to Antei. When the time to go home finally came, the Arcanum sailed with her fellow fleet, but came under heavy fire during the orbital battle between the Brotherhood and Jedi Master Omancor Crask, during which Captain Rofir was killed. Heavily damaged and empty of all crew, the Arcanum's last act was to jump to hyperspace straight into Crask's Star Destroyer, felling the ship while disappearing in a ball of fire.

Command Structure

The Headmaster, whenever present aboard the ship, is considered the final authority in all matters. However, the Headmaster will often let the ship’s commanding officer run it, while the Headmaster focuses on the Shadow Academy. In his absence, the praetor may assume this authority. Eclectic Pedagogues and Magistrates do not have command authority on board the ship unless they are designated officers. Even then, they must follow the chain of command. The first captain of the vessel was Dranik, but with the appointment of Aabsdu as Headmaster, this changed, and he appointed Belcan Rofir as captain, so as not to confuse command of the ship with normal Academy leaders.

The Arcanum is staffed with a large number of droids and very few living beings. Failed initiates are converted into crew members whenever possible, but this provides only a fraction of the needed manpower. As time goes on, the number will grow, but for now, the ship remains somewhat understaffed.

Support Craft

Designed with room for a full wing of fighters, as well as numerous shuttles to move people and materials to and from the mobile Academy. The Arcanum currently holds the following for defensive measures:

  • One squadron of E-wings
  • One squadron of TIE Advanced
  • One squadron of Defender Starfighters
  • Two squadrons of XJ-wings
  • One squadron of K-wings
  • Fourteen Lambda-class Shuttles

The two YV-330 transports, the Vidar and Vali, also remained with the Academy. Both are capable of docking with the Arcanum as well as landing in the hanger, and they are used for a myriad of purposes. The two corvettes Sirona and Corra were replaced by two Agave class picket ships, the Vespera and Azura. Due to the limited space in the hanger, there is little room for ships beyond what the Shadow Academy has. Thus, no new members are allowed personal craft on board, and only short-term returning members may land in the hangar. Thus, most of the craft is the possession of the Headmaster, Praetor, Magistrates, or the EPs.

The Shadow Academy

The final moments of the Arcanum.

After the Evacuation of Lyspair, the Shadow Academy was relocated to the Arcanum, though it remained the primary training facility for new members of the Brotherhood. The command structure of the Shadow Academy remained the same as on Lyspair, with the Headmaster holding overall authority. For the most part, the academy and military crews on board are kept separated, and rarely interact. While the same classes, and new ones, are offered, some have been adapted for the confined areas of the ship. Simulators and eight combat rooms have taken the place of practical courses, while lecture rooms are provided for the more academic ones. Only small living quarters are provided for the EPs and students, and few personal craft are allowed to remain on board, but rather transports must be taken from the Arcanum to select planets.

As only necessities could be evacuated, much of the Dark Vault had been digitized to save space. The higher security levels, including those that not even the Headmaster can access, are kept in an unmapped area of the ship. Extreme security measures are taken to ensure that unauthorized personnel do not break in.