Robin Hawk

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Robin Hawk by Shikyo Keibatsu
Robin Hawk
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Date of Death:

35 ABY

Physical Description







140 pounds


Dark red to black


Blue to aqua-green

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Shii Cho
  • Soresu
  • Djem So
Fighting Style(s):
  • Dulon
  • Broken Gate
  • Hapan
  • Knifist
  • Shock Boxing
  • Jeswandi
  • Shadow Fist
Chronology & Political Information

Tour Guide, Botanist, Marchioness and Judge

  • Herald Magistrate
  • HDS Quaestor


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"My rose I wish for you to taste. Its beauty masks the poison that hides inside."
―Robin Hawk, a warning to all male counterparts

Robin Hawk, sometimes called RH (for which she can only blame people for being lazy), or Hawkie (an invented nickname derived by Reiden, because of all the members he new having first joined the Dark Brotherhood, she did not have one). Please note: death upon all who speak it other then him.

Currently she holds the rank of Sith Battlemaster. Previously she held the unofficial rank of XO for the Blades of Chaos and currently is the Quaestor of House Dorimad Sol.

Her history before joining the Brotherhood was sad and lonely. She did most of her growing up on her own. The Human Kyataran wants to be strong, flexible and tough. Unlike the beautiful Twi'lek Impetus M'Nar Palpatine who dislikes war, preferring serenity and peace, and the one she has come to know quiet well. Robin Hawk likes the chance to get her hands dirty, especially with her love for botany.

Robin died in 35 ABY at the hands of Ashia Kagan Keibatsu.


Early Years

The event that changed everything - 7 ABY

"If I had not known at all, would I have still ended up the way I am."
―Robin Hawk, in reference to her parents, as she was being sent to the Brotherhood

Suwea Belifay was 9 years old when she found out that her parents and older brother weren’t who she thought they were.

One day she came home early from school and was going to go change out of her school clothes when she heard her parents arguing around the back of the house. She was good at sneaking up on her much attuned brother and tickling him to the ground, so sneaking up on her parents was not a problem. It also helped that her parents had a great arboretum that surrounded the house where they lived, so she could hide amongst the shrubbery.

As she approached them, her parents were talking about her as if she was not their daughter and talked about her "bloodlined" parents having a colourful past with the Dark Side. When she heard this it made her almost trip onto one of her favourite plants that she taken care of since old enough to do so. That fumble made her parents aware of her presence and came up on her just as she was collecting herself from the fall. They did not find her in tears but with a face full of shock. She managed to slip away from them and run into the forest then climb the highest tree her older brother and her always raced to. Well not her brother, as she would have thought.

She hid in the tree for a long time until her parents could get her brother who was away at school to show them the way. They were worried for her because being alone at night was not a good idea as there would be large creatures prowling for food.

It was getting dark and thought she heard her parents calling, which made her feel like they cared. When she got to the bottom of the tree, she found out that it was just the wind that was bellowing over some reads. This left a feeling of hatred in her and she started to get her more upset. As she was about to climb back up the tree a carnivorous Gojura got between her and the tree. She quickly looked around for another tree to climb but they were all too short. The large reptilian paced back and forth rubbing its forked tongue along its sharp teeth. As it was about to pounce she ducked into a near by bush but not in time to get scraped across her back by one of its talons. She screamed in pain.

Meanwhile her brother just got home and they just finished explaining what had happened when they heard the scream in the forest. They started to run into the woods after their son who knew the way. When they arrived at the tree, they found Suwea Belifay at the base of the tree with the Gojura lizard dead at her feet and her school’s decoration knife in her hand with the creature’s blood all over her and the knife

A teenager set out into the world - 13 ABY


After that day in the forest her “parents” and “brother” never looked at her the same way, treated her differently and were somewhat scared of what she had become. When she was old enough they sent her away to Inazawa were she became a tour guide. She did this for years before realizing that this was not what she was meant to do. She changed her name to Robin Hawk to provide some distance from her family.

While she was earning credits as a tour guide on Inazawa she had time to study and further her knowledge about plants and their special properties, stuff her parents would never dare teach her because of the malicious uses they can provide. After a tired day at work she would return to her cramped apartment and turn on the holonet then spend hours training herself and making her own little experiments. Everyday when she first woke up she would run to keep up her strength. Some days she would bring back a plant to study when she got home from work later on.

The discovery of a force user during the Yuuzhan Vong War - 25 ABY

While the rest of the Galaxy was being invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong, Robin Hawk was discovering more things she could do, that no other Human on Kyataru could do either, that she new of. One day when she was running through the nearby forest, knowing the route quite well, she began to day dream. Her thoughts drifted to the point when she was a little girl and found out that her adopted parents had told her of her background and who she came from. She thought that she was actually reliving that instant and so she climbed a tree just like she did as a child. When she sat down on the tree branch she then realized that it was a vision, as her face was wet and she did not cry that day back in the woods. As she awoke and wiped the tears from her face, she heard footsteps on the forest floor. A robed figure walked up and paused directly under the tree that she was on. The robed figure didn't look up at all but continued forward.

Dark Brotherhood Years

Robin Hawk joined the House Dorimad Sol of The Clan Scholae Palatinae under the direction of Braecen Kaeth and became an apprentice to Master Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven in 26 ABY, late in the year.

To this day, and although it reminds her a little of her “family”, she still grows and studies flowers and plants. As a hobby she is continually experimenting with plant fibres to find the right mixture that will allow her to create Synthskin armor. Through it she is starting to realize that a mixture of a vine like fibres and spider webbing would be ideal. Occasionally she goes exploring to different worlds and hopes to find spiders that have the strength and agility that is required for the Synthskin. Hoping to one day find the perfect specimen that might potentially have force ability. This will then enhance the skins abilities.

Reclamation - 26 ABY/27ABY

With the limited number of house members, House Dorimad Sol didn't fair to well and thus losing the war.

When the war ended, Robin Hawk had decided to do a little training and prepare herself for any future battle she may face. She met with Impetus M'Nar Palpatine a couple of times to tone her skills and had learned quite a lot from her.

After the War - 28 ABY (first half)

Early on, Robin had applied to her first ACC "training battle" and was very timid. It was necessary to qualify and attain the rank of Neophyte in order to complete her trials. Her first trainer was DA Sharad Taldrya Hett and was a very tough opponent. Unfortunately Robin failed and drowned in the swamps of Dagobah. Once revived it would take her quite some time before she had the will to face another battle.

Appointed Field Corpsman

Robin was assigned the position of Field Corpsman for the Banshee Brigade Battle Team. Her duties lay in healing [AH] her fellow troops in the heat of battle. She also uses her life long knowledge of plants that heal, thus making ointments and drugs, through her plants, to kill the pain. In most cases she doesn't recommend the use of pain killers, as pain makes you realize that you are alive.

Promotion to Guardian - 28 ABY (last half)

Robin was promoted to Guardian and was honoured with a War Banner. The symbol on the War Banner is of a hawk moving in with an attack on its prey, while the vine represents her passion for plants and flowers.

Houses go to War

Under the direction of Aedile Thran Occasus, House Dorimad Sol goes to war with House Caliburnus. Robin wasn't attuned to being at war with another family house. She couldn't believe that the very house that her Master Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven was Quaestor in was the house HDS was at war with. Her Master had placed bounties on many members of Dorimad Sol's heads. Slightly disturbing was that she also had placed one on Robin's head, with the intent to be taken alive.

Although apprehensive by the fact that she was fighting her friends and clans-men. Robin, conjoined with other members of her house and had followed orders. Do to unforeseen reasons Dakari Kaeth stepped down as Quaestor and Thran Occasus took his place, following right behind was his second in command, Aedile Prajna Berkana.

One thing she was asked to do was to catch or kill her own bounty. She couldn't outrightly kill anyone that she new ...yet, so she decided to capture Impetus M'Nar Palpatine, the newlywed, and gorgeous Twi'lek. The priestess' marriage to Eludajae "Lynx" M'Nar during an inter-clan war was quite a surprise for most but Robin found it the perfect opportunity to collect 'her' as a bounty.

The task would not be so easily achieved as Robin, herself, had quiet a big bounty on her head. She managed to escape Ptolomea knocked out and very dizzy. Having to use the transporters refresher multiple times and managing to puke from what was injected into her.

Appointed Provost of Air - 28 ABY

28 ABY Robin was appointed Provost of Air to the newly created elite battle team Blades of Chaos and was awarded the honorary sacred Pauldron of Dorimad Sol, which is formed from a rare alloy found only on Caina and the leathered hide of a Krayt Dragon which forms the next piece giving it extra strength and rigidity.

As well as receiving the honours of attaining the new title, Robin moved into an office next to the first in command of the Blades of Chaos, Cethgus Incendia.

Promotion to Jedi Hunter - 28 ABY (last half)

Robin was promoted to Jedi Hunter near the end of the little feud between House Dorimad Sol and House Caliburnus.

Independent Games - 28 ABY (last half)

During her time as “Provost of Air” for the Blades of Chaos and Executive Officer to Cethgus Incendia she had not had the chance to use her strengths and expertise until this war. She found herself often visiting the office of her Commanding Officer, working on strategies that would best use the team’s elite expertise.

At times when they were almost at each others throats and challenging each other on the procedures needed to win the war, Robin felt while she spoke, her Commanding officer was distracted and not by the wages of war. She occasionally would glimpse in his direction and notice his eyes were focused on her. At times although, she would catch herself saying things that would be considered flirting, and quickly brushed them aside. Remembering that he was married and officers, especially in the same battle team, should not be flirting.

Promotion to Dark Jedi Knight - 29 ABY (first half)

Moving her into the ranks of Clan Scholae Palatinae Titles of Nobility and earning herself the title of Baroness.

Uneasy Alliance Feud - 29 ABY (first half)

It was a cold and bitter day when Robin Hawk joined the ranks of the Blades of Chaos waiting for Commander Cethgus Incendia to relay their orders.

Given honor as Dark Paladin

Female Dark Paladin armor

Previously named Dark Paladin, Cethgus Incendia Zor-El betrayed Scholae Palatinae and left to join Plagueis, the Clans revile at the end of 29 ABY. A new Dark Paladin had to be named. Though until this day only one has been honoured in sequence. This was the first time two held the title at once. With Eludajae M'Nar and Robin claiming such a title.

Moving so fast

Things moved so fast at the end of 29 ABY. Blades of Chaos lost a Commander, betraying House and Clan, the Rollmaster resigned and suddenly disappeared and the House was left on edge. Hawk felt the tensions grow between members. Not all was bad though. Ric Hunter, the previous Commander of Banshee Brigade, returned going Rogue for a very short time but Thran Occasus pulled him back and made him the new Battleteam leader of Blades of Chaos. But one thing remained the position of Rollmaster.

Half way through the year when Angelo Dante became Aedile because Prajna Berkana left for unknown reasons, rolls shuffled, making Korvyn Elvandar Rollmaster and Banshee Brigade without a Battleteam leader.

Robin submitted her first application in her Dark Brotherhood career history. An aim of going back to her roots and remembering the times when Daniel Stephens Commanded the team and his applicable leadership.

Promotion to Sith Warrior - 30 ABY (first half)

Moving her into the ranks of Clan Scholae Palatinae Titles of Nobility and earning herself the title of Countess.

Haunted by a Master thought to be dead - 31 ABY (last half)

“Your very soul bears my mark. You will never escape me, child.” - A familiar voice haunts Hawk.

Hawk was sipping tea and working on a mess load of work one day when things began to move under their own power. Chills ran up and down her spine, despite the room being quite warm. Her breath was unsteady and her eyes did not see clearly. Eerie sounds of a familar voice repeated themselves in her head. The Quaestor found herself going crazy. A gust of wind blew past her and pushed open the window. A raven landed on the sill. It cawed and flew at her, the lights flickered off and she was faced with a silver lightsaber and a faint view of her Masters face, it had changed. She had changed. Her eyes were feral with a shade of amber. Hawk for the first time, felt true fear.

The image faded, the lights flickered back on and a message came in that an unknown ship was requesting to land. The Dark Paladin asked who it was and the ID came in that it was Rasilvenaira Stormraven. “Could it be?”, she pushed a button clearing the ship to land. Shaking her head, she wondered if what she saw was real. Walking over to the window she noticed a raven feather on the sil and again a chill ran up and down her spine.


In 35 ABY, on the planet Deveron, Ashia Kagan Keibatsu tracked down Robin and killed her by the orders of the Grandmaster Muz Ashen.




  • Travel Gear
  • Training Gear
  • Tradition Female Knight Robes
  • Dark Paladin Armor
  • Sacred Pauldron of Dorimad Sol for being appointed Provost of Air in the Blades of Chaos
  • Cloak and Clasp of Dorimad Sol
  • Bracers of Clan Scholae Palatinae
Sacred Pauldron
Cloak and Clasp of Dorimad Sol
Bracers of Scholae Palatinae


  • School Dagger (Ceremonial)
  • Generic Katana
  • Katana "Night Bringer" (Ceremonial)
  • Redeemer Lightsaber (Received on attaining the rank of Knight)
  • Verdant Lightsaber (Received on attaining the rank of Sith Warrior)
  • Custom Lightsaber (currently being created)
Night Bringer Sword
Verdant Lightsaber


  • Scholae Nobility - Ring of the Sith
  • Marquess of Scholae box
  • Count of Scholae box
  • Viscount of Scholae box
  • Botany Kit, Samples and Research
  • Advanced med-kit, which allows the mending of most wounds
  • Datapad
  • Datachip (1) - Course Material, Battle plans, Records
  • Datachip (2) - Personal
Ring of the CSP Sith


  • Assigned and honor guard of three Clan Scholae Palatinae soldiers


  • Castle - honoured upon receiving the title of Dark Paladin of Clan Scholae Palatinae
  • Tecave Villa - honoured upon receiving the title of Countess of Clan Scholae Palatinae
  • Mansion - honoured upon receiving the title of Marchioness of Clan Scholae Palatinae


  • Marchioness and Judge of Clan Scholae Palatinae
  • Countess of Clan Scholae Palatinae
  • Ward of the South - Assistant
  • Viscount of Clan Scholae Palatinae
  • "Provost of Air" and XO for Blades of Chaos
  • Neophyte in the ACC
  • Initiate in the ACC
  • Sith Flight Member and Field Corpsman for Banshee Brigade
  • Apprentice to Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven


Previous Accommodation

Robin resides in one of the Dark Brotherhoods dorm rooms and expected nothing more then what she got. When she arrived there was a note on the door that listed some rules for the dorm. Some of these rules included keeping things in their place, no mess. The Holonet Computer is only to be used for DB course material, research, battle planning, and communications to other DB members. The bed, strictest of all, is to have 18" head of bed to sheet (place for pillow), fold over sheet must be 6 inches, then the rest follows as well is to be kept flat with not wrinkles. They are allowed to have and area for personal effects and doing so she keeps her plants and research.

Current Accommodation

After almost one year since joining the Brotherhood and attaining the rank of Guardian. Robin moved out of the academy and stationed herself in the underground base on Caina housing Dorimad Sol.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood - Facts

Influential Members



  • ACC: Tertiarus

Outstanding Achievements

  • First in a long time to get perfect on the Lightsaber Studies [26 ABY]
  • Dedication, service and exceptional effort with desire to continually grow... led to the award of her first Dark Cross [27 ABY]

Clan Honor


  • Designer of Clans Nobility Boxes
  • Designer of Uneasy Alliances backup site
  • Designer of Independent Games 2008 website
  • Designer/Coder of House Dorimad Sol website


  • Promotion to Sith Battlemaster (08/04/2009)
  • Promotion to Sith Warrior (11/19/2008)
  • Promotion to Dark Jedi Knight (04/16/2008)
  • Promotion to Jedi Hunter (02/26/2008)
  • Promotion to Guardian (01/07/2008)
  • Promotion to Protector (09/16/2007)
  • Promotion to Acolyte (09/12/2007)
  • Promotin to Novice (09/08/2007)
  • Promotion to Apprentice (09/08/2007)


  • On becoming the Executive officer of Blades of Chaos, Hawk was awarded the title: Provost of Air - February 2008


  • Robin Hawk's portrait picture was designed by Shikyo Keibatsu.
  • In 27 ABY, she was the first member in a long time to get perfect on their lightsaber studies.
  • Robin Hawk's first apprentice was Koryn Thraagus
  • First eight to receive a Maven in Programming
  • Hawk is the only non Keibatsu who is from Kyataru
  • Robin Hawke discovered the Valerian Thorn while on a leave of absence.

Members Recruited

  • Lailoken (Mormegil), Tollo, Stormgouge, Melfeckt, Kryton, Darlek Deckard, Stormreaver, Luke Morin, Darlek Deckard, Cello

Members Recruited who went Rogue or vanished

  • Q'win, Doctor Faust, Kruhl, Kybein, Neuri Velox, Kelivar Tamaskan, Fordragon, Nigel, Sairiss, Amritsu Van, RenNi Tyron, Trues, Tauz Meridius, Logan Shadowhawk, Oleke Totam, massari ath, Weaze, Crixx Rexyderius, Demon Wolf, Farrai Tyron, NightRage
Positions Held
Before Position After
none Blades of Chaos
"Provost of Air"

28 ABY - 29 ABY
Xathia dan Locut'Hal Ward of the South

28 ABY - 29 ABY
Jerse Remid Magistrate to the Herald
29 ABY - Present
Ekeia Iclo
Cethgus Incendia Zor-El Dark Paladin of Clan Scholae Palatinae
29 ABY - Present
Prajna Berkana
[Korvyn Elvandar Rollmaster of House Dorimad Sol
29 ABY - 30 ABY
Korvyn Elvendar
Ric 'Blade' Hunter Aedile of House Dorimad Sol
31 ABY - Present
Jeric Cyrin
Ric 'Blade' Hunter Quaestor of House Dorimad Sol
31 ABY - Present