Kuro Kogarasu

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Kuro Kogarasu
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6 ft.


205 lbs.


Short Dark Brown


light blue

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Chronology & Political Information
  • Dark Jedi
  • BountyHunter
  • Guardsman
  • Mercenary
  • Solder of Plagueis



Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

  • Plagueis
  • Primus Pilus
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Kuro Kogarasu, skilled fighter in many styles and forms. Stealth Assassin. Dark Jedi and Skilled and deadly Berserkr. Many faced him, few walked away with their lives. Truly a man you would want on your side.

"My heart beats for Plagueis and My hands drips the blood of its enemy."
―Kuro Kogarasu


Early Childhood

Kuronos Kogarasu, Kuro for short, was born on Coruscant in the year 7 ABY. His family consisted of a brother, Tatsu, his father, Tal’Daren, and his mother, Velanali. On Coruscant the Kogarasu family was considered high class as well as Feared. This status had come from years as Mandalorian Mercenaries, and their "genetic defect".

Effectively bred into the line was a berserker battle trance; brought on by a particularly strong burst of adrenaline, this battle trance takes over their mind, turning them into a feral creature knowing nothing but blood and rage. Though they lose control of their body for a short time, they effectively lose all fear and desire for defense. While this may leave the Kogarasu vulnerable, it also makes the user terrifying to behold, and more than willing to do incredibly stupid things for the sole purpose of hurting their target. From running through fire to jumping out of a window to rip out a target's throat before hitting the ground, everything is considered fair game to the feral Kogarasu.


Though renowed for their prowess, the short tempers of the Kogarasu brought them little but fear. While Tal'daren and Velanali Kogarasu began taking less jobs due to their age, their unique combination of skill and rage meant they could simply charge more for a job, cutting all but the best jobs from the business while maintaining their quality of life.

Receiving a job from a Coruscanti government official, there was some concern amongst the Kogarasu mercenaries about the nature of the assignment, largely because of recent troubles. However, due to their famous bloodlust, they chose to ignore their feelings and accept the job.

Tal'daren and Alicia left their children at home, a combination of distrust of hiring an individual to watch them (given how easy it was to make enemies in their line of work) and of a belief that their (by Mandalorian standards) adult and nearly adult children would be safe.

Several hours after Tal'daren and Velanai left their home, several squad of Coruscanti soldiers showed up. Seeing them armed with blasters, Kuro hid his brother away, grabbing a small dagger. Waiting till they were nearly at the door, the young Mandalorian charged out, managing to catch them by surprise, knocking one down and inflicting several stab wounds.

Being thrown off by one of the other soldiers, Kuro charged again, this time being struck unconscious by the butt of one of the expecting soldier's rifles.

Tatsu, seeing the way his brother bruttally stabbed the soldier, ran away, afraid of both his brother and the soldiers. While focused on Kuro, the soldiers didn't see Tatsu running away, simply not noticing him. Figuring the child was hiding, the soldiers wired the house to prepare it for destruction.

The initial explosions woke up Kuro, who managed to escape the burning building before it collapsed.

Later in life, Kuro would learn to utilize this memory for the Berserker bred into his family line.

A New Beginning

Taming the Beast Inside

Knowing his ability's, He wanted to train in many forms and styles so that one day he would be able to return to Courscant and Kill everyone who was connected to the murder of his parents, even if that meant whipping out the entire Coruscanti government.

When Kuro reached of age, He joined a Stormtrooper Legion. Kuro had a natural ability to lead and fight and this made him move up in rank rapidly, being able to wield the force helped as well. Got as high as Executive Officer of the Legion. This did not last long till the Perfect of the Legion became aware of Kogarasus Brutal tactics and disregard for his own and others safety. He could not have someone like him putting the legion at risk.

After being released from Command, Kuro ran on his own for a short time as a bounty hunter and Mercenary. Anything that would allow him to Kill and not be judged.

Did not take long to get noticed by a Dark Jedi from the Brotherhood. Kuro joined Plagueis and felt instantly at home. Dark Jedi had rules and morals but did not care how jobs got done as long as it got done. Kuro was welcomed with open arms because of his Powers and ability. Just like in the Legion, Kuro moved up quick and was even approached to join the Grand Masters Royal Guard.

Kuro lead an elite group within Plagueis known as Primus Pilus. Referred to as The Blade Of Plagueis up to their closure.

A Little Closure

Kuro always knew his brother Tatsu survived the attack on that dreadful night, but never know what happened to him. Once Kuro moved up in rank and position within the Brotherhood, he acquired a few assets that he used to help track down Tatsu. After sending out many scouts and several years later, Info of his brothers whereabouts were found.

Kuro traveled to Corellia, to a small farming plantation. Kuro did not want to alert Tatsu of his presence, so he stayed up in the hills. Kuro stayed up there for a few hours, just watching, till he saw him. Tatsu changed his name and had a wife. Seeing that his brother was alive and well gave Kuro a little closure to that portion of his life, but deep down he still felt that Tatsu, or whatever he may be going by now, may feel as he feels and want to bring justice to those who deserve it.

Somethings Change

While serving as Aedile for House Exar Kun, He met Kaira. A Krath priestess who would soon become Rollmaster. The two Dark Jedi got married after being together for just a few months. Kogarasu and Kaira eventually have a child. A baby Girl they would name Kystal.

Kuro began to think that marrying Kaira and having a daughter, was the secret to taming his wild side, have a family of his own like the one he lost when he was a child. He would find out soon, that's not the case.

During the 10th Great Jedi war, Kuro had gotten wounded. The sight of his own blood running down his arms released all of his bottled up rage and tried to kill his Kaira. In fear for her and Kystal's safety, they fled to an unknown destination just before the Brotherhood invaded New Tython. Rumor has it that Kuro's brother is hiding within the Brotherhood under a Different name and he led Kaira and Kystal away while on New Tython. If Kuro finds that it was true, Kuro will hunt down and kill his Brother. Being alive and starting a family of his own and staying out of the fight is one thing. Knowing that Kuro was alive and knew that he had a family as well, and taking them from him is something else. All living things will weep for him when they see what Kuro will do to his "Brother"

Kuro Unleashed. 37ABY

(Current events and traits)

Major Events and Victories

Kuro Kogarsu was in many great wars. All of which he served the same House/Clan. Plagueis.

The Sixth Great Jedi War 21 ABY

The Seventh Great jedi War 25 ABY

The Eighth Great Jedi War 27 ABY

The Ninth Great Jedi War 30 ABY

The Tenth Great Jedi War 35 ABY

Personality and Traits

Kuro in fairly short tempered. It comes from his Kogarasu Berserkr blood line. The only thing he is loyal to is Plagueis. To Kuro, that is the only thing that can keep the beast at bay. But if anything comes to threaten Plagueis or its brethren, Kuro will not deny or regret his actions.

Relationships with other people

Kuro can get along with just about anyone, as long as they do as their told. Kuro can be intimidating at times with his slightly above average build, his fierce gaze and the history and stories of his Brutal past. Most people are afraid to confront or even ask him about it because of his short temper and the fact that the Kogarasu family were well known Berserkr's.

DJB Facts

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Weapons Of Choice

  • Lightsaber
  • E-11 Blaster Rifle
  • Westar Blaster Pistols (Kuro Carries 4 on him at all times)
  • Echani Blade (Small Dagger - Carried on the strap of his Dual Shoulder Holster)

Positions Held

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

  • Battle team member of House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis (Held Since 6/8/2006 - 6/27/2009)
  • Rollmaster of House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis (Held between 6/27/2009 - 4/15/2010)
  • Aedile of House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis (Held Since 4/15/2010 - 7/22/2010)
  • Commander of Primus Pilus (4/9/2012–October 10, 2012)

Emperors Hammer

Hammers Fist
  • 2nd Squad leader in Phoenix Company (Held for estimated 4 months)
  • Company Commander of Phoenix Company (held for estimated 2 months)
  • Company Commander of Vindictive Company (held for estimated 4 months)
  • Commander of Operations (held for a combined estimate of 2yrs)
  • Assistant Executive Officer of the Fist (held for estimated 3 months)
  • Agent In Charge of The Perfects Royal Guard Elite Unit (held for a Combined Estimate of 2 yrs)

Dark Brotherhood
  • Battle Team Member (held for a combined estimate of 2 yrs)
  • Aedile (held for estimated 3 months)
  • Quaestor (held for estimated 1 month)

Outstanding Achievements

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Known Associations

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