Cipher K'oranian Isradia

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Cipher K'oranian Isradia
Cipher K'oranian Isradia
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.8 meters


145 lbs


Pupils: white, Iris: Silver

Personal Information



Braecen 'Kunar'(Tense relationship rather than enemy), Acheron 'Briareos'

Lightsaber Color(s):

Single Bladed Lightsaber, Blue

Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Imperial House Isradia, Clan Plagueis, House Exar Kun



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Note: This Cipher K'oranian Isradia is only a shadow of the character that is played in the Vardorian Lore. This Cipher is used for DB Canon.

A formidable Archpriestess, Cipher is a force to be reckoned with...

Character History

Early Years

Born to a nobleman and noblewoman of Isradia, infant Cipher was sent from her home planet of Vardor in order to protect her from a murder plot discovered by her parents. They sacrificed themselves to save her, sending her in a lone craft for the reaches of space. None could be trusted with her safety save for the stars.

Her craft landed on a remote world, Krama’at, a world inhabited by shape-shifting creatures that resembled foxes. She was found by one of the inhabitants who then brought the child to her husband who took the child in, even though he sensed something odd about her. The pair raised her along with their son, Munesanzun Mitsukai. All through her life there, she was never truly accepted, save for the family that took her in. Most others saw her as an outsider, their prejudice undeniable.

At the age of two, Munesanzun had an incident that sparked much turmoil in his relationship with Cipher. She, unaware of the repercussions, spoke of the incident to the local monastery and not soon after, Munesanzun was taken from their home and raised by the monks. As a result, Mune failed to recognize her, though he felt oddly close to her. She would visit the Shrine regularly to see him, but it was never for very long. She remained on Krama'at until she was about 14 standard years, and left the planet for good, never to return. A voice called out to her, to which she answered, traveling to the source of the calling.

Clan Exar Kun

Cipher searched for the voice for nearly four years, passing her time as an assassin for hire. She became known the galaxy over for being one of the best in the business.

Her travels led her back to Vardor, to the source of the voice. In her mind, she had never been there before, but her heart told otherwise. Something within her awoke and she felt stronger. Jonaleth Isradia, the leader of the governing body, greeted her and began to implement his master plan by training her in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. She grew to power quickly, her talents abounding. After a few short years, she was a force to be reckoned with. Joining House Byss of Clan Exar Kun was her first official endeavour in the Dark Brotherhood.

Sometime during her training, Master Jonaleth, possessed by the spirit of Ludo Kressh, began a reign of assault against those of House Byss, Cipher’s house and family. The house fought well, but fell to the combined powers of the duo. Cipher, having collapsed earlier in the battle, rose again near the end to challenge the pair once again. Seething with anger, she charged at the creature that was her Master and vowed to die trying to free him from the grips of Kressh. But the effort was futile, and she fell to her death. With limbs torn, body mutilated and destroyed she lie on the floors of the Citadel. All was not lost.

First Daughter of Isradia and Dark Empress

The combined pair of Master and Spirit lifted her broken body from the floors and held it above the fallen forms of her comrades. Several had regained consciousness and became witnesses to the events that followed. Cipher burned in a shimmering blue flame, while Kressh, through and with her Master, reformed her body, creating the perfect shape she now boasts.

Her Master banished Kressh’s spirit and things returned to somewhat normal. Cipher’s new form caused her to remain in a coma for some time as her body recovered from the shock.

From then on, his vision began to unfold. She became what he knew she could be and more. He named her the First Daughter of Isradia as he had only one biological child, a rogue son.

"The Daughter I never had, but always wanted. My protector and loyal servant; my child and greatest achievement. My closest friend. She and I shall stand together for all time. When one of us dies, we both die. Should any wrong her, they shall answer to me in pain and blood."
―Jonaleth Isradia

Jonaleth has also prophesied, in his Dark Star Prophesy, that she would be the Dark Empress. The exact workings of this prophecy are secrets that only Jonaleth himself knows. She knows only what her Master tells her, which to date, has not been very much. She continues on her path, wondering if one day the realization of the Prophesy will come to pass.

Temporary Exile

In 23 ABY, Clan Exar Kun and Clan Satal Keto merged and formed the current Clan Plagueis. This merger forced Cipher to explore other options, as at the time, dissent was rampant throughout the ranks. She took refuge among the ranks of House Gladius of Clan Tarentum for a time, before returning to her roots. Transferring back to Clan Plagueis, things began to look up.

New Beginnings

Once back within the ranks, she began to position herself in places and climbed the ladder once again. Today she stands in House Exar Kun, ever vigilant and poised for battle.

Psychological Profile

Cipher’s temperament is one of mistrust and scepticism. She finds it hard to trust people and as such, it is hard to gain her respect, but should you find yourself on her respected side, you are one of the few. She values honor above most other things. She is ruthless and unforgiving, and her flares of anger are often fatal. Her inner instinct lends itself to this making her a difficult adversary. Her skills with a saber are amazing considering the awkwardness of holding a saber in her large, three fingered hands. She prefers mental combat and hand-to-hand combat for she considers it more intimate and personal.

She rules her House firmly and few dare to challenge her. Though this may be true, she would fight to preserve the life of every member of her House, right down to the newest Apprentice. She is logical in her thinking, and proves to be quick in her thinking.

Cipher is not one to show emotion. She is capable of it, yet does not express it, save for feelings of anger and hatred (considered powerful). It is her belief that to show emotion is to show weakness, and as such, will only let herself succumb to emotion while in the privacy of her quarters. She appears cold in her demeanor, and this lends itself to her ruthless behaviors.

She prefers to use her heightened senses of empathy and telepathy, having chosen to further her studies in the workings of the mind. She believes that if you can see into the mind of your opponent, you can better defeat them. It is for this reason that she trained harder in the mind-affecting powers of the Force.

DJB Facts

  • House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis
  • Dark Empress - Isradia Prophetic Title


Past Positions Held:

  • QUA/AED/BTL/Envoy of Byss of Clan Exar Kun (disbanded)
  • Judge of the ACC
  • Rollmaster/Envoy of House Gladius of Clan Tarentum