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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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Cern Unnos
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Date of Birth:

10 ABY

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1.8 m


77.2 kg


completely bald



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Teras D'ni

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pilot and mechanic


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Character History

Early Years

Cern (pronounced K-earn) was born on a clear sunny day in the height of the summer on Iktoch. He was the only child of loving parents Kaarin and Duutan Unnos. Duutan spent his days working on the planetary defensive fighters and Kaarin was a communications specialist for the government. Cern was a happy child and spent every opportunity with his father in the city hanger bays, longing for the day he would be able to take one of the ships up himself.

Educated in the best schools, Cern showed an early affinity for flight and was chosen to attend the Iktotchi Military Academy. While the youth excelled in his classes and even joined the student flight team at a very young age, Cern was constantly in the Head Masters office for a variety of pranks and the resulting fights. The final straw came when, during an “unscheduled” flight, Cern crashed a training fighter with the Head Master’s daughter onboard and in a compromising position. At the age of fifteen, Cern was dismissed from the Academy and sent back to his family.

Cern spent the next few months trying to get into any school that would let him study the ships he so wanted to fly. The black marks against him hard grown though and for the next year, Cern found himself working along side his father as a mechanic. The work was enjoyable and the youth began to settle in to his life, seemingly calming his wild nature at the same time.

Heading off world

The family was surprised with a visit from a close Aunt that had spent time studying as a seer. The Iktotchi precognitive abilities were especially strong in her and Cern found himself strangely drawn to the power he felt emanating from this aged Aunt. However, she had come with a dire warning concerning the young man. Stay on Iktotch and see your family destroyed before your very eyes. The family decided it was best to send Cern to his uncle Triinus, who had been off world for decades and had a good job as a mechanic in a not too distant system.

Therefore, Cern began a second life off world, away from his beloved family. The Uncle in question taught the youth the few things about flying Cern had yet to learn. Mostly things picked up in combat for a mercenary group that Triinus worked for from time to time. Cern was happy to learn and fit in well with the group but when Triinus was killed during a routine test flight gone wrong due to an unforeseen malfunction, Cern left his second home in despair. He used contacts he had developed with the group to get a series of jobs as a mechanic and pilot for traders and mercenaries through out space.

His travels eventually led him to a Trandoshian pirate in need of a mechanic and occasional pilot. Life was somewhat profitable here, but the Trandoshian had a tendency to raid a Hutt and the feud between the two was hard on the ships and pilots. This feud led to a raid on some of the Hutt’s ships that were bound for a Brotherhood controlled planet called Ptolomea. When the Quaestor of Caliburnus sent a punishment raid at the pirate group, Cern was drawn to the skills of the Brotherhood pilots and the power they controlled. He felt a strange sort of kinship for the pilots of the attacking ships but before he could do anything, he felt his ship shake as the Brotherhood fighters blasted away at the pirate group. Cern managed to maneuver his damaged ship to the ground and escaped the cockpit before a Brotherhood fighter swept in and destroyed the damaged ship.

While the natural precognitive abilities of the Iktotchi race were usually less than effective when not on the home world, occasionally a vision would be too strong to ignore. As the punishment raid left the system, Cern had a brief flash of insight. He would search out the attackers and join with them. He felt in his bones that the Brotherhood was the place for him. He knew it like a long lost memory. The Brotherhood was to be his home.

Finding Darkness

Cern managed to make contact with the Brotherhood and he was directed to the Shadow Academy to begin his initiation into the Brotherhood. Upon completion of his initial training, Cern requested that he join House Caliburnus, the very House that had led him to the Brotherhood to begin with.

Unfortunately, for the young Iktotchi, the House was not the perfect fit he had hoped for. While he found a few like-minded people he enjoyed associating with, his infatuation with the House Leader, Rasilvenaira and his disdain for an unnamed rival within that House caused untold grief for Cern. Eventually, with Ras gone from her post and friction building between Cern and others, the Clan Consul stepped in and took the youth out of the House for his own good.

House Dorimad Sol became Cern’s new home and under the leadership of Thran Occasus and the guidance of others, such as Cethgus Incendia, Cern has made the most of his new opportunity. After being awarded a spot on the Elite Battle Team of HDS, Cern hungered for more and was given the challenge of leading his own Battle Team; Banshee Brigade.

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Positions Held

Flight Member of the Blades of Chaos BattleTeam. Dorimad Sol Battle Team Leader Banshee Brigade Dorimad Sol

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