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May 2018 - Mauro Wynter


Mauro Wynter is a Human male assigned to Clan Odan-Urr. Currently, he serves as the Quaestor of Satele Shan. A seasoned pilot and veteran of the destruction of New Tython he is also a skilled marksman and tactician. Once an infamous mercenary, the events of the Eleventh Great Jedi War and subsequent affiliation with Odan-Urr changed his outlook.

Orphaned by the age of twelve, he became a skilled treasure hunter scouring the wastelands of Raxus Prime before learning of his heritage and seeking vengeance for his family off-world. The young Human quickly made a name for himself specializing in finding and trading Sith artifacts and ancient Force-sensitive relics throughout the Mid-Rim.

While looting priceless items from the Tomb of Marka Ragnos on Korriban, the events of the Tenth Great Jedi War overtook Wynter. Detained by forces loyal to the Dark Council, the Human was taken to Antei and interrogated. Released to the custody of the Shadow Academy, Mauro Wynter quickly scoured all available texts and manuscripts his rank would allow. Rapidly rising through the ranks of the Shadow Academy, Wynter began acquiring a personal collection of tomes and artifacts.

June 2018 - House Satele Shan


"A light hunting the darkness"
―House motto

Joint Task Force Satele Shan, one of two Houses of Odan-Urr, was created in 33 ABY. The House serves as the primary clandestine taskforce for the Clan while maintaining an active population of Jedi and Padawans, capable diplomats and researchers, and enough military might to take an active role in the defense of the Clan at large and of the Kiast System in general. The current leaders of House Satele Shan are Director Mauro Wynter and Executor Talis DeMorte. There is currently one active Battleteam, Tython Squadron, led by Strategist Tyraal Bitshiver.

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