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January 2019 - Alethia Archenksova


"In case it escaped the notice of anyone here, we are at war. Our adversary has an advantage in men and resources that is almost insurmountable. I intend to do something about it."
―Alethia Archenksova

Alethia Thul Archenksova is the current High Councillor of Odan-Urr and one of the primary leaders of the White Lotus resistance movement. Alethia came of age in the early years of the Galactic Empire, which she served faithfully until being placed in stasis a few days after the Battle of Yavin. She was, ironically, rescued from this fate by the Jedi Edgar Drachen 33 years later and joined him in Clan Odan-Urr.

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June 2019 - Sirra


Sirra is a female Kiffar recruited into Clan Odan-Urr of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Abandoned on Nar Shaddaa by her parents due to her telepathic abilities growing far beyond her control, she made a living hunting, scavenging and surviving among the undercity while listening to the thoughts of the dispossessed lurking there. This ended with the coming of Collective troops hunting for Force-sensitive individuals to experiment upon in their campaign to exterminate anyone with a strong connection, but their efforts were thwarted by the Jensaarai Ka Tarvitz. Having never encountered others with her abilities, Sirra accepted an offer to follow the Jensaarai and learn how to control her powers. Since that time, she has served as an apprentice, training to focus and enhance her abilities.

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