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February 2016 - Galactic Concordance & Galactic Empire


Galactic Concordance

The Galactic Concordance was a historic peace treaty signed by the New Republic and the Galactic Empire on Coruscant following the Empire's defeat at the Battle of Jakku at the end of the Galactic Civil War.

Galactic Empire

The Galactic Empire, also known as the New Order, the First Galactic Empire, the Order or simply the Empire was the government that rose to power in the aftermath of the Clone Wars, replacing the Galactic Republic.

March 2016 - Ninth Great Jedi War


The Ninth Great Jedi War, or Unification, was a conflict that took place in 30 ABY on the planet Antei between the forces of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and an unidentified fundamentalist Jedi sect under the Jedi Master Omancor Crask. Initially the invasion was conceived to retake Antei from the aliens occupying it. But the Six Great Clans, united under Grand Master Sarin and the Armed Forces of the Iron Throne, quickly learned that those aliens had been decimated by a biological weapon and Antei had been conquered and fortified by Crask and his army of droids.

May 2016 - Celevon Edraven Erinos

Celevon Full.jpg

Celevon Edraven is an Assassin within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Both his parentage and place of birth are unknown to him. He is wanted for murder on several systems under various aliases. The Onderonian has unwillingly had his connection to the Force Severed, making him a Non-Force User, though he continues serving as Quaestor of House Qel-Droma of Clan Arcona.

July 2016 - Kiast


Kiast is a terrestrial planet in the Nilgaard sector of the Outer Rim territories inhabited by a subspecies of Sephi, who rule the planet from their highborne skyhooks and floating cities. Its inhospitable surface, and deadly sulfuric atmosphere surrounding it, are contrasted by clear blue skies above the thick cloud cover.

August 2016 - Korroth


Korroth is a Jedi of Satele Shan, a House of Clan Odan-Urr. The Pau'an was born on Utapau, but he has called several planets his home. The first was Antenora, where he thrived to become a Dark Jedi Knight in the service of House Acclivis Draco. However, in his time spent in contact with the varied native tribes of the planet, Korroth came to realize that his struggle to attain power through mastery of the Force was empty and futile. He saw the beauty and diversity of lifeforms in the Galaxy and understood that there could be no higher calling than to serve life and, therefore, the Force. In 27 ABY he deserted Clan Scholae Palatinae and came to the second planet he would call his home, New Tython.

September 2016 - Satsi Tameike Erinos

Satsi stare sketch IMG 20151222 135339.jpg

Born Satsugai Tameike, Satsi Tameike is a “Mandalorian Warrior” specializing in martial and weapons combat and manipulation, said to be selected from Arcona’s Mandalorian Clan for the Fade Initiative. Satsi is the identical twin of Uji Tameike, discovered by Arcona's own Atyiru. Satsi is actually untrained in the Mandalorian methods and has never been a part of the Initiative. Atyiru, upon discovering Satsi's presence, made the decision to cover Satsi's identity and reconnect her with her brother. She was marked as KIA after one of Arcona's many military operations.

October 2016 - Shay Thelin

Gungan female anatomy by stucunningham.jpg

Shay Thelin is an explorer, keeper of artifacts, and hunter of relics for the Holocron Center of the Brotherhood. Having a long history working with corporations and historical societies, she has become an adept in the search for relics across Brotherhood space and the galaxy.

Shay Thelin was born with the name Grenda on the moon Ohma-D'un in 23 BBY. Growing up during the Clone Wars, her parents wished to distract her and give her a sense of independence and so they made frequent trips into the swamps and underwater mounds of Ohma-D'un to shelter Grenda from the war going on in the galaxy.

November 2016 - Bentre Stahoes

Bentre Stahoes Infobox.jpg

Bentre Stahoes, known in Twi'lek society as Kairn'tel Versea, is a human Shadow hailing from the planet Corellia. The Sith still considers himself an Obelisk at heart, despite the inquisition of Grand Master Pravus and the Dark Brotherhood as a whole against so-called Undesirables. A proud member of his Clan, Stahoes currently serves Clan Naga Sadow as Rollmaster. The man's attitude, speech, and even his very walk show off an obvious sense of self importance.

Even since becoming a member of the Dark Brotherhood, Bentre continues to excel in the area of computer programming and in the manipulation of computer systems. Preferring to keep a datapad on-hand- "just in case"- he takes a child-like glee in the act of breaking into computer systems. He considers himself to be a pretty fair Slicer and will lunge at opportunities to prove his mettle against more high security systems. Still, he tries not to allow it to get in the way of his combat training as Bentre firmly believes that being quick with a blaster and lightsaber will save him long before his computer talents ever will.

December 2016 - Ysera and Kasula Daegella


Born during the Imperial occupation on the planet Ryloth, the twin sisters Ysera and Kasula Daegella are celebrities among the galactic racing community. Famous as holostars in addition to their reputation in the races, their talents as Pilots are unmatched to all but a select few contenders.

Born during the Free Ryloth Movement to freedom fighters against the Galactic Empire, Kasula and Ysera Daegella's birth parents, Mikam and Zhedra Daegella, died in the twins' infancy. Preserved in the Daegella Kalikori, their sole knowledge of their lineage comes from artwork painted or otherwise carven into the heirloom's surface, passed down to the sisters from their ancestral line. Although neither of them had ever known their birth parents, the trinket had allowed the twins a faint glance of who their birth parents and distant ancestors were. Having inherited their ancestral estate on the outskirts of the Tann Province in Ryloth, the Daegella twins lived there through childhood, bearing no particular attachment to their surroundings. Instead, their attention directed outwards — towards the races.