Alaisy Tir’eivra

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Alaisy Tir’eivra
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

14 ABY (Age 23)

Physical Description





2.26 m 7'5" (2.01 m 6'7" unattired)


74.0 kg 163 lbs




Grey with green rings and flecks of gold

Personal Information

Echoki Hanora


Liancend Tir’eivra


Kesdan Tir'eivra

Lightsaber Form(s):


  • Electro-chain whips
  • Incendiary Weapons
  • Thermal Detonators
  • Dioxis Grenades
  • Impact Grenades
Fighting Style(s):
  • Corellian Kickboxing
  • Miscellaneous Weapons
  • Explosives
  • The Force
Chronology & Political Information



Clan Arcona

Personal Ship:

The Flying Closet

Known masters:


Known apprentices:

Aru Law



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"You're tough Alaisy, however if you also learn patience, you'll truly understand the use of all that pain."

― Uncle Dogond to Alaisy at the Tir'eivra residency on Tratlaum.

Alaisy Tir'eivra is a Sith of Clan Arcona and one of the Magistrates of the Herald, part of House Qel-Droma and Battle team Voidbreaker. She was introduced to Clan Arcona by Rhylance after they met on Nar Shaddaa.

Character History

Early Life (14 ABY - 30 ABY)

Alaisy Tir’eivra was born on a remote planet called Tratlaum, a purple hued rock with a thin atmosphere located many parsecs away from the Core worlds. On its surface were only a couple of residential structures, cloaked away from most of the Galaxy.

She grew up within one of these metal structures together with her family and a host of servants. The Tir’eivra family shared the complex with several other families that were looking for a way out during the Galactic Civil War, while a few have remained there since.

Her mother Echoki and her father Liancend taught Alaisy and her siblings most of the basic galactic school subjects, but also put a strict emphasis on martial-arts training. The siblings were encouraged to be competitive between each other and often pushed things too far. Despite being the youngest, Alaisy was already quite tall for her age, leading to her being challenged by her siblings more often.

During one of the challenges, when Alaisy was only four years old, her brother and sisters teamed up together and pushed her into a corner. In a fit of anger Alaisy managed to push them aside without touching them physically, and it was at this moment that the siblings discovered her Force-sensitivity. Her parents panicked at the notion and separated Alaisy from the martial arts trainings, only for her to be introduced to her Uncle Dogond.

Her uncle was primarily tasked by her parents to teach her about subtlety and techniques to keep her hidden from other Force-users. In his early years Dogond visited many ancient ruins rumored to have strong connections to the Force and studied these carefully. Under his guidance Alaisy developed an interest in his past adventures, most particularly in the history of the Sith.

Dogond did his very best to keep up with Alaisy’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and dug up as much as he could on ancient lore, rituals and techniques. Regardless of his efforts he was unable to quench her thirst and he quickly ran out of material to teach her. In response he desperately scrounged together information about other, less interesting subjects. As her uncle began to sound repetitive she grew more and more frustrated. Eventually she decided to put her subterfuge skills to the test and snuck towards the docks where they resupplied the facility.

When her uncle discovered Alaisy wasn’t present at class, he hurried to the docks of the facility and after some time looking around he caught a glimpse of her trying to sneak onto a cargo hauler. He managed to pull her out just before the guards noticed.

Assuredly, he convinced her that it wouldn’t end well if she continued her plan, instead suggesting her to join him on a short trip to resupply on amenities at a nearby black market. Despite a disappointed look from Alaisy he informed her that it might be an invaluable lesson to see what kind of people her family had to deal with. He emphasized that she remained at his back at all times and keep her affinity to the Force hidden as well as she could.

Despite being disheartened about her failed attempt at escaping she eventually complied and joined her uncle on the trip in his dingy looking shuttle.

Alaisy's general appearance.

The Black Market (30 ABY - 33 ABY)

When they arrived at the black market they were awaited by a large group of disillusioned looking armed men. Two short chubby individuals chattered between themselves while the rest of the armed men were awaiting orders. The slightly shorter one announced a change of plans, suddenly aiming his blaster at Alaisy’s Uncle.

The men changed their loyalty from Alaisy’s family to that of their own and killed her Uncle in cold blood. She could feel her uncle’s hand loosening its grip on hers as he dropped down lifelessly in front of the thugs.

In the hopes of receiving a large ransom from the Tir’eivra family or a bargaining chip against the government they were rebelling against, they captured Alaisy and kept her around in their diner under strict supervision. Despite being furious about her Uncle’s death, she did her best to calm herself down as much as she could. Regardless, her captors were already aware of her Force-sensitivity, their leader made it clear after smugly telling her that a rival family on Tratlaum ratted her out and they could fetch a pretty prize having a well-educated Force-sensitive girl as bargaining chip.

The diner she was imprisoned in was huge, meant to industrially supply loads of dock workers. Initially Alaisy was kept around to work on chores, however gradually she was introduced to the local band and put to work as a dancer. Her family never showed up or gave away any signs of dealing with the gang, but rather than sulk she made the most of the situation and even took over singing after a rowdy visitor shot the last vocalist.

Occasionally when an interesting individual came into the diner she would initiate a conversation hoping to gain some info on what went on in the Galaxy and possibly pry someone of their holo-pad. Getting rid of them afterwards was the tough part, most of them were low-life’s looking for more than just a chat. If a customer went too far she would usually just call to one of the guards, hoping to desensitize a possible escape attempt in the future.

On a very quiet day with barely any patrons at the diner, an individual made a rather abrupt entrance. This man was different than the usual delinquents; he arrived by landing on his behind with his crew thrown inside with him. The music stopped and the diner fell silent as the smuggler stood up and was more concerned with dusting off his jacket than paying attention to angry stares from criminal goons, having blasters aimed at him and his crew. One of the bouncers was keen to inform the scruffy pilot that it was a mistake to land at their small port without a proper invitation and announced the rest of the black market thugs they would be searching their ship.

After the majority of the mobsters left the diner, Alaisy took her chance to telekinetically pull over a glass and a bottle of liquor from the bar and fill it up for the stranded leader of the crew. She walked over to him casually and passed him the drink while eyeing the lone guard still at the door. The pilot introduced himself as Quancenn over a drink and smugly threw a few clever compliments at Alaisy, who in turn introduced herself and explained her own unfortunate situation of being captured.

The tall jet-black haired girl inconspicuously pointed at a lone guard still standing at the entrance, and explained to Quancenn that he holds the codes for a full locker of blasters situated next to the bar. She quietly explained that while they were busy rummaging through his ship, they could take the opportunity to arm themselves up and steal one of the docked black market ships at the other side of the docks. Quancenn nodded at her afterwards and took a couple more sips from his drink while watching Alaisy make a move towards the guard.

"The name's Alaisy Tir’eivra, pleasure to meet you Quance, normally you'd see guests being thrown outside, not thrown inside."

― Alaisy to Quancenn at the Black Market orbiting around Tratlaum.

Alaisy caught the attention of the guard and used the Force to trick him into giving her the codes, dismissing him from his post by telling the goon that Quance’s ship was rigged with explosives and he should hurry the frack up before his mates get themselves killed. Shortly after he blurted out the code he ran off towards the docks, even looking back and giving the girl a thumbs up.

She hastily opened the locker after obtaining the pincode, noticing Quancenn talking with another man. The smuggler assured Alaisy that the person he was having a conversation with would be able to provide them with the means of taking the port-leader’s prized starship from under their nose.

Alaisy gave the smuggler a nervous smile and eventually decided to toss over a couple of blasters at Quance’s crew. Immediately after, Alaisy, Quancenn and his crew armed themselves and made their way towards the eastern docks where a small but well maintained freighter was waiting for them. They blasted the two unsuspecting guards before boarding the ship and taking off.

Sightseeing (33 ABY - 37 ABY)

After making her way out of the black market she spent several years on board of the now called “Torpid Laggard” and managed to convince Quancenn to visit the planet coordinates she had collected over time. “Quance” as she now called him, eagerly added his own coordinates to the ships computer and joined her search to find the ancient Sith planets.

The most significant visits were Mustafar, Takodana, Coruscant and Korriban. There were more mentioned planets, however they either lacked clear coordinates or were out of reach due to ongoing conflicts. During her time on the Torpid Laggard she became close friends with Quance and had ample time to develop her knowledge of the Force.

After being forced to avoid an asteroid field right after dropping from hyperspace they ended up having to scrape the edge of an ion storm, in which a lightning strike fried several capacitors and some of the ship’s weaponry. They decided to divert course to Nar Shaddaa in order to get their components fixed.

Upon arrival, the crew went in search of a local market so they could replace the broken parts, meanwhile leaving the engineer behind to watch over the ship. After purchasing what was needed they received a distress call from their engineer, apparently an armed group was trying to gain access to the ship hangar.

Quance ordered his engineer to hide inside and lock himself within the ship’s cockpit; when the crew returned to the docks they were halted by a group of armed men, one of which was short and looked awfully like Alaisy’s captor back at the black market, looking older and more weathered than before.

Standing right next to him was the bouncer that she humiliated; with on his left a tall, raven haired man with ashy eyes. When the tall man spoke up she instantly recognized him, it was her brother Kesdan. He egotistically announced himself, pointing out that they’d been tracking the Torpid Laggard ever since it entered Hutt Space, even priggishly adding that he was happy to see his sister again.

The little man prodded her brother, reminding him that they made a deal. In response Kesdan nodded soullessly in response. Without a hesitation he let the criminals have their way. The thugs immediately readied their guns and showered Quance’s crew with a cadre of blaster bolts. Two out of five of Quance’s crew were felled before even reaching cover, while it quickly became clear that the thugs were carefully avoiding Alaisy.

Ticked off, Alaisy extended both of her hands, focusing on the front row of thugs and pushed them backwards with the Force. Quance and his crew had their weapons at the ready, came out of cover and opened a salvo of blaster fire back at the thugs. The volley of blaster shots killed many of the thugs that were scrambling to get back up from the telekinetic attack.

The large bouncer, un-phased by the bolts flying past his ears, clumsily threw a frag grenade at Quance’s crew. After hitting a pipe and bouncing off the wall, the radius following the detonation missed Quance, but swept away the remainder of his crew, including his co-pilot, who only just managed to fire a final shot at the bouncer before being pierced by shrapnel. That final shot hit the bouncer right in his face and landed him on top of his boss.

Quance aimed his blaster at Kesdan to take a shot at him. Her brother deftly dodged the shot and returned a burst of fire. Quance shrieked in pain as one of the blaster bolts hit him in his upper right arm, dropping his blaster in the process.

Meanwhile the gangster boss crawled from underneath the bouncer’s corpse and aimed his pistol at Quance, who was scrambling to reach his blaster with his other hand. Alaisy saw a glimpse from the corner of her eye and pushed her brother aside so she could pull a throwing knife from her leg scabbard and take out the scumbag boss by landing it in his scruff. While Alaisy was going after her sweet revenge, among the bloodshed and corpses, the other two still standing were at an awkward stand-off.

Quance hastily grabbed his blaster and took no time to think until aiming it at Kesdan, desperately wanting to end the encounter and get off the Smuggler’s Moon. He fired furiously at Alaisy’s brother, but the aim with his off-hand was not enough to land him a decent shot on Kesdan who dodged every blast. Frustrated, Quance let out a hoarse growl that offered Kesdan enough time to aim, shoot and hit Quance square between the eyes. The awful thud of Quance dropping to the floor drew Alaisy’s attention from the slaughter she was inflicting on her target and let out a horrifying screech of dismay.

Running to the side of her now former friend, she knelt down beside him and gently told him her farewells. Frowning and frozen into place, Kesdan simply watched his sister’s grief with a strange worry creeping down his spine. He had underestimated her connection to Quance and now, as she was allowing herself but a moment of grief, he felt the undeniable concentration of energy that precedes the greatest storms.

With slight hesitation in his voice he announced to his lost sister that it was now finally time to go home. As if waking from a half-nightmare, Alaisy shifted her gaze from the corpse to her brother. Her eyes burned deep with fury and hatred as she fixated her eyes into her brother’s. Taken a little by surprise from the intensity of her emotions, he gasped slightly, trying hard not to fall prey to fear.

She rose slowly to her feet and made a few steps towards Kesdan who seemed frozen into place by her will. The silence suddenly exploded with an eruption of lightning snaking down Alaisy’s arms and bolting towards Kesdan hitting him square in the chest. The intensity made his entire body spasm, with his eyes rolling back into their sockets as he screamed in agony.

A few short moments passed and everything became deathly quiet again. Stunned and hurting, Kesdan fell to his knees in front of Alaisy. Standing over him, her hands into fists, with an authority he had never seen before, she hissed at him.

"Come for me again and I will send you back in pieces, brother."

― Alaisy Tir'eivra to her brother Kesdan Tir'eivra on Nar Shaddaa

Clan Arcona & The Dark Brotherhood (Present)

Alaisy with her hair in a ponytail.

By now Alaisy Tir'eivra has been well integrated in the Arcona Clan structure, finding her place in House Qel-Droma. She has since been able to purchase her own freighter and has enjoyed a vast amount of freedom compared to her early life. Since her first introduction she has proven her mettle against the Collective and has received Knighthood under tutorship of her master Rhylance. Clan leadership has allowed her to tutor Aru Law, giving her more responsibility on top of her duty as Magistrate of the Herald.


Physical Appearance

Alaisy has very long jet black hair often worn in a high, tight ponytail or loose and straight, in which case it reaches all the way down to her hips. Her upturned eyes have the color of smokey grey with a green ring and flecks of gold. Her arched eyebrows are always neatly kept in shape and really bring out an edge accompanied by her heart shaped face, small refined nose and full lips.

The Sith woman wears shiny black lipstick and makes sure it always looks immaculate. Despite being very tall she carries herself with a lot of confidence, keeping her head high and back straight. She has a slender mesomorph body with a small waist and large bust.

Alaisy has an appealing, sultry voice with a hint of smokiness to it, refined by years of singing.

Her skin is pale and smooth with her neck and eyes covered by black tattoo's that have a slight sheen to them. The upper and lower part of her neck markings are wide circles, while the middle part displays runes that chronicle her first steps into life of a Sith. Her permanent eye tattoo's resemble dramatic eyeliner with a sharp elegant wing at its end, saving her precious time not having to apply it every morning.


Alaisy prefers to wear a black tight fitting bodysuit that compliments her figure well. She wears absurdly tall high heeled boots that have jet thrusts built inside of the platforms. These boots have many belts and buckles tied around them. During combat situations she wears a double strapped belt around her waist that’s fitted with several clipped-on grenades, an Electro-chain whip, and her lightsaber.

At formal occasions she can be seen wearing long dresses that are usually black or deep purple with long gloves.

Alaisy at the P.R.O.M. Event

Personality & Interests

To Alaisy Tir’eivra it is of the utmost importance to look her best at any moment. All of that care and attention can soak up an incredible amount of time, often leading to her being late at meetings possibly angering her peers. All of this self-care can make her look vain and to top it off she places a lot of pride in her general body language and clothing style. Compliments to her are power, while insults on her particular choices of attire can anger her and make her easier to manipulate.

Her passions lie in the pursuit of knowledge, finding a deeper understanding of the Force and dabbling in Sith Alchemy. This is because she views life as something extremely precious and often takes extraordinary measures in preserving it. Alaisy’s ultimate goals would be mastering the art of healing, revival and achieving unending life.

She loves seduction, creepy suggestions and she has a particularly soft spot for dark poetic compliments. She also has a negative disposition towards optimists that are clearly faking and forcing their emotions. Alaisy believes that her intuition tells her what she needs to hear, making some of her decisions extremely difficult to explain and irrational to others. She is however convinced that things will surely go awry if she ignores her own instinct.