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New Order era.
Conflict: New Dawn Control of the Cocytus System
Objective: Stop Darth Fallax and the Order of the New Dawn
Date: 34 ABY
Location: Cocytus system

  • New Dawn Loyalists

  • Desric Teroler
  • Kadryn Teroler
  • Rylla Varga

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Midnight was a Scholae Palatinae campaign that took place in 34 ABY as the second act to the Order Storyline. The members of Clan Scholae Palatinae returned to their home in the Cocytus system and waged war against the Order of the New Dawn in an attempt to reclaim their home, and to stop Darth Fallax who was possessing the body of Xen’Mordin Vismorsus-Palpatine.


Recruitment poster for the New Dawn

"The games are over."
―Darth Fallax

Following the events of Operation Starfall, the members of Scholae Palatinae escaped the kybar crystal cave, and smuggled themselves back into the Cocytus system. Elincia Rei, held prisoner by Darth Fallax, took the risk and escaped, due to luck, efforts by Xen’Mordin to stop Fallax, and the appearance of her estranged father. Xen’Mordin himself was trapped inside his own mind, and forced to watch as Fallax set about tearing apart his clan, and subjected to endless torture at the hands of Fallax.

The New Dawn became aware of Scholae Palatinae’s return to the Cocytus system, thanks largely to the capture of Delak Krennel. Rylla Varga, one of Fallax’s twelve disciples began an all out search of the entire system to locate the Palatinaeans and stop them. Following days of aggressive interrogation and torture, Darth Fallax personally killed Delak Krennel, impaling him on a lightsaber. Fallax then had Delak’s half-brother, Jurdan, take Delak’s body as a message to the Palatinaeans.

Meanwhile, in the streets of Ohmen, Elincia Rei remained on the run. She came in contact with Stana Watsertha, who identified herself as an ally, and demonstrated knowledge of both Elincia, and the entirety of the clan. Stana took Elincia, along with Polis Jones to the location that all of Scholae Palatinae were hiding at. There the three of them set forth a plan to attempt to save Xen’Mordin from Fallax. Some members of Scholae Palatinae agreed to help, others refused, instead deciding on advancing the fight against the New Dawn no matter the cost.

The Conflict

One of the New Dawn’s many modified vehicles

"Do what must be done."
―Darth Fallax to Sadon Teraah

Polis and Stana led the Palatinaeans who agreed to help Xen’Mordin into the jungle, where they began a ritual that took them inside Xen’s mind in an attempt to free them. Once the ritual was finished, a large crystal appeared before them, pulsing with light. Armed with the crystal they made their way back to the others to stop the New Dawn and attempt to take the Imperial Palace. Kylex, hungry with a bloodrage to avenge the fallen Delak Krennel, attempted to attack Rylla Varga head-on. He was captured and taken to Watop Retwin for torture and interrogation. Before Watop could begin however, the prisoner processing center was attacked, and Kylex was freed by Dek Ironius II.

Several members, including Mune, Lexiconus, and Sparky stole encryption keys and security protocols. Chased by Merkak Quintrel and his best soldiers, the group found themselves cornered in a safe house kept off grid by Lexiconus. There was a single secret escape route, however the New Dawn would just follow it, and they would still be closely pursued. Sparky volunteered to remain behind, rigging the building with explosives, and setting up a dead-man’s trigger, while the others escaped. He was eventually overrun, and killed, triggering an explosion which killed the New Dawn soldiers, and injuring Merkak.

Continuing to suffer heavy losses, the Palatinaeans struck back. Using intel gathered by Lexiconus, Zehsaa was able to snipe down Rylla Varga, crippling the New Dawn’s intelligence efforts. The duo of Desric and Kadryn Teroler, the heads of indoctrination and recruitment were killed in an attack by Mune Cinteroph and Jurdan Krennel.

At this point, Xen’s body was giving into its intense corruption, a side effect of Fallax’s possession of it. Haera Jakil provided a temporary solution to the corruption, at the cost of intensive pain to the body. This pain further escalated Fallax’s ability, and the torture Xen was subjected to.

Fallax ordered his most loyal follower, Sadon Teraah to take action. Sadon took his forces to the city of Teyr, and brutally massacred the population to draw the Palatinaeans out. It worked.


Xen’Mordin fully possessed by Fallax, body corrupting and decaying

―Fallax to Xen’Mordin

The tide in the battle of Teyr turned as more of the military defected back to support the Palatinaeans. The New Dawn were eventually overrun. Sadon was captured and executed by Archangel. With the New Dawn pushed back. The Palatinaeans turned their attention toward Ohmen, and the palace.

Out in the jungle, the team working on the risky ritual to free Xen, succeeded. They charged a crystal that just needed to get near Fallax to separate him and Xen permanently. They met up with their clanmates and made the final push to the palace.

The New Dawn had locked down the palace, but some quick thinking from Alara Deathbane, and some inspiration from the failed attack by Fias Zhan several years earlier, let to them breaching the front door. The Palatinaeans quickly stormed to the throne room.

Once there, the crystal shot to the ceiling and exploded, drowning out Fallax in bright raw energy. When the light abaded, Fallax and Xen were separated, Xen back in control of his own body, and Fallax with a fully restored body of his own. Fallax quickly overpowered Xen’Mordin, cutting the Consul’s ancient lightsaber in half. Xen used the force to launch the remaining half of the lightsaber at the Sith Lord, hoping to use it as a spear. Fallax used force lightning at the same moment. The lightning and hilt met in midair, with the lightning overloading the damaged crystal and powercell of the hilt. It exploded.

The explosion sent Xen’Mordin flying back, unconcious. The shrapnel from the lightsaber hilt continued forward, impaling Fallax’s new body. The members of Scholae Palatinae crowded around, and kept him alive long enough to kill him painfully. When they finished, Xen’Mordin had vanished.

Xen’Mordin had been taken to a secret medical facility on Caina by Stana Watsertha. She brought Elincia Rei and Evant Taelyan to visit him and discuss what to do. The machines showed he had no brain activity. They ultimately decided to leave his life support on, hoping he would find his way back through the force.


Overall winners of Midnight:

  • First Place: Blade Ta’var
  • Second Place: Archangel Palpatine
  • Third Place: Jurdan Krennel
  • Fourth Place: Lexiconus Qor
  • Fifth Place: Mune Cinteroph

Run-on - First Place - Dek Ironius II

Multimedia - First Place - Archangel Palpatine

Epic Fiction - First Place - Blade Ta’var

Battle Plan - First Place - Archangel, Blade, Jorm & Zehsaa

Phase 1 Gaming - First Place - Landon Cruise

Phase 1 Fiction - First Place - Lexiconus Qor

Phase 1 Poetry - First Place - Mune Cinteroph

Phase 1 Graphics - First Place - Zehsaa Hysh

Phase 1 Trivia - First Place - Zehsaa Hysh

Phase 1 Word Search - First Place - Alara Deathbane

Phase 2 Gaming - First Place - Lexiconus Qor

Phase 2 Fiction - First Place - Mune Cinteroph

Phase 2 Poetry - First Place - Kylex

Phase 2 Graphics - First Place - Zehsaa Hysh

Phase 2 Trivia - First Place - Mune Cinteroph

Phase 2 Comic - First Place - Archangel Palpatine

Phase 3 Gaming - First Place - Blade Ta’var

Phase 3 Fiction - First Place - Blade Ta’var

Phase 3 Poetry - First Place - Kell Palpatine Dante

Phase 3 Graphics - First Place - Zehsaa Hysh

Phase 3 Trivia - First Place - Mune Cinteroph

Phase 3 Flash Game - First Place - Blade Ta’var

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