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Production information


Technical specifications

120 meters

Max speed (atmosphere):

1,000 km/h (Atmospheric)

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 2 (Backup Class 16)


416 SBD


176 RU



-30 missile magazine each
  • Crew (45)
  • Gunners (46)




Cargo capacity:

300 metric tons


Eight months

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Vessel Info

A popular expansion upon the Corellian Engineering Corp CR-90 Corvette, the Corellian Gunship fills the role of Capital Ship combat much more effectively than its predecessors. Armed to the teeth, it is effective in starfighter deterrence, while expanding its potential to defend against larger and more heavily armed vessels. Though originally designed for the Galactic Republic, the effectiveness of this vessel saw its service expand into the Empire. Still a popular choice for Smugglers and underworld business syndicates, the Corellian Gunship continues to show off its stellar design and effectiveness in combat.



After the reclamation of the Antei system in 30 ABY, all of the Clans of the Dark Brotherhood were given an allowance as a show of gratitude for showing their faith to the Grandmaster. Purchased through the Brotherhood’s many contacts within the corporate world, the Dagger was purchased alongside 3 other Corellian Gunships. The sister ships have been adapted to defend the Warspite and Indomitable.

Service to the Palpatines

A greenhorn to the fleet, The Dagger has yet to see action. The Dagger spends most of its time escorting the rest of its Flotilla, the Excidium II and Relentless.


Commanding Officer

Dasca Pamerus, a disgraced noble of Corellia, was born in 12 BBY. There are few who know the details of the Human’s fall from grace as the former Duke has told only those that he has deemed trustworthy. Finding his way to the Royal Clan in 27 ABY, he hoped he could salvage what remained of his nobility (for reasons known only to himself) by joining the Navy. He was assigned to the Relentless as a Petty Deck Officer. His superiors regarded him as arrogant and lazy, likely due to his previous status on Corellia. After narrowly avoiding being dishonourably discharged, Pamerus realized that his nobility held no sway in the military; his attitude became more humble in the presence of superior officers. In 31 ABY, respect for Pamerus succeeded in being named as the Commanding Officer of the Dagger.

Executive Officer

Barely older than a boy, Salkwe Baj’ik, a Human born on Ptolomea in 12 ABY, joined the Navy when he was just 16-years-old. Even at such a young age, his superiors could see his potential, none more so than Dasca Pamerus. Upon Pamerus’ promotion to Commanding Officer, he requested Baj’ik be made his second-in-command, a view echoed by many other officers.


Assigned to First Flotilla, along with the Excidium II, the Relentless and the Dauntless.