Derek Cinn

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New Order era.
Derek Cinn
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

22 ABY

Physical Description





1.4 m / 4' 6'


46 kg / 101 pounds


Light Brown



Personal Information
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Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

New Order era

Known masters:

Xen'Mordin Vismorsus



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Derek Cinn is a Sith Knight in Clan Scholae Palatinae. He is assigned to House Excidium and Battle Team Tactius Athanasius. Derek is young yet accomplished for a 13 year old. He has risen to the rank of Knight, rare for someone his age, and has continued serving his Clan and House with pride and loyalty. Due to the Cinn Family’s military background, more specifically his Grandfather's background, Derek has a strong affinity for the common soldier. This view, along with the stories and legends he had been told growing up by his grandfather, has led Derek to create and form his own custom armor based off of the Phase II clone trooper armor. He feels strongly that this shows solidarity with any soldiers he may be fighting alongside.

Derek is skilled with a lightsaber and dual wielding two DC-17 blaster pistol that belonged to his grandfather. He also is skilled in using his prized Zhaboka, something he inherited from a man after the death of his family. However, despite having these weapons and skills, He isn't particularly violent, the only exception being against wookies.

being so young, He is quiet and shy at times amongst people he isn't familiar with. He is known to be very sarcastic and loves to bother people in his spare time, fond of the reaction he can produce. Despite all of this, he is a very charismatic boy and despite his age, people can find him very likable, often gravitating towards his warm smile.

Character History


Derek's Grandfather was Lieutenant General Griysin Cinn. He was born on Brentaal IV to a very wealthy family and was part of the Republic Futures Program based on the planet. He was commissioned at the start of the Clone Wars (22 BBY) at the age 23. He spent the first few months of the war as a member of the Senate Guard. He however found his duties to be quite tedious and much to the disappointment of his parents, He volunteer for frontline duties. He fought in many battles alongside the famed Clone Troopers beginning his career with the 41st Elite Corp where he befriended Commander Gree, Then the 104th Battalion, 91st Reconnaissance Corps, and ending the Clone Wars fighting with the 41st again on Kashyyyk. During his time with the 41st Elite Corp he held the rank of Colonel and worked closely with Commander Gree in preparation for the defense of Kashyyyk. After the Clone Wars ended (19 BBY) He was transferred back to the Senate Guard where he would meet and marry his wife, Ginny Cinn. Derek having experience with the planet and having a connection to the Wookies was reassigned to Kashyyyk to manage the integration of the system into the First Galactic Empire. Not too long after He was promoted to Major General and assigned to the staff that would begin enforcing the Emperor's speciest policy. He initially protested the treatment of the wookies and the planet itself citing their history with the Republic but eventually realized that the Republic he fought for no longer existed and stayed quiet to prevent retribution against his family who was staying with him on Kashyyyk.

During his command he and his wife had a son (4 ABY) who he named Gree Cinn after his close friend Commander Gree. After the Battle of Yavin (0 ABY), He was promoted to Lieutenant General and was placed as the second-in-command to the Governor overseeing Kashyyyk. Four years later, the Emperor and Lord Vader were killed during the Battle of Endor and in the ensuing confusion and power struggle, He deserted and escaped with his family to Chandrila.

He would lead a peaceful life there raising his child Gree who would become a wealthy entertainment mogul. Gree would produce and finance multiple famous holo dramas and owned multiple popular high end resorts, hotels, theaters, opera houses, and casinos on the planet. He would met his wife, Luna Cinn, who would give birth to Derek and two years later his younger brother, Dawson Cinn

Early Life

Derek grew up in a very luxurious three story home on private land that was situated on the sparsely populated hilly plains near one of the oceans of Chandrila. His life was quite normal. He attended a public school not too far away and enjoyed playing outside and going down by the water to swim. He also had a very close relationship with his grandfather. His Father, being a busy businessman, never neglected Derek but was often away on some sort of business. His mother was a doctor at a nearby hospital and often had to leave for emergencies and spent many nights at the hospital being one of the main doctors there. Derek's Grandmother, Ginny Cinn, was ill and rested most of the day. This left Griysin, Derek's grandfather, to practically raise him. He entertained Derek of the countless battles he had been in and the men he fought beside. What Derek found most intriguing were the Clone Troopers. He learned as much as he could about them and thought of them as legendary heroes. He could often be seen playing with an old green and grey clone helmet he had found in the basement and a pair of wooden pistols yelling "TAKE THAT CLANKERS!" as he pretended to blast invisible battle droids. His brother, Dawson, wasn’t too much younger than him but he preferred taking naps and playing with the numerous little animals that liked to run about in the fields than play war but never the less, they were close and often played along the coast together trying to run away from waves and try to throw sand down each others shorts. This of course led to the usual sibling argument but would be forgotten the next day

Turning Point

On his seventh birthday, Derek had woken up to his grandfather shaking him awake. His gentle eyes glinted with the morning sun giving them a dazzling bright green color. His brother climbed up onto the bed and began jumping up and down screaming “cake” over and over and over again till Derek finally woke up and strode downstairs, holding his grandfather's hand to see his grandmother lying on the couch looking up at him and his mother and father cheering happy birthday as he strode toward them giving them a good morning hug. His parents had taken 2 weeks off to take Derek to Coruscant to see the First Battle Memorial and other sights. Griysin brought out a small silver box with the Republic emblem engraved on the top. It had taken a lot of convincing but Derek's parents finally approved of his gift. Derek opened the box and immediately gave his grandfather a massive hug along with his signature smile. He looked at the battleworn DC-17s that lay crossed on black cloth. Derek knew what these were. They were the weapons that some Clones used, usually ARC troopers or officers. These particular pair belong to Commander Gree who had gifted them to Griysin before he left the 41st Elite Corp the first time. He had removed the gas cartridge and magazine so safety wouldn't be a concern.

After the celebration he had gone out to play with his “new” blasters. It was a normal day as he played in the green fields with his brother behind the home and the ocean glimmering behind them. He suddenly stopped and took off the large helmet that bounced around on his head. He looked toward the house and could hear an unusual amount commotion. Curious as to what was going on, Derek ran up the hill going up to his house, ordering his brother to stay, He scaled the trellis that stood erect against the side of is home. he creeped up the roof and in through the opening window leading into his room. He quietly went to the top of the stairs and peeked around the corner just in time to see 4 wookies and 2 New Republic soldiers shove the large front door open tossing Derek's frail grandmother to the ground.

He gasped as he saw his father and grandfather run over to Ginny, helping her up to the couch. He saw one of the troopers, a burly Devornian, pull out a datapad reading off charges. After reading from the datapad, ignoring the protests of the family, informed them that they would all be arrested and Griysin was to be transported to Kashyyyk for a hearing and then summary execution. He and the other Soldier informed them that they would be contacting the planetary authorities to seize the house and all of the family’s holdings on the planet and that they will remain in the home under the custody of the wookies. Once they left, the wookies began unsheathing their swords.

Luna screamed and hugged Gree tightly, They advanced menacingly toward them. Griysin screaming at them to stay away from them. He ran into the adjacent room and grabbed a pistol. But before he could aim and fire one of the wookies, a black furred and ragged looking brute, grabbed him by the throat. Another brown hair wookie wearing ornamental shoulder plates, swung his saber, severing the arm of Derek’s 74 year old grandfather. He tried to scream but his his face was turning blue and no noise came out of his throat. Gree charged the wookie but was stopped by a sword swiping at his face. His limp body smacked the floor at the base of the stairs. The wookie choking Griysin suddenly threw him, smashing him against the glass table. He coughed up blood, still clutching his arm. He pleaded with them, telling them how he fought alongside them in the Clone Wars, but his pleas fell on deaf ears

He screamed at Luna and Ginny to get Derek and Dawson and run. But before they could, the two other wookies, light brown and black furred and wearing two ammo belts crossing their chest,grabbed the women’s arms, tearing them off their petite bodies. The two women screamed in excruciating pain before being silenced as the wookies beheaded them. Blood was splattered against the white walls and pooled on the pristine white tiles like Red Gourd Soup. All of a sudden a tiny little voice rang out screaming. The wookies looked up to see little Dawson looking terrified at the sight of his family's mangled bodies. A Wookie with no hesitation, aimed his long gun and fired at the child’s head, launching him back out toward the field, his head now little more than a black and burnt ball of flesh and brain. Derek couldn’t take it anymore and ran downstairs and turned his father’s limp body to find his face sliced open and barely recognizable. He pleaded with his now dead father to wake up. The wookies turned and roared grievously. His eyes widen at the wookies advancing toward him, their fur dripping with his mother and grandmother’s blood.

His grandfather was able to scream at Derek to run before a sword stabbed into his stomach. His face twisted in pain but kept his eyes locked with Derek, tears flowing down his blood splattered face. He opened his mouth to say one last thing but the wookie twisted the sword still in Griysin’s stomach. He wasn’t able to do more than gasp before falling limp, he’s soft green eyes no longer warm and bright as derek was so used to seeing. He sprinted up the stairs, his gifted pistols still clutched in his hands.

The wookie’s began firing at him but were told to stop by the soldiers who told them they were leaving. Tears streamed down Derek’s face as he sprinted along the beach for an hour before he collapsed into the sand and began sobbing, his chest heaving greatly. He lay there for hours whimpering at the memory of his family being torn apart before his very eyes before falling asleep to the waves crashing onto the beach.