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Tacitus Athanasius
General information

Shadow Nighthunter





Historical information
Formed from:

34 ABY

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Scholae Palatinae and House Excidium


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"The sharpest knives for the darkest nights"

Tacitus Athanasius is a battleteam located in a hidden base within the mountains of Caina. Founded by Shadow Nighthunter in 34 ABY, the unit's purpose is to take out all threats to the House silently, serving as the silent and secret dagger for the House when given the orders. Members of the House deemed worthy by the leader are allowed to join in after swearing an oath of secrecy.

First Battleteam Leader, Shadow Nighthunter


Shadow Nighthunter was both founder and first leader of Tacitus Athanasius. Being an assassin herself, the Sith saw need of a unit that went after those that perhaps the House wasn't able to go after. When a survivor of the League of Liberation had attempted to take out the Quaestor, it was Shadow who thwarted the attempt in time. Thus was Tacitus Athanasius born under the leadership of Shadow and her sister and former apprentice, Alara Deathbane.

Sergeant Alara Deathbane



Tacitus Athanasius is located at Silent Death Citadel, atop the frost covered mountains of Caina. Though the full layout of the citadel is only known by TA assassins, images have been leaked of the main hall and the elusive ritual chamber. The mountaintop lair is complete with dormitories for its assassins, training halls, a library, animal quarters, a docking bay, a landing bay and stable-like area for Sergeant Alara's ruping Forren, and an armory.

Rendevous points have been placed within city limits that the Tacitus Athanasius assassins have needed to keep their eyes on for the Quaestor.

Early History

Battle Team Tacitus Athanasius was founded in 34 ABY by Warrior Shadow Nighthunter in House Excidium, Scholae Palatinae. Under Quaestor Lucyeth, Shadow was ordered to destroy the survivors menacing League of Liberation; a league tormenting House Excidium ever since its birth.

First Test

Just starting anew under the leadership of Shadow and Alara, the sisters sent their assassins to eliminate three mercenaries working for the survivor of the LoL. The mercs went under the names of Snake, Crow, and Scorpion; of which was a Twi'lek assassin, a former crime lord of a Zabrak, and a Mandalorian bounty hunter. It was a test for the members of TA to see who would kill the mercs first, and Brandon Tarsus was the one to land the fatal blow. At least, so it was thought. Unknown to Shadow, Scorpion was an old friend of the Palatinean merc, and was allowed to live. Scorpion would later send forth a group of Mandalorian bounty hunters to take out the battle team leader, only to fail.

The Removal of the Sergeant

Overtime, it was decided within the clans by the Dark Council that Sergeant would no longer be an official position, and Alara was removed of her title. However, she continued on as the honorary Sergeant for two months until Kylex took the position after she moved on to be Aedile of House Excidium.

Last honorary Sergeant Knight Kylex.

Darkening Times

A New Menace

During the reign of Braecen as Excidium's Quaestor, Pravus was sending in Inquisitor agents to Cocytus Space to sabotage the Imperial Clan and its Houses. ISI agents were sent to investigate a disturbance on Ptolomea, but were killed by the Inquisitors. When one of Shadow'scontacts reported to her about one of the agent's death, the *Shadow Wolf* ordered for Kylex to take the other assassins with him to investigate. The mission was a success with the team subduing and capturing an Inquisitor. The man was brought forth before Shadow, and endured torturous interrogation. Unfortunately, Kylex had lost his patience, and slew their prisoner before they could get any information out of him. The only useful bit of info they had gotten out of him was that he wasn't alone, and that there were other Inquisitors in the system.


Seven days after the interrogation, all of Scholae Palatinae was ordered to evacuate the Cocytus System as a drill. However, when everyone had arrived on the IMS Tipoca II, Alara Deathbane informed everyone that their home system had just been attacked by the Iron Fleet, the planets having been glassed. Caina had shared the same fate with the Silent Citadel having been destroyed. With this awful news came an unexpected, but welcomed, surprise as Emperor Xen'Mordin revealed himself to still be alive after having thought to have died after he was freed from Fallax's possession. With the return of their emperor, CSP sought out a new system to call home.

A New Frontier

CSP eventually made it to the Caperion System, and Tacitus Athanasius stepped up to help its House seek out a new home under the new Quaestor, Alara Deathbane. However, the system had its own conflict with various political factions being at war with each other. During a campaign against the Maxis Empire, Sergeant Kylex went MIA. His loss was a hard hit to the battle team, and Shadow chose to keep his position secure in hopes that he might one day return. That only changed when friends of Kylex arrived before Shadow in search of him, and Levi was declared temporary Sergeant.

Though the Sergeant had been lost, Excidium had eventually gained control of Albicosus' moon, Ulress. Plans for a new battle team headquarters was set in motion. Those plans would be delayed when a new threat to the entire Brotherhood reared its ugly head from the shadows, calling all Clans to war.

The 12th Great Jedi War

Uniting against The Collective

Led by Rath Oligard, The Collective was an organization that sought to destroy the Iron Throne and the Brotherhood Resistance. With an intense hatred for Force users after his family had been killed on New Tython, Rath led the Liberation Front with the alliance of the Technocratic Guild and Capital Enterprises against the opposing forces, forcing Pravus to and the Clans to unite. CSP, sure enough, joined in the fight, and the members of Tacitus Athanasius joined their brethren in battle.

Aftermath and Kylex's Return

The Collective was ultimately defeated despite the losses faced by the Clans. During the war, however, Kylex had returned to CSP much to the delight of both Shadow and the other assassins. With the war over and Shadow's Sergeant back home among his brethren, the *Shadow Wolf* commenced the planning and building of the battle team's new home on Ulress while also helping Alara establish the House's home.

A New Beginning and Changing of the Guard

(To be continued)

Functions of Tacitus Athanasius

The Shadows of Tacitus Athanasius

In truth, the battle team is a rumored shadow of Excidium, with only its members and the Quaestor knowing of its existence. Shadow tends to be the Quaestor's eyes and ears in Caina and Ohmen City of Judecca, and will warn the Quaestor of possible threats and targets. Though the team is fully under Shadow's watch, the Quaestor will use the team to take out unusual and extremely dangerous threats to Excidium with the use of a target board.

The Darkstrike Order and Other Responsibilities

However, under the most dire circumstances, Shadow has the authority initiate the Darkstrike Order to send her assassins to take out the Quaestor or any member of Excidium should enough concrete evidence of betrayal be presented. The battle team leader also has the authority to take over Excidium in extreme cases including the death or abduction of both Quaestor and Aedile. However, to maintain the secrecy of the battle team, Shadow will choose to have a representative speak on her behalf. This doesn't mean she will not enforce order herself should order be broken. This leadership is temporary and will last until a new House summit is selected.

Joining the Darkness

Possible recruits for TA normally receive sudden messages from the leader herself. These messages give subtle directions regarding the mission, or test, that the person must accomplish. These missions test cunning, stamina, strength, slyness, and the spirit as well as mental strength. Should the initiate survive the mission, a ritual performed by TA members and their leader is provided. The members will each ask a question to the recruit, and should he or she answer truly, they are welcomed to the shadowy embrace of Tacitus Athanasius.

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