Vindictae Immortalis

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Vindictae Immortalis
General information

Jorm Na'trej


Aylin Sajark



Historical information
Formed from:

35 ABY

Other information

Scholae Palatinae and House Excidium


Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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Vindictae Immortalis is a battleteam utilizing mobile equipment to set up shop wherever needed, and basing on the Marauder-class Corvette Dagger between deployments. Founded by Jorm Na'trej in 35 ABY, the unit's purpose is to divert both attention and resources of enemy factions away from House Excidium and Scholae Platinae. Members of the House determined to join the team have to prove themselves on a mission before being accepted in a semi-ritual space christening.


Quaestor Alara Deathbane

Jorm Na'trej was both founder and first leader of Vindictae Immortalis. Being an unrepentant criminal even in his service to Scholae, he was tasked with leading and overseeing House Excidium's more unruly members on the eve of the twelvth Great Jedi War.




Vindictae Immortalis eschews a fixed address in favor of staying mobile and hard to find. The Marauder-class Corvette Guts & Glory most often serves as base and transport. Though the team is technically in command, the original BTL insisted on letting professionals do their jobs. Further, the ship stores field gear fitting in a few crates, which is everything Vindictae needs to turn a pre-existing building into a temporal base close to the next target.

The Rock

The heavily modified Baleen-class freighter is the dream of scavengers and scoundrels everywhere, though the jury is still out on whether it's a good one or a nightmare. One hundred and twenty thousand tons worth of cargo containers have been welded onto the ship and turn it into a small but mobile space station. Cosmetics turn this spacefaring abomination into something looking like a rock, which is perfect to hide it in any of the galaxy's ubiquitous asteroid belts.

Jailblazer Squadron

Operating from the team's Marauder corvette, this T70 X-Wing squadron delivers massive and mobile firepower when needed, where needed, without scruples.

Extorter Flight

These popular VT-49 assault ships serve the team in every role imaginable.

The Cruel Crew

A company strength unit with a small command and support element that may or may not be deployed depending on the nature of the mission. The company has 28 trained scout soldiers with rifles, 54 sharpshooters with sniper rifles and smoke grenades, 27 tech specialists trained to repair, operate or destroy any equipment encountered in the field and penetrate enemy defenses packing rifles, thermal detonators and explosives as well as 27 support gunners equipped with light repeating blasters.

Early History

Battle Team Vindictae Immortalis was founded in 35 ABY by Battlemaster Jorm Na'trej in House Excidium, Scholae Palatinae. Under Quaestor Alara Deathbane, Jorm was ordered to draw foreign powers' attention and resources to create a wider berth for the Clan to operate.

The Nethal Campaign

In Scholae's first campaign to expand the Clan's territorial holdings on Ragnath, Vindictae Immortalis ransacked a Meraxian logistics node on the island of Nethal Prime. Trialing the team's method, they acted disguised as criminals, provoking a military reaction through the nature of their target. This in turn gave Scholae an excuse for a preemptive strike against seemingly hostile movements on the Meraxian border, or at least that was the narrative.

The team pillaged the Meraxian garrision's salaries, and captured valuable logistics data before introducing a virus into the Meraxian network.

Functions of Vindictae Immortalis

The team's primary operations target money, data, weapons, people and other resources and assets, and either apprehend or eradicate them in ruthless and often spectacular fashion. Secondary operations include stringing along the resulting investigations from official and unofficial sides alike, and manipulating the media fallout to create maximum confusion. On the side, the team aims to turn a profit with their ill-gotten gains.

Joining the Madness

Prospect members will first have to accept that their face may end up on every WANTED! poster in the quadrant, potentially voiding any anonymity they might enjoy. Their determination is put to the test in a raid, where they are pushed into a high-risk role of importance. Once they have proven themselves, they are christened in space, with their teammates present.