Syle Deth

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Syle Deth
Biographical Information

Churba , Churba System

Date of Birth:

14 BBY (age 52)

Physical Description





1.68 m





Personal Information

Dlarit Navy, Dlarit Corporation

Chronology & Political Information

Wing Commander on the Harbinger


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Naga Sadow

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Syle Deth is currently a Major in the Warhost Fleet and serves as the Wing Commander aboard the Harbinger.

Early Life

Syle Deth was born on Churba, 14 years before the Battle of Yavin. He is an only child, the son of Sean and Margaret Deth. Syle was born into a very wealthy family, his father a former Old Republic senator, and from a long line of Republic senators, who remained loyal to the Empire at its rise and retired to local bureaucracy when the Senate was disbanded. Being born into this very affluent family, Syle was able to live with a silver spoon in his mouth. He went to the best private schools, took classes in just about everything, soaking up every bit of knowledge he could get his hands on. He was a model child with many friends who looked up to him and envied his lifestyle. Syle was not just privileged like his peers, but his family held more influence on Churba than all of the other families combined.

Throughout the years as Syle continued to excel in school and finally graduated from secondary school in 3 ABY and he knew immediately what he wanted to do. It had become apparent that he, like his father, was becoming a rather strident supporter of the Empire in their time of need.

Joining the Empire

He applied to the Academy at age 17, around the time of the Battle of Hoth, and was accepted the same year. He graduated with honors four years later, was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy Air Corps, and placed in an Interceptor squadron working out on the rim. Even though the Empire had suffered many defeats and seemed to be losing their grip ont he Galaxy, Syle believed he could make a difference and return the Empire to its former glory.

The pilot quickly made a name for himself, racking up kills during Thrawn's campaign, at which point he was transferred to an elite squadron, and then racking up more kills after that. At only twenty six years of age, a mere 5 years after graduating from the Academy and 8 years after the Battle for Endor, Syle had achieved the rank of Captain, was the head of an elite squadron, the 146th Fighter/Bomber squadron, and was considered to be one of the top aces in the remaining Empire. At the rate at which he was going, he could have easily been a General, maybe even one of the top Generals, before he turned 40.

However, it wasn't to be. Those who were close friends with Syle would testify that he began to act very differently after he became the squadron leader. He had continued successes as a pilot, and was a very well-organized and capable leader, but he still began to act very differently. He ordered the exterior of the TIE Avenger he used to be painted blood red. He began to smoke and drink on a regular basis, and was often seen walking down the halls of the ship he was based on talking to himself. He also made it literally impossible for the high command to reward him for his services. It was apparent that Syle was disappointed with the turn of events as the Empire was shattered and broken piece by piece. His morals and views were being put to the test. Disgruntled, the squadron leader abandoned his charges and turned his back on the last remnants of the broken Empire in 10 ABY. Although he abandoned them, he did make off with am Imperial TIE Pilot suit, which he still adorns to this day. Syle has kept it clean and maintained it well, giving it the appearance as if it is still brand new.

New Life

Syle Deth moved throughout the Galaxy, working for private security forces and offering his services to numerous fleet commands for the next ten years. He was extremely good at his job, and could single handedly turn the tide of a conflict through his timely intervention. Though he never stayed too long at any given company or organization, for every time they attempted to promote him to Major, he would simply refuse, and would continue to go around with Captain's insignia until the command would simply give up and let him stay Captain for a while longer. His longest job was at an old forgotten frontier outpost which started in 21 ABY, which the Galaxy had seemed to have forgotten. The outpost had begun to grow and thrive, self sustaining themselves and conquering nearby systems to bring under their heel. It was here that Syle felt home again, far from his troubled past and he was usually left alone here.

However, if they tried to transfer him out of his squadron, usually up to command of a wing, he would again simply refuse. If they forced him to move, he would create such a fuss that the command would decide that they would be able to live in peace if they simply kept Syle at squadron level, but only because they were too short on highly qualified flyers to discharge him on the grounds of mental insanity, plus it wouldn't look good to discharge an officer they just tried to promote. The procedure would be repeated every few months. The high command would try to promote Syle to Major and bring him up to wing command. Syle would refuse to wear the Major uniform, and continuously lodge complaints until they demoted him to Captain and returned him to his squadron. Finally, they had had enough and discharged the troubled pilot from their services in 27 ABY, six years after he had entered their service.

After all that he had done for the frontier outpost, he felt bitter and alone once again. Reaching out to his contacts, he was put in touch with a corporation whom were interested in his skills and capabilities.


Syle Deth upon entering service for the Warhost Fleet.

In very short time, Syle found a new position in the Dlarit Corporation where he quickly moved up through the ranks again but refused anything higher than what he had stayed his entire career. Finally, three years into their service, in 30 ABY, Syle was put to the test aboard the Covenant as the squadron commander. Although he had protested heavily, he was visited by the top leaders of the Dlarit Corporation. Nobody knows what was exactly said or discussed then, but by the end of the night Syle Deth had accepted the promotion with a smile on his face.

Warhost Navy

After the Dlarit Corporation fell in 33 ABY, Syle was transferred to the Harbinger where he was promoted to the rank of Major and also became its Wing Commander. His acceptance speech for the rank of Major stated that Syle found a place to once again fight for and to bring it the glory it deserved, a traight the Warhost Fleet appreciated in its own way. Syle Deth had agreed to lead the younger generation of pilots in this new age, and felt that he was the only person who could guarantee their safety so long as they played by his rules.

Though the Major has some crude and somewhat outdated tactics, they still seem to work and are an efficient way to effectively take out their targets who are expecting anything but what the Wing Commander has in store for them. Syle has earned the respect of his underlings and is always greeted with respect and dignity from anyone aboard the Harbinger.

Physical Description

Stands at a fairly short stature, only around 5'5", with an average build, weighing in at around 160 pounds. He has short, slightly curly, blond hair with light grey eyes and sports a short mustache and goatee. While not wearing his Imperial TIE Pilot suit, Syle tends to wear a loose-fitting beat up leather jacket, a beat up slouch hat, faded black pants, and dingy boots with a cigar hanging out of his mouth and either a glass of alcohol, some type of sporting equipment (usually a golf club), or a book in hand. The only other distinguishing feature is a tattoo of a silver-colored eagle on his right forearm.