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The Dlarit Corporation's Ranks and Titles are numerous and varied depending on the department or organization with which they pertain to. While some of these ranks and titles are merely honorifics or antiquated, the following documententation lists all of these Ranks and Titles in a consolidated region to prevent redundancy and streamline the Corporation's efficiency.


Board of Directors


The Chairman or Chief Executive Officer of the Dlarit Corporation replaces the role of Viceroy although only in title, the Chairman remains the elusive owner and de facto Head of State for the Orian system through the Corporation's integral symbiosis with the star system. As with before, Astronicus Aurelius Sadow, raised Astronicus Aurelius Dlarit, remains the Chairman of the Board.


As with before, the President or Chief Operating Officer of the Dlarit Corporation is the head of the Corporation's day-to-day operations. While formerly known as the Governor General, the President or COO supervises all activity within the Coporation and Orian system while relying upon their Vice-president for assistance. Behind the scenes, this position is synonymous with the highest station within Naga Sadow as a unit: Consul as a Clan and Quaestor as a House.


The Vice-President supports the President of the Corporation as their chief aide and assists with its oversight and operation. All activity passing through the Vice-president's office, either through the system itself or the Corporation proper, are thoroughly detailed and documented through their directors. Behind the scenes, this positions is synonymous with the second highest station within Naga Sadow as a unit: Proconsul as a Clan and Aedile as a House.

Chief Personnel Officer

A new title for an already existent operator within the framework of the Dlarit Corporation, the Chief Personnel Officer deals primarily with the Board of Directors and their Special Operations Group liaisons. While this figure deals with the civilian populous more often than much of the rest of the board, they ensure that all those whom operate within Dlarit are comfortable and happy. Behind the scenes, this position is synonymous with the Rollmaster of Naga Sadow.

Executive Director

With the implementation of civilian liaisons to military Prefects for the oversight of the planetary bodies within Orian, the position of Directors were generated to ensure various elements of the Corporation were not over burdened with Special Operations personnel. Executive Directors perform various tasks with the aid of a Senior Director and in some cases a Director or two; they report directly to the President and Vice-president of the Corporation. Behind the scenes, this position is synonymous with the leader in care of the highest tiered sub-units of Naga Sadow: House Quaestor as a Clan and Battleteam Leader as a House.

Senior Director

As with the Executive Director, the Senior Director is a relatively new title for a former figure within Naga Sadow and the Dlarit Corporation. As Governors have become primarily military in nature through Prefectures or a Civilian office which liases with a Prefect; Directors are designated to ensure the continued efficient operation of the Corporation. The Senior Director is the principal aide to the Executive Director and reports to the President and Vice-president in their absence. Behind the scenes, this position is only viable while Naga Sadow is a unit of Clan status as this station is synonymous with the Aedile of a House under a Clan.


A title for a new station exclusively for select Military liaisons, this is not to be confused with a commercial Director, within the Dlarit Corporation. In a bid to consolidate the Corporation under a singular banner, these former commercial Presidents are now known as Directors for their various subsidiaries, likewise Special Operations liaisons tasked to Executive and Senior Directors have been awarded the title of Director due to their influence not only for their military standing but also their effects on the Corporation as a whole. The title has also been expanded to other Special Operations personnel whom operate above and beyond the call of standard personnel to co-ordinate with their additional oversight. Behind the scenes, this militant title is extended to our Sons and Daughters of Sadow for their continued service and standing to Naga Sadow, whereas its other usage is only viable while Naga Sadow is a unit of Clan status as this station is synonymous with Battleteam Leaders within a House of a Clan.

Department of Defense

Adjutant General

The title of Adjutant General is held by the head of the Dlarit Security Force and acts as the primary liaison between the Security Force and the Executive Board. The Adjutant General is traditionally an experienced Admiral or General selected by the Board for their loyalty and skill. In practice it is little more than a puppet role for the Disciples of Sadow and rarely the Adjutant General is selected from their numbers.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff of the Dlarit Army is its most senior general officer. The Chief of Staff bears full authority over the Dlarit Army as bestowed upon them by the Adjutant General and the Executive Board. The Chief of Staff also supervises the work of the corporation's civilian police force.

Commander General

The Commander General is the head of the Dlarit Special Operations Group serves as the main representative of the special forces wing of the Dlarit Corporation for the main board of directors. The Commander General is almost always a senior member of Naga Sadow.

Fleet Commander

The Fleet Commander is the Admiral in charge of the Dlarit Navy. The Fleet Commander is selected to exercise their authority over the navy as delegated to them via the Adjutant General from the Executive Board.

Marine Commandant

The title of Commandant is held by the head of the Dlarit Marines, a branch of the Dlarit Army. The Marine Commandant is traditionally a loyal member of the Marine Corps selected by the Chief of Staff and Fleet Commander, reporting to a member of the Special Operations Group, the Chief of Staff or the Fleet Commander.

Police Commissioner

Though Dlarit Police is a subsidiary of the Dlarit Army, the Commissioner retains a seat within the department of the interior to provide the civilian police force with an independent voice. As a civilian organization, the commissioner's powers remain largely restricted in comparison to the army however though the Dlarit Police serve a much wider role within the cities of the Orian system such as Markosian City and Seng Karash, especially following the events of the Ekind Uprising.


Main article: [[Prefect|Prefect]]

The title of Prefect is granted to senior military officers of the Special Operations Group and placed as a military governor in direct command of a particular planet or asset of the corporation such as Gamuslag or Inos. While formerly Prefects rarely controlled planets, they have began to operate as exclusive military Governors liasing with a Civilian Governor or in lieu of one since the reorganization of the Dlarit Corporation and Naga Sadow.

Department of Internal Security


Commissar is the title held by political officers with the Dlarit Corporation selected from the ranks of the Special Operations Group to work within the Security Force and Special Operations Group to reinforce the ideology of the Corporation's true masters. A Commissar is given complete jurisdiction to judge the actions of any trooper or officer under their authority and to act accordingly. Amongst miscreant soldiers, a Commissar's wrath is as frequent a cause of fatality as an enemy. A Commissar's word is immutable law and their visage is one of grim authority that is to be respected and rightly feared. Commissars have become a far more common sight upon every vessel of the Dlarit Navy following the Battle of Antei and the Invasion of Orian to enforce the Overlord's will.

Special Attaché

Special Attaché is the title granted to military advisors appointed by the Dlarit Special Operations Group to monitor the activities aboard many of the vessels within the Dlarit Navy and within Dlarit Army outposts. They are selected in part thanks to their impressive loyalty, usually found to be greater than that of a typical Special Operations solider, to ensure that the activities of the Disciples of Sadow are kept undiscovered by the civilian population within the Security Force. Occasionally, albeit rarely, a Special Attaché will be selected from within the members of the Disciples of Sadow although this will typically only be the case when a stronger presence is required.

Department of Commerce


The title of Governor is held by a Civilian appointed by the Executive Board of the Corporation to oversee the Civilian population of the worlds within the Orian system. Officially the Governors are the Corporation's chief representatives in the Orian system, however in practice they are little more than puppets for the Corporation's true masters. Principal worlds such as Aeotheran and Tarthos are typically overseen by a Governor. The title was formerly synonymous with Quaestors for a House within Naga Sadow, it has since been succeeded by Executive Director.


Mayor is the title held by a senior elected official of the municipal government of Markosian City and Seng Karash. These individuals have extremely limited power and command within the Dlarit Corporation and by extension the Orian system due to the use of planetary Governors and the Executive Board. While their resources and control of their cities are limited, these individuals act as representatives of the growing civilian population within the Orian System for the Corporation.

Director (Commerce)

The title of Director outside of a military usage, refers to the senior elected officials within the various subsidiaries of the Dlarit Corporation who oversee the continued profit an survivalbility for their organizations. While each of these individuals have been assigned different tasks within the Corporation as a whole, each ensures their internal staff are content and the loyalty of their subsidiary is unquestioning in the face of an evolving Corporation; they report directly to their planetary Governors.

Department of Foreign Affairs


Legate is the title held by the chief ambassador of the Dlarit Corporation to the Galactic Alliance senate. The Legate represents the corporation as an affiliated state despite not being a full member state of the Galactic Alliance. Due to the growing prominence of the Orian system as an exporter of various rare goods, the Legate helps deflect the Galactic Alliance's attention and potential interference.

Dlarit Security Force

Dlarit Army

Dlarit Corporation

DSF enlisted ranks

        E-1.gif E-2.gif E-3.gif E-4.gif E-5.gif E-6.gif
  E-1 E-2 E-3 E-4 E-5 E-6 E-7 E-8 E-9
Army: Rec Pvt LCpl Cpl Sgt SSgt GSgt MSgt SgtMaj

Army Enlisted Ranks


Recruit is the lowest enlisted rank in the army and is held by trainees.


Private is the first rank at which new army recruits are likely to be assigned actual patrol work.

Lance Corporal

Lance Corporal is the third lowest enlisted rank in the army. Lance Corporal is the lowest rank at which troopers can expect to take on responsibilities of their own. They are likely to be found leading one or two other troopers.


Corporal is the second lowest non-commissoned officer in the army and the first rank at which one is likely to be given a genuine level of authority. Unlike Lance Corporals who mostly lead one or two men, Corporals are likely to be found in charge of a signifiant section of a squad or filling in for the squad's Sergeant if he is unavailable.


Sergeants are the backbone of the army and likely to be found in charge of squads of between five to ten men.

Staff Sergeant

Staff Sergeants are usually senior sergeants found in charge of single squads but may also serve as aides to officers commanding larger units.

Gunnery Sergeant

Gunnery Sergeant is the third highest non-commissioned officer in the army. Gunnery Sergeants usually serve as platoon sergeants and assist their commanding officer or as adjutants in larger units.

Master Sergeant

Master Sergeants are usually senior non-commissioned officers in larger detachments such as companies or adjutants in larger units.

Sergeant Major

Sergeant Majors are senior non-commissioned officers and usually serve in battalions or as adjutants in larger units.

Dlarit Corporation

DSF officer ranks

    O-2.gif O-2.gif O-3.gif O-3.gif O-4.gif O-4.gif O-5.gif O-5.gif O-6.gif O-6.gif
  O-1 O-2 O-3 O-4 O-5 O-6 O-7 O-8 O-9 O-10 O-11
Army: Cdt 2Lt 1Lt Capt Maj Lt Col Col Maj Gen Lt Gen Gen Col Gen
Navy: Mid Ens SLt Lt Lt Cdr Cdr Capt RAdm VAdm Adm FAdm

Army Officer Ranks


Cadet is a rank held by a member of the army who is still training to become a full commissioned officer.

Second Lieutenant

Second Lieutenant is a lesser grade of Lieutenant. Second Lieutenants will often be found in command of small platoons. In the starfighter corps this rank is also known as Flight Officer and represents ordinary pilots.

First Lieutenant

First Lieutenants are often found in command of platoons or as aides to more senior officers. In the starfighter corps First Lieutenants are often placed as the lead pilot in a wing-pair.

Captain (Army)

Captains are often found in command of companies but may also serve as support officers and adjutants in battalions or larger units. In the starfighter corps Captain is the lowest rank at which one can expect to command a full squadron.


Majors are typically found in command of battalions or as senior aides to colonels and generals. In the starfighter corps it is not uncommon for Majors to be given command of distinguished squadrons or else authority over small wings.

Lieutenant Colonel

Lieutenant Colonels are usually senior field officers in charge of regiments. It is possible for experienced squadron commanders to achieve the rank of Lieutenant Colonel although this is uncommon outside elite units. Lieutenant Colonels are often found in command of starfighter wings.


In the army Colonels are often found in command of augmented regiments or a large division of a battlegroup. Colonels are also common as wing commanders. In exceptional circumstances some squadron commanders may be promoted to Colonel however this is extremely rare.

Major General

Major Generals are usually found in command of a planet's full corps. Major Generals are almost exclusively staff officers and rarely serve directly in the field.

Lieutenant General

The rank of Lieutenant General is a stepping stone on the road to full General. It is normally held by experienced corps commanders or else junior chiefs of staff.


General is the senior rank in the army. Occasionally senior starfighter pilots end up with the rank of General however this is usually a matter of personal taste because most transfer to the naval admiralty and end up fleet commanders. General is also often held by Adjutant Generals who have risen from the army.

Dlarit Navy

Navy Enlisted Ranks

Crewman Recruit

Crewman Recruit is the lowest enlisted rank in the navy and is held by trainees.

Crewman Apprentice

Crewman Apprentice is the second lowest enlisted rank in the navy and is held by recently enlisted crewmen who are still learning the ropes.


Crewmen are experienced members of the crew who would assist their officers with various duties whether it be engineering work, cooking, cleaning, routine maintenance, navigation, tactical control, gunnery control and so on. Crewmen form the backbone of most ships.

Petty Officer 3rd Class

Petty Officer Third Class is the lowest level non-commissioned officer in the navy. Petty Officers can be expected to be found in charge of small groups of crewmen assigned to a particular post. Petty Officers are usually addressed with reference to their job so, for example, a fire control technician holding this rank would be addressed Fire Control Technician Second Class. The actual term "Petty Officer" is rarely used as a direct address.

Petty Officer 2nd Class

Petty Officer Second Class is the second lowest non-commissioned officer rank in the navy.

Petty Officer 1st Class

Petty Officers First Class are likely to be experienced leading crewmen with a solid understanding of their particular field, such as engineering, gunnery control, tactical control, etc. On small to medium size vessels they are likely to run a given division, be it gunnery control or engineering, etc.

Chief Petty Officer

Chief Petty Officer is a senior non-commissioned officer rank. Chiefs can be expected to be found in charge of divisions onboard medium to large sized vessels or as the senior non-commissioned officer on smaller ships. As with junior Petty Officers, Chief Petty Officers are addressed by their job rating, e.g. Chief Fire Control Technician.

Senior Chief Petty Officer

Senior Chief Petty Officer is the second highest non-commissioned officer rank in the navy. It is likely to be held by senior officers onboard larger vessels. Senior Chiefs will sometimes be found assisting a high ranking Petty Officer onboard large Star Destroyers. As with other Chiefs, Senior Chiefs may also be found in administrative roles.

Master Chief Petty Officer

Master Chief Petty Officers are experts in their fields and will normally run divisions or serve as administrative aides aboard large capital ships and Star Destroyers.

Navy Officer Ranks


A Midshipman is a trainee officer on a capital ship. They will typically be assigned to a more senior officer to learn the ropes before being promoted to ensign after completing a minimum term of service.


An Ensign is the first rank at which a naval officer will be given control over enlisted crewmen. Becoming an Ensign is the first road to command and they will usually act as an apprentice to a senior officer, often filling in during off hours and being given trial periods to test their abilities.


Sub-Lieutenants are slightly senior to Ensigns which reflects on their level of experience and training. Sub-Lieutenants will often server as first officers on small ships such as corvettes or as junior officers on larger bridge crews.


Lieutenant is the lowest rank to be given command over a whole vessel. Lieutenants will often be found in charge of small ships such as corvettes or may serve as senior or junior officers on larger ships depending on the size.

Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Commanders will often server as captains of small to medium sized craft such as frigates or light cruisers or as first officers on larger ships.


Commanders are mid ranking naval officer and will often be assigned command of medium sized vessels such as cruisers or light destroyers. Aboard large warships and Star Destroyers it is possible for Commanders to serve as senior bridge officers.

Captain (Navy)

The naval rank of Captain is common among ship captains of medium to large size warships. It is a rank almost exclusively given to the commanding officer onboard large cruisers and Star Destroyers but may also be held by first officers on very large destroyers and dreadnoughts.

Rear Admiral

The rank of Rear Admiral is as flexible as the size and needs of the navy it serves. Rear Admirals are most commonly found in command of large arrangements of ships or as administrative aides to actual fleet commanders. It is possible, albeit uncommon, for a single ship's captain to achieve the rank of Rear Admiral.

Vice Admiral

Vice Admirals are most often administrative officers and part of the navy's high command. It is possible newly appointed fleet commander's may hold the rank before their promotion to full Admiral. The rank is occasionally held by a single ship's captain.


The rank of Admiral is the senior naval rank within either D-SOG or the Dlarit Navy. It is almost exclusively held by present or retired fleet commanders and other senior administrative officers. It is sometimes held by Adjutant Generals who have risen from the ranks of the navy.

Dlarit Special Operations Group

Commander (D-SOG)

D-SOG Commanders are not to be confused with the navy rank of the same name. While formerly they were usually knights or experienced journeymen, in an effort to streamline the existing command structure of the Corporation's Special Operations unit this title is now applied to all of Naga Sadow's Journeymen. Senior Journeymen such as Dark Jedi Knights have been known to have a degree of authority allowing them to commandeer starfighters and individual squads. Commanders are roughly the equivalent of a Major.

Senior Commander

The rank of Senior Commander is issued to Equites of Naga Sadow and formerly some experienced knights. Senior Commanders have additional powers to ordinary commanders and can typically commandeer starfighter squadrons and individual platoons. It is not unusual for Senior Commanders to be allowed to commandeer small ships such as corvettes should the mission require it. Senior Commanders are roughly the equivalent of a Colonel.

Marshal Commander

Marshal Commanders are some of the senior members of D-SOG and are always Elders while formerly some experienced equites also held the title. Marshal Commanders have wide ranging powers inside D-SOG and will often serve as Commander General. Marshal Commanders are roughly the equivalent of a General or Admiral; indeed, while most Marshal Commanders choose simply to be addressed "Commander", it is not uncommon for those with previous military backgrounds to choose to be addressed "Admiral" or "General".

Former Ranks and Titles


The Viceroy was the Chief Executive Officer and owner of the Dlarit Corporation, operating as the de facto Head of State of the Orian system. The current Viceroy is Astronicus "Tron" Aurelius Sadow, born Tron Dlarit, who uses the Dlarit Corporation as a front for his activities as the Overlord of Naga Sadow. This title has been replaced by Chairman or Chief Executive Officer.

Governor General

The Governor General was the head of the corporation's operations within the Orian system. The Governor General supervises all activity to pass through the system while relying upon the Deputy Governor General for assistance. The position was synonymous for the station of Consul of Naga Sadow prior to the reorganization, during the unit's tenure as a House it was synonymous with Quaestor of Naga Sadow. This title has been succeeded by President or Chief Operating Officer.

Deputy Governor General

The Deputy Governor General was the chief aide to the Governor General and assists with running the corporation's activities in the Orian system. While the Deputy Governor General supervises most of the operations on Sepros their reach extends across the entire system. The position was synonymous with the Proconsul of Naga Sadow prior to the reorganization, during the unit's tenure as a House the position was synonymous with Aedile of Naga Sadow. This title has been succeeded by Vice-President.

Lieutenant Governor

The title of Lieutenant Governor was held by the main aides of the planetary Governors of the Orian system. Officially the Governors are the Dlarit Corporation's main administrative officers on the worlds of the Orian system however in practice they are little more than puppets for the corporation's true masters. The Lieutenant Governors were traditionally the Aediles of Naga Sadow before the reorganization. This title has been succeeded by Senior Director


Subcommander is the junior commander rank in D-SOG and is held by all journeymen regardless of whether or not they wish to assume military duties. It provides a cover for their activities throughout the Orian system as members of D-SOG instead of lightsaber wielding Sith cultists. Despite their station in D-SOG Subcommanders have little real authority, although they are usually allowed to pass unchallenged inside most facilities guarded to the corporation. Subcommanders are roughly the equivalent of an Ensign. This title has been phased out in an effort to streamline the existing command structure of the Corporation's Special Operations unit.

Lieutenant Commander (D-SOG)

D-SOG Lieutenant Commanders are not to be confused with the navy rank of the same name. They are usually senior journeymen. While Lieutenant Commanders still have little real authority they are generally treated with a greater level of respect than mere Subcommanders. Lieutenant Commanders are roughly the equivalent of a Lieutenant. This title has been phased out in an effort to streamline the existing command structure of the Corporation's Special Operations unit.


  • The Dlarit Corporation drew much of its inspiration from the British East India Company which was the main influence of the Trade Federation of Episode I: The Phantom Menace.
  • The term "viceroy" literally means "vice royal" and is usually a senior servant of a monarch.
  • In the Dlarit Corporation's case Tron Sadow is second to Naga Sadow, the namesake of the Clan, thus his position being viceroy rather than king. He holds this title until the culmination of the Final Way which, in the Clan's eyes, will be when the Heir of Sadow takes up Naga Sadow's long empty throne, becoming the next emperor when the Sith empire is reborn