Wes Terol

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Wes Terol
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4 ABY (age 34)

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1.82 m





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Captain of the ISDII Harbinger


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Naga Sadow

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Wes Terol is a Colonel in the Warhost Fleet and currently serves as the Captain of the Harbinger.


Wes was born on Csilla, the home planet of the Chiss. However, at a young age his parents moved to the Sluis Van Orbit Dock to continue expanding their private business. He grew up at the family home in the Berchestian capital, Calius. Wes loved the Crystal City and would often spend many days causing havoc in the many bridge ways with his friends.

The Terol family owned Terol Shipping and Receiving - a major company on Berchest and was extremely wealthy for a time, until a trading federation won a lawsuit against the company due to new rules the Republic had implemented after the death of the Empire. Even after the collapse of the company, the family was never poor. Wes had a good education, but then in the eyes of his parents "threw it all away" when at the age of 17 - he applied to the Dlarit Corporation in 21 ABY. Dlarit had encountered the system many years ago, setting up shop there in order to recruit more people to invest in their lucrative businesses. The corporation had become a booming success, and Wes thought there would be no greater opportunity to work for a prestigious company such as Dlarit. Seeing much talent in the Chiss, Wes had revealed the kind of tactician he was and scored high on the military acceptance tests. He was then transferred to the Warhost Fleet in the Orian System in 23 ABY. As he prepared to embark on his quest to leave his family behind, they had many arguments and were un-supportive of Wes decision to join the Warhost.

Entering the Warhost Fleet eventually resulted in severing ties with his family, the letters from home dried up when his father’s prediction that he would drop out proved incorrect. Wes however proved quite popular with his fellow crew members wherever he went - he never really had a "best friend" but nevertheless enjoyed a lot of respect, due to his jaw dropping leaps of innovation in combat. When he did talk to his fellow officers, it was only about ships and weapons- such as when the new TIE defender would be coming out. By the time the young Chiss had reached the age of 20, he had grown accustomed to military life and did not regret his choice to join the Warhost Fleet when he did.

Being the stubborn youth he was, he refused to contact his parents until they reached out to him, feeling that they owed him an apology for their un-supportive behavior in his life's choices.

Service in the Warhost Fleet

Wes Terol during combat.

His first five years in the fleet were pretty mundane, nothing more than cleaning duty aboard Carrack Cruisers, Dreadnaughts and other lesser capital ships that were far from the Orian System, used as scouts and frontier expeditionary forces. But Terol played the game and eventually proved himself to be a capable team leader and was transferred to the ISD Stormhawk as a senior sensor array technician in charge of providing ranging data to the Stormhawks Turbolaser batteries. Three months into his new job, in 28 ABY, the ISD Stormhawk was attacked by a wing of Corellian Corvettes and lost three of its four major sensor arrays - while some of the bridge crew wasted time trying to repair the damage, Wes simply marched up to the turbolaser controls, slave rigged every single turbolaser to one panel and held off the Corvettes until reinforcements could arrive. The ship suffered major damage and had to make it's way back to the Orian System using carefully calculated jumps in order to ensure they did not disintegrate during their jumps.

Upon reaching the system, his story quickly spread and it was not long before he was severely reprimanded by his superior officer for breaching the chain of command. Although Wes Terol had done things on his own accord, it was clear that he had single handidly saved the ship and its crew. For that he could not be punished and was promoted three grades to Lt Commander. With explicit instructions to never break the chain of command again, whatever the situation, Wes was released and reassigned to the Harbinger in 29 ABY as its Wing Commander. At the age of 25, Wes was third in command of the Harbinger, with many older and more experienced people below him and the future looked bright.


Wes Terol upon appointment as Captain of the Harbinger.

In 29 ABY shortly after his promotion to Wing Commander, the Harbinger was sent on patrols throughout the Orian System to enforce the blockade that was set up by the Dlarit Corporation. This period of patrols saw Wes thrust into combat like he had ever been before. There was much resentment towards the blockade and many pirates and smugglers attempted to breach the blockade on an almost weekly basis. Wes led his squadrons with distinction, having a 93% success rate in detaining or destroying the ships that attempted to break the blockade. Most major conflicts Naga Sadow endured, the Harbinger was too far away to provide assistance in time.

Feeling that the time of the current Captain's had made them too relaxed and incompetent, Locke Sonjie one day boarded the Harbinger unexpectedly for a surprise inspection. Although the ship was in good shape, it was clear to the Consul that the crew was not incompetent, but its leaders. Looking to clean out the trash, the Consul's eyes fell on the Chiss Wing Commander. After speaking with Wes Terol and reviewing his career, Locke appointed Wes as the new acting Captain of the Harbinger in 34 ABY. Now at the age of 30, he is highly experienced as he has moved up the chain of command, Wes Terol is looking to prove his worth as the new Captain.

Physical Description

Wes is very tall for his species but does not have the corresponding stockiness that would make him the typical intimidating officer. He is always very clean shaven and keeps his dark hair cut to Warhost Fleet standards. He has no obvious scars or anything that would disfigure him. In fact, the most striking thing about Wes is just how plain he looks for an officer despite his Chiss heritage.