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Benn Nevis
Biographical Information

Yavin IV

Date of Birth:

2 BBY (age 42)

Physical Description





1.89m / 6'2"


124.7 kg / 275 lbs





Personal Information

Heather Nevis nee: Burns (deceased)


unknown (deceased)

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Shii-Cho, Soresu


1 lightsaber

Chronology & Political Information



Imperial era, Rebellion Era, New Republic Era, Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Odan-Urr

Known masters:

Bentre Sadow


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'== Character History ==

Early Life

Benn was born on Yavin 4 in the year 2 BBY. His father, a Y-Wing pilot, died in the attack of the first Death Star. His mother took him and fled for the outer rim territories and settled on Tund when the Rebels abandoned Yavin 4 for Hoth.

His mother noticed early on that he had a connection to the Force. She did her best to teach him control and guide his upbringing. As he aged, she realized she would have to find someone to help teach Benn. Someone that would teach right from wrong. More importantly, someone that would train him in the ways of the Force. It was doubtful Tund would have what they needed.

Adolescent/adult years

Benn and his mother became farmers in the small community of humans that lived on Tund. It was during this time Benn discovered his love for the land and for cooking. Farming taught him the benefits of fresh produce and using fresh ingredients for his cooking.

It was also during this time Benn became a voracious reader. Benn read any and everything he could find. Histories, sciences, literature, sports, crime, and anything to do with cooking. Sadly the libraries on Tund did not offer much in the way of Jedi teachings.

Benn's mother died when he was 17 standard years old. After a respectful time of grieving, he set out on a quest for more knowledge.

Working as a cook or freight handler, Benn hopped star cruisers for different planets. He spent time on OseonVII reading any and everything about the Force. It wasn't much.

He dud learn the popular cooking styles though and was asked to be the chef for a local magistrate after winning a cooking competition. Ben spent a couple of years here and a couple of years there. Eventually, two or three other planets later, he eventually ended up on Coruscant.

He took up residence at the ground level in an attempt to survive. Violating numerous laws, he snuck into the ruins of the Jedi Temple. There was little left in the way of knowledge there. Benn discovered that the great library, and the black market had much more information, books, data cubes, and anything else, he could find. Though the latter required him to have to perform some rater unsavory actions in order to pay for some of the requested items.

He learned the different ways of using his Force abilities, though he had many mishaps and received little information on techniques. He did find information on different sword styles and meditation techniques though, and was soon proficient in the style of fighting called Shii-Cho.

Using simple metal rods, Benn discovered his strength allowed him to hammer his opponents into submission. He often wondered if he had lightsaber, if it would be as effective as the rod was. He also knew from the welts and bruising on his legs and torso that he needed to learn to defend himself better.

Run in with a Sith and coming to New Tython

It was during his time on Coruscant that Benn was approached by a member of the Sith. This Master could see the potential in the young man, and he relished the possibility of turning such a naïve Force user. Teasing Benn with the wonders of the Brotherhood, he convinced the young and aspiring Jedi want to be, to go to a planet known as New Tython. Home of a clan of like minded thinkers, ones that believed in the Light side of the Force. There he would be trained properly, and find the answers he had been searching for.

In the year 33 ABY Benn turned 29 years old and he celebrated his life day by arriving on New Tython.

Quiet and reserved Benn felt very out if place around many younger padawans and Jedi. Thankfully his eagerness to learn impressed his teachers. His use of the training saber and understanding of the Schii-Cho soon showed his strengths and weaknesses. Eventually he was able to defend himself. With the records, books, and datacrons available his understanding in the ways of the Force expanded immensely. Aside from his passion for cooking, Benn discovered he had a knack for healing and simple medical procedures.

He went on many diplomatic missions, with different Jedi Masters to learn the craft. And while he became quite good at being a diplomat, he was better known as a chef. Discovering food often would be welcome, Benn would cook up meals for the different diplomats to eat as they discussed treaties.

The Clan leaders and Jedi Masters decided it was time for Benn to take his final test. Create his own lightsaber. Benn designed a long shafted saber that fit his grip and then meditated on the Kyber crystal he had retrieved.

Imbuing it with his love for the earth and trees, his passion for cooking, his desire for knowledge and most of all his wish for peace. The crystal became a rich, vibrant green color.

Life in the Brotherhood

Benn survived the invasion and destruction of New Tython, barely. His grief at not being able to save more of his fellow Jedi or to find a way to convince

Physical Description

Benn is of average height, but very muscular. He has straight, below the shoulder auburn colored hair and a goatee and moustache that is slightly darker. He has numerous squint lines around his eyes from reading all the time. He wears a traditional tan tunic and pants, with a brown under tunic, brown tabards and a brown obi. A black belt surrounds his obe and his light saber hangs from his left hip. His pants are tucked int knee high black boots. He will often wear a heavy hooded cape over his cloths.