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Calenhad is a 20 year old Iktochi member of the Sith order. When he was 10 years old his brother Mordred was taken by the Jedi order against his family’s will. When they resisted the Jedi broke his mother’s mind and executed his father when he tried to stop her. Calenhad was traumatized by this event. The guilt Calenhad felt from surviving was made worse by the fact that he had foreseen this event in his dreams but was too afraid to say anything.

A year later Calenhad was being moved from orphanage to orphanage due to misbehavior and reckless activity. He wanted vengeance on the Jedi who had slain his family but had no means to do so. The Force would guide him on the path to grant his wish. Sith Battlemaster DarkHawk had come across Calenhad while investigating a disturbance in the force. DarkHawk took Calenhad as his apprentice and has trained him brutally to meet his standards. Now the time of Apprenticeship is coming to an end, as Calenhad moves closer and closer to becoming DarkHawk’s partner.