Idris Adenn

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Idris Tyvaros Adenn
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

8 ABY (age 29)

Physical Description





6'0" / 1.83 m


161 lbs / 73.0 kg





Personal Information

Mirdala Adenn


Vaeden Adenn

Known Children:

Elia Adenn

Fighting Style(s):

Mandalorian Core

Chronology & Political Information

Bounty Hunter


Clan Adenn of Mandalore

Personal Ship:

VT-49 Decimator The Viper Fang



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"It is a big and beautiful galaxy. Most of us live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it. I don’t want to be most of us."
―Idris Adenn

Idris Tyvaros Adenn is a cocky, headstrong Mandalorian Bounty Hunter. He was born on Mandalore to Vaeden and Mirdala Adenn, the leaders of Clan Adenn. Idris was their fourth son, but only the second to live past infancy. His parents’ wealth led to a life of luxury as he grew up, giving him a taste for the pleasures in life. With a strong need for thrills and exploration, along with knowing his elder brother would be the one to eventually lead Clan Adenn, Idris turned to become a bounty hunter and mercenary.

Character History

Early Life (8 ABY - 23 ABY)


TBA Sundari - Mandalore Capital

Rise of the Viper (23 ABY - 33 ABY)


The Red Viper (33 ABY - Present)




Idris Adenn has easy but commanding presence. His tall, lean, and lithe body is toned and muscular without being bulging, covered by bronzed skin. He is graceful and confident in his movement, calm but like his moniker, he is always coiled ready to strike. Idris has a very focused physical regiment, and while it helps keep him strong, his focus is speed and agility, not brute strength.

Considered by many to be attractive, Idris has a square face with clear cheekbones and jawline. His jawline is further defined by a tight clean chin-strap beard. He also keeps a well-maintained mustache above his thin lips, usually rocking a pearly white smile. His hair is a luscious black, kept in a short wild Caesar-cut. He has dark brown eyes, mischievous and cunning, that are set under a sharp browline.

His face is extremely expressive, typically displayed as youthful, vigorous, full of life and lust. However, Idris is capable of being serious, and his face can often be found reflecting his more calm, respectful, and insightful side. With a quick temper, his expression can change in a snap. However often found in the bouts of combat, his expression typically reflects a fierce rage mixed with deep enjoyment of combat.

His body is littered with various scars, none serious, but all clearly reflect his combative lifestyle.


Idris’ Mandalorian Armor

Like many Mandalorians, Idris’ identity is closely tied to his armor. While not his family’s oldest child, he was the one to inherit the Adenn’s primary armor from his father, Vaeden. Constructed of the incredible Mandalorian alloy beskar, it is one of Idris’ most prized possessions. The exact date of the original forging of the armor is unknown, but it is at least 600 years old and has been passed down the Adenn line that entire time.

It is of a unique construction for Mandalorian armor, with the chest piece broken into several pieces, allowing for better movement, but also making it more susceptible for damaging blows. Upon receiving it from his father, Idris had reforged, restoring its worn down appearance to a pristine condition, and painted it a metallic blood red with bright orange highlights.

Also typical of the Mandalorians, Idris utilizes a jetpack for increased mobility. He frequently has a dark brown flame-resistant cape wrapped around him. His primary weapons of choice are two Westar-35 Blaster Pistols constructed of silver and black metals that fire uniquely colored UV bolts.

Unlike many Mandalorians, Idris does take time away from his armor. Not out of disrespect of the ancient Mandalorian code, something Idris takes seriously, but out of comfort and convenience. It's much easier to get out of casual clothing than his armor, something he is quite fond of on his nights off. He has also found it is frequently easier to go home with someone when not taken as a pure Mandalorian brute.

His casual wear is simple but clearly, reflect a refined taste. A blood red undershirt with a deep cut for his neckline, black trousers, sturdy but tasteful boots. This is typically placed within a knee length black jacket featuring a stiff upright collar and red accent colors.

Personality and Beliefs

Idris Adenn is a forceful, lusty man with a quick wit and barbed tongue. He likes to fight, often spurred on by his quick temper. But he also demonstrates a keen intellect and intense carnality. Personable and what many take as an easy-going personality, many miss the serious man beneath. Most either find themselves enchanted or repulsed, with very few ever feeling truly apathetic about the Mandalorian.

Idris has ended his fair share of lives, and feels life must be enjoyed to the fullest while one can. Many would say his lifestyle is excessive, but Idris is a man who knows what he likes; be it men, women, food, drink, or a good old-fashioned fight. If it is obtainable and he wants it, he will take it and enjoy in abundance.

Arrogant is one of the most common words thrown around when people mention Idris. There is no doubt that he thinks very highly of himself. Idris never merely walks around like he owns the place, he *swaggers*. Coupled with his quick temper and flair for dramatic moments, this leads to many forms of conflict.

That isn’t to say Idris is so self-centered he doesn’t care about other people. Above all else, Idris is a passionate man, and that passion extends to those he is loyal to. Most close to the members of his crew on the Viper Fang, and his surviving family members, he will protect them above all else.

Idris is also a hardline traditional Mandalorian. He takes his Mandalorian heritage seriously, be it his honor or adherence to the Mandalorian Code. He does not buy into the newer pacifist movement of the last several decades, and maintains the old Mandalorian ways were the best, which is one of the many reasons he rarely ever returns to Mandalore. He seeks to remind the galaxy that the Mandalorians are still ready for the good fight.

Skills and Abilities

Idris has trained to fight since before he could walk. He is incredibly lethal when working with his blasters or rifle, but is also very skilled with bladed weapons and explosives. Idris is also a capable martial artist, focused of course, on the Mandalorian Core form of combat. His body is well honed for agility and rapid movements. His skills have been honed for combat.

The skills he is lacking in, he has found close allies to fill the gaps. Be it piloting, medicine and more, Idris has friends to lend a hand when he needs it. While arrogant and cocky, he knows that sometimes it is better to have a professional take the wheel instead. After all, that is often how he finds employment himself.

Known Associates

Idris is well traveled and has connections in most parts of the galaxy. The most utilized ones, however, are listed below. Typically he can be found with the rest of the crew of his ship, the Viper Fang, a VT-49 Decimator that has ample crew and equipment space. They can be considered Idris’ family and hiring him means their involvement as well, though typically far away from the line of fire.

Madeline Jisella “MJ” Kilvaari

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 11 ABY (age 26)

“MJ” Kilvaari is vivacious pilot of the Viper Fang. A young and naturally skilled pilot, she keeps a safe eye both on the ship and its crew. She understands the rough and morally ambiguous lifestyle that comes with being a bounty hunter and mercenary but still attempts to keep Idris and the rest of the crew on the light end of the spectrum. She continues to reject Idris’ romantic advances, but that doesn’t stop him from trying, especially given her continued playful flirting with him. She is also the only one other than Idris’ mother who can get away with calling him ‘Ty’.


Species: Wookiee
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 137 BBY (age 174)

“Rayjax” is the Viper Fang’s co-pilot and primary mechanic. He is incredibly protective of the crew on the Fang, especially Idris and Elia. When he first met Idris, Idris was unable to pronounce his full Wookiee name. It started with an “r” sound and ended in a “acks” sound so Idris just filled it into something he could actually say. The name has stuck.

Ashena Kyl

Species: Twi’lek
Gender: Female
Date of Birth:2 ABY (age 35)

Ashena Kyl is a deeply spiritual and scholarly Twi’lek. She believes in the sanctity of life, and has dedicated her life to the arts of healing, and preservation of knowledge. While vocally opposed to both Idris’ hedonistic lifestyle and choice of work, Ashena often provides insight on various jobs Idris undertakes, background of new planets and species, and general tactical advice for how to proceed. She also helps patch Idris back up when the job is done.

Xishir Dirrar

Species: Falleen
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:21 BBY (age 58)

Xishir Dirrar is a former member of the Black Sun crime syndicate. He is a weapon inventor and information gatherer.

Elia Adenn

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 30 ABY (age 7)

Elia is Idris’ daughter, named after his murdered sister. She stays on the Viper Fang and is learning the ways of the Mandalorians from her father.

BB-89 “Marble”

BB-89 prior to Elia expressing her art skills on him

BB-89 aka Marble is a BB Series Astromech. It has a masculine programing personality. Marble helps keep track of the workings on the Viper Fang and mission parameters. Originally painted a sleek silver base with gold accents, he has had various “Elia Adenn Originals” painted on his spherical body.

Behind the Scenes

Idris went through multiple versions before being finalized as a Mandalorian Human. With the addition of the NPC and Non-Force User options to the club, the man behind Xen’Mordin began formulating an alternative character to utilize. Originally, Idris was to be a Lasat mercenary with a sadistic streak. Idris sat largely unused at this time.

Eventually, bored with utilizing Xen’Mordin as his main character, Idris became the primary focus of development. LucasArts announced a new streaming TV series The Mandalorian. At the time, there were no confirmed castings for the show, but rumors started of Pedro Pascal being cast for the role. The idea of Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones as a Mandalorian bounty hunter was too exciting to let be, and the mercenary became Idris Adenn, Mandalorian Bounty Hunter. Idris’ appearance and personality is largely based on Oberyn Martell due to this.

Further development of Idris resulted in utilizing the old legends Mandalorian language, Mando’a, for both Idris’ CS aspect names and his last name, Adenn, coming from the word for ‘merciless’. Further tying Idris to the Game of Thrones universe, his middle name, Tyvaros, comes from the High Valyrian word for ‘serpent’.